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"Elder sister-in-law only told me then that your health wasn't good. She was afraid that you would not be able to catch up with the usual pace of the lessons and hence hired private tutors for you."

Everyone fell silent at this point.

The members of the Xing Family had always assumed that Xing Xing was the Xing couple's biological daughter.

It was natural for parents to treat their children well.

However, it would be a little weird if Xing Xing was merely an adopted child.

Nonetheless, it might have been because of her weak health ever since she was young.

They had provided her delicate care, probably because they were afraid that she would not survive to her adult years.

Even though she was adopted, one would still have feelings toward a child that they had taken care of ever since she was a newborn.

"Even though my adoptive parents were so nice to me, didn't Xing Li tell you guys anything since she knew all along that I was adopted?" Nian Xiaomu tried her best to keep her cool as she continued asking questions.

"No, we wouldn't have been in the dark for such a long time if she had told us about this. If we had known earlier that you were a jinx and would cause the death of my elder brother and sister-in-law, I definitely would not have allowed you to stay in the Xing Family mansion. This day wouldn't even come…"

As the second aunt spoke, she suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

It sent her entire body shuddering.

She choked on her words before she could even finish speaking.

As she met Yu Yuehan's chilly eyes, she was so afraid that she did not dare to utter a single word.

"All of you keep on insisting that I caused the fire. Who exactly saw me commit arson?" Nian Xiaomu held Yu Yuehan's arms tightly and suddenly spoke.


The living room suddenly became very silent.

As the second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family looked each other in the eyes, both of them could see a hint of confusion in their partner's eyes.

"Neither of us were around at the scene at that time—we only learned that my elder brother and sister-in-law passed away after receiving a call. By the time we rushed over, the Xing mansion had already turned into ruins and your adoptive parents were already dead. You were missing, whereas Xing Li had suffered burns to her face…"

Both the second uncle and aunt recounted the situation from that year.

"Afterward, the investigating police officer said that the fire had started in your room and that there was even a fire pan in it. As such, they ascertained that the cause of the incident was due to someone burning things in the room. That someone had kicked over the fire pan by accident and caused the fire."

When she heard what her husband had said, the second aunt added on and said, "Yes, yes, that's how everything happened, the results of the police investigation showed that everything happened because your room caught on fire. After Xing Li regained consciousness, she also told us that you had argued with your parents that very night—you were very angry and said that you wanted to kill everyone. Who would have set the place on fire other than you?"

Back at that point in time, two people had died and one had been wounded at the Xing Family mansion. Only Xing Xing had gone missing.

The police searched the burned ruins, but did not manage to find her corpse.

She was only a teen at that time. Where could she go to?

Everyone assumed that she had been reduced to ashes since her corpse could not be found.

It had never crossed their minds that she was still alive.

"The fire started in my room…" Nian Xiaomu's face turned pale in an instant.

If that was really the case, then she might actually have caused the fire.

She could not remember anything from the past.

However, if she had truly caused the fire, then the deaths of her adoptive parents would…

"You were not the one," Yu Yuehan said as he squeezed her hand tightly.

"One might forget her memories, but one's nature would not change so easily. You are not someone who would threaten to kill your family members after an argument with your parents."

His gaze deepened.

"Plus, all of you have overlooked one point. The person who had burned things in the room where the fire started might not be the owner of the room!"
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