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Ouch, my brother!

Although his expression was still gleeful a while ago, Fan Yu's smile had since frozen.

A look of disappointment flashed past his gentle eyes, but he quickly hid this.

Nian Xiaomu was already afraid of the photo album in her hand. Holding it in her hands, she walked to Fan Yu and said, "You have had your share of agitating us. Now, can you tell us straightforwardly what you discovered?"


Fan Yu pursed his lips lightly and took the photo album from her.

Reaching out, he flipped open the album and turned to one of the last pages. Then, he pointed to a photo in it and allowed Nian Xiaomu to see for herself.

It was a photo taken at the Fan Family villa.

She was sprawled by the window sill with a dirty face. As she stared at Fan Yu without a single bit of a lady-like image, she seemed to be asking him why he did not play the piano for her.

It just so happened that Fan Yu had snapped a photo of this scene.

Nian Xiaomu took a close look at the photo and muttered, "Isn't that me? Is there something wrong with it?"

Soon after, she discovered something and walked back to Yu Yuehan with the photo album in her hands.

"Look here—this person was really dressed in full black!"

At first glance, it was simply an ordinary photo. However, if one took a closer look, they could see the back door if they looked out from Fan Yu's point of view.

Someone was outside the door at that time!

The distance was a little far, so that person's face was not captured and only half of their body could be seen outside the door.

However, this was sufficient to prove that Fan Yu did not remember it wrongly; there was really a young girl dressed in black standing outside the door!

"Perhaps that was Xing Li." Yu Yuehan swept his gaze over the photo and spoke lightly.

This hypothesis wasn't impossible even though her clothing style was greatly different from beginning to end.

Furthermore, Xing Li held two different personas anyway, one in public and another in private. It was just like having a split personality.

Fan Yu might have just happened to snap a photo on a day when she wore something that she didn't usually wear. As a result, this created a misperception in his memory.

"It wasn't her." As Fan Yu walked forward, he took the photo album and continued to flip to the back.

There was a photo from the same angle a few entries later.

A young girl wearing a colorful dress stood at the same position. This time, her face was captured—it was Xing Li!

Nian Xiaomu clenched her first.

She took out the two photos from the photo album and placed them on the table for comparison.

Looking at them, both of their clothing styles were indeed very different.

It wasn't just different—they practically gave off the vibes of two different people.

Unless she actually had a split personality, the two photos definitely showed two different people instead of the same person.

As Yu Yuehan walked forward and scanned the two photos on the table, he shut his eyes briefly.

Soon after, he took another look at the first photo.

Raising his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth curved into an arc—it was a smile, yet at the same time, it wasn't a smile.

"There was someone else besides Xing Li." Yu Yuehan pointed his long fingers at the door frame in the photo. The two photos were shot at the same angle with both girls standing at almost the exact same position as well.

They had similar heights too.

However, upon a closer look at their feet, Xing Li was standing on the doorstep.

However, the other girl did not do that.

As such, there was actually a difference of at least a step in height between the two of them!

The time stamps on the two photos were less than 10 days apart; a person's height would not skyrocket and increase so much all of a sudden.

The only explanation was that there were indeed two young girls who had appeared at the Fan Family's back entrance at that time!

"Xing Li dislikes the color black. I remember realizing that she did not have a single piece of black colored clothing when I rummaged through her closet that day at the Xing Family residence!"
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