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When Nian Xiaomu heard this, she stood up from the chair and got ready to walk to the room.

Just as she took her first step out, a huge hand grabbed her wrist. Turning around, she met Yu Yuehan's dark and vast eyes.

His usual chilly tone lingered in his voice as he asked, "Why are you in such a hurry? You even forgot to wait for me."

Nian Xiaomu: "…"

Very quickly, his tall body stood up as well. Taking a step forward with his long legs, he walked to her side.

He spoke with an indifferent tone and said, "We can go in now."

Nian Xiaomu: "…"


He was still an arrogant and delicate iceberg.

After being interrupted by him, Nian Xiaomu suddenly did not feel as depressed as before.

Yu Yuehan walked in front while she followed behind him.

She allowed him to hold her hand as they walked toward Xing Li's room.

In the blink of an eye, they reached the entrance of the room that the second aunt had mentioned.

Reaching out, they pushed the door open.

A chilly aura filled the air with just a single glance into the room.

It carried a hint of a moldy smell that old houses usually had.

Even though the second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family were not very capable, they were indeed very nice to Xing Li. This was probably because they took the Xing couple's kindness into account and also due to the fact that they were childless.

Compared to the emptiness of the living room, Xing Li's room actually had a few decent pieces of furniture.

There was a bed that was neatly made.

There was a shabby dressing table with a few bottles of daily skincare products on it and also some accessories that young girls would fancy.

They did not look expensive.

There was a closet beside the table as well.

The door on one side of the closet was open. A dress that had been changed out of not too long ago was hanging in the closet as well…

As Nian Xiaomu walked forward and held the dress in her hands, she narrowed her eyes.

"This is the dress that Xing Li wore at the Yu Family villa the previous time."

This meant that after she was sent back to the Xing Family, Xing Li had even changed her clothes before leaving the house.

In that case, the probability that she was kidnapped was greatly reduced.

Nian Xiaomu scanned the clothes in the closet.

They were very ordinary.

All of them looked like they were purchased at random, and there wasn't a single piece of branded apparel.

The Xing Family did not fake their dire straits.

It was no wonder that everyone in the Xing Family hated her so much.

In their opinion, the fire that Xing Xing started had not only killed their brother and sister-in-law, it had killed their dreams of living a glorious life as well.

"What are you looking for? Let me help you," Yu Yuehan said as he walked to Nian Xiaomu who was staring blankly at the closet.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses when she heard his voice.

Reaching out, she touched her chin and muttered, "I was thinking about this: If I was Xing Li, where would I record the secrets that I have hidden in my heart? If there really was evidence, where would it be hidden?"

As Nian Xiaomu said this, she lifted her head up and studied the small room.

Xing Li's room was very empty; apart from some furniture, it was almost as bare as the living room.

After glancing around, she still felt that the closet before her was the most suspicious piece of furniture. As such, she had been examining the items inside it just now.

"Come over." As Yu Yuehan pulled her to his side, he walked forward and bent two of his long and slender fingers. Then, he knocked twice on the door of the timeworn closet.

Following which, he switched to another section and knocked on it again.

"You think that there is a secret compartment?" Nian Xiaomu responded swiftly when she saw his actions.

That's right.

The second aunt of the Xing Family looked like she doted on Xing Li very much—she would most likely enter Xing Li's room and help her tidy up her belongings from time to time.

If Xing Li had hidden anything in the closet, it would have been easily discovered by accident.

Unless there was a secret compartment!

Knock, tap. Yu Yuehan stretched his hand and knocked further in. Immediately, two knocks that sounded different could be heard.
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