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Yu Yuehan's voice was deep and firm.

It carried a hint of determination that could not be disputed.

The second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family were startled when they heard this.

A look of confusion flickered past their faces as they replied, "However, they were the only four members in the Xing Family mansion. If Xing Xing wasn't the one who set the fire, then where did she go at that point in time? The fire burned everything down, causing deaths and wounds to the entire family. Yet, she was the only one with unknown whereabouts. Furthermore, she's perfectly fine and standing in front of us. You couldn't possibly say that Xing Li started the fire in Xing Xing's room, but that she herself ended up getting disfigured while Xing Xing escaped unscathed. This doesn't make sense, right?"

Everyone fell silent after the second uncle and aunt finished speaking.

A long period of time had passed since the fire from that year.

The authenticity of many things could no longer be determined.

Just like everything the second uncle of the Xing Family had said—among the family of four, three of them were either dead or wounded, whereas Xing Xing was the only one who managed to escape unscathed.

Plus, there was as Xing Li's statement as well.

No matter how one looked at this case, they would surely believe firmly that Xing Xing was the prime suspect who had set the fire that year!

"I watched Xiao Li grow up as a little girl. Even though she is very stubborn by nature, she is very filial and would not raise her voice at others. She isn't a person who would hate others due to trivial matters—if Xing Xing did not set the fire and kill her own parents, then Xiao Li would not act like she was possessed from the moment she recognized her. It would not escalate to the extent that she abandoned her image and exposed everything to the media."

When the second aunt of the Xing Family spoke of this, her eyes turned slightly red.

After all, Xing Li was the daughter whom she had raised for 10 years.

"The Xing Family would not have ended up in this state if not for Xing Xing, and Xiao Li would not have lost both her parents and turned into an orphan in just a single night either. She feels resentment in her heart!"

Forget it if Xing Xing had died, but she was still alive and perfectly fine. SImply by saying that she had forgotten everything, she had successfully pushed away all the blame.

Xing Li was the victim in the eyes of the second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family.

After losing her parents and getting disfigured, she had to watch as the main culprit led a happy life of her own.

Nobody had expected Xing Li to expose everything to the media. However, all of them still felt good when they heard the news.

The Xing Family wasn't a big and influential family back then. However, with Xing Li's parents around, no one had to worry about their livelihood at the very least.

They were not reduced to working for others or having to please their bosses while doing so…

In conclusion, Xing Xing was the cause of everything.

They desperately hoped that they would have the evidence to prove that Xing Xing had something to do with the fire from that year so that she could get thrown in jail!

"After everything that has been said, all of you actually do not have any evidence to prove that I was the one who had caused the fire that year, right?" Nian Xiaomu's eyes flickered when she heard what the second aunt of the Xing Family had said.

Everyone had determined that she was the one who started the fire just because it originated in her room.

However, if what Yu Yuehan had said was true…

What if she wasn't even the one who had burned things in that room?

Nian Xiaomu bit her lip as she tried hard to recall everything that had happened during the night of the fire. However, she couldn't think of anything no matter how hard she tried…

All she needed was to recall if she had burned anything in her room that night or if she had been in the room.

The truth behind the fire could be uncovered…

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu opened her mouth and asked, "Where's Xing Li's room? I want to take a look."

Even though the second aunt of the Xing Family disliked Nian Xiaomu, she still had to answer her question because Yu Yuehan was around as well.

"It's in front. Enter from this direction and turn left. Her room is the first room you will see."
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