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Cheng Xiulu shivered all over when she heard this.

Her face had turned pale from shock. As she snapped back to her senses, she rushed forward immediately. Grabbing ahold of Matriarch Yu's walking stick, she knelt down.

"Mom, whatever I have done, it was for the good of the Yu Family. I only said those words in a state of anxiety because I was afraid that Yuehan would get cheated!"

Cheng Xiulu tried her best to squeeze out two teardrops as she attempted to explain herself.

"Even if Nian Xiaomu is really Xiao Liuliu's biological mother, how did she manage to get pregnant with Yuehan's child at that time and why did she disappear for so many years…? None of us know about these matters, and she might just have a motive for suddenly appearing here. Internet users are calling her a jinx and mentioned that she had caused the deaths of her parents—she might just implicate Yuehan in the future…"

"Shut up!"

With a wave of her hand, Matriarch Yu directly flung Cheng Xiulu away.

Lifting her walking stick, she aimed for Chen Xiulu's shoulder and directly whacked down.


The merciless hit left Cheng Xiulu shouting in pain as she held her shoulder and rolled about on the floor.

Yu Huiwei was about to head forward and help her up when Matriarch Yu glared at him in the eye.

He did not dare to utter a single word and could only stay rooted to the ground, watching as Cheng Xiulu was beaten up.

With the walking stick in hand, Matriarch Yu glanced at the shocked crowd and slowly put the walking stick down.

The expression on her face turned serious.

"The Yu Family has always had strict house rules, which includes maintaining peace in the family. As the top family of City H, there have been numerous rumors about the Yu Family. However, when did all of you start to be affected by online rumors that are not simply worth listening to? Are you guys the stupid ones or did someone intentionally sow discord? Start thinking with your brains!"


When Matriarch Yu finished her piece, everyone's expressions froze for a moment.

They seemed to have thought of something as all of them uniformly glanced at Cheng Xiulu.

All of them were here because of Yu Huiwei and Cheng Xiulu's instigation!

Matriarch Yu understood everything after only a single glance.

She held her walking stick and walked toward Cheng Xiulu.

Cheng Xiulu was instantly so traumatized that she scrambled on the ground and made her way over to Yu Huiwei's side.

"Are you afraid now? Why didn't you think of the consequences when you instigated members of the Yu Family just for your own selfish intentions?!"

Matriarch Yu knocked her walking stick against Cheng Xiulu's head and spoke in an imposing tone.

"Members of the Yu Family must adhere to their word. If you don't chop off your own head right now, you will lose the right to remain in the Yu Family!"

After Matriarch Yu finished her words, the butler "considerately" threw the cleaver to Cheng Xiulu's side immediately.

Cheng Xiulu was completely struck dumb by fear.

As she hugged Yu Huiwei's thigh firmly, she said, "Huiwei, please save me. I don't want to die… I am your wife—you can't just watch me die without saving me…"

The next second, she was so scared that she passed out.

"I was thinking how formidable she is, but she's just a weakling who appears tough on the outside and is in fact weak on the inside!" Matriarch Yu collected in her hale and hearty gaze. Waving her hand, she instructed the butler to send people to take Cheng Xiulu away.

"Pack up her things immediately after she wakes up and tell her to move out of the main villa!"

Along with Yu Huiwei too.

They would stay at a deserted courtyard in the Yu Family villa.

"I am getting old." Matriarch Yu sighed with emotion and said, "There are too many matters that concern the Yu Family, and I can't manage every single one of them. I can turn a blind eye to some matters, but if anyone wants to bully my grandson and granddaughter-in-law, I will come over and deal with them even if it means straining every single one of my old nerves!"

Matriarch Yu turned around and walked to Nian Xiaomu.

She held her hand and said with a pause between every word, "From today onward, Xiao Mumu will be the matriarch of the Yu Family!"
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