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Nian Xiaomu turned to look at Yu Yuehan and walked over to him. Standing on tiptoe, she gave him a peck and cooed, "Wait a bit for me. I need to go to the bathroom."

This public display of affection was too much for everyone else to bear.

In particular, those few salespeople had turned green with envy!

Nian Xiaomu changed out of her gown very quickly and walked out.

Her mood was extremely good after she had gotten back at those women.

Humming a little tune to herself, she walked out of the clothing store.

Just as she stepped outside, she saw Fan Yu's handsome figure standing at the door.

His posture appeared stiff, and it was difficult to guess how long he had been standing there.

As if he had seen something he shouldn't have, Fan Yu appeared shocked. However, his warm gaze remained fixated on Nian Xiaomu to the point that she felt goosebumps all over her body.

Then, a thought struck Nian Xiaomu, so she hurriedly turned around.

Upon checking that Yu Yuehan could not see her in her current spot, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Are you here to shop too?" Nian Xiaomu walked toward Fan Yu and greeted him cordially.

"… Did you and Yu Yuehan come here to try on formal clothes for a particular function?" Fan Yu's voice sounded gentle and low.

It seemed as if he was trying to avoid something, yet had to force himself to face up to it.

Nian Xiaomu did not notice anything amiss with him and gave him a straightforward answer by replying, "No, Yu Yuehan and I are here to try on clothes for our engagement party!"

Breaking into a sweet smile, the corners of Nian Xiaomu's eyes flushed a scarlet red at the mention of the person she loved.

Such a reaction was only possible if the love was deep.

Fan Yu clenched his fists silently at her words, then subconsciously looked down at the ring finger of her left hand.

Seeing that she was wearing the Queen's Ring, a light flickered past his eyes.

"Just now, you were very forceful and impressive at the counter when you gave the salespeople a taste of their own medicine." Fan Yu brushed off the news about Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu getting engaged and changed the topic.

For a split second, he thought he was looking at Liuliu while watching Nian Xiaomu.

Standing rooted to the ground, he did not move an inch during the time she had been talking to the salespeople at the cash register.

Even after she had changed out of her gown, Fan Yu was still trapped in a daze.

However, he wished that Nian Xiaomu wasn't his Liuliu.

Even if his Liuliu had fallen in love with someone else, she would surely not forget him and would certainly not wiped out all memory of him…

Perhaps Nian Xiaomu only resembled Liuliu…

Fan Yu narrowed his eyes to hide the disappointment on his face.

"I didn't know that you were such an expert in fashion."

"That was nothing! After just one look, I can remember them all. Rather than saying that I know fashion, why don't you praise me for my good memory?" Nian Xiaomu joked.

Just when she wanted to head toward the bathroom, Fan Yu suddenly grabbed her wrist.

"What did you say just now?" Fan Yu's tone sounded a little impatient. It was as if he wanted to seek confirmation about his suspicion.

Memories of Liuliu kept flooding his mind.

"Brother Fan Yu, your tasks are too simple. I only have to look at it once, and I can memorize them all!"

"Rather than praising me for being smart, why don't you praise me for my good memory? I have a photographic memory!"

His Liuliu was a child prodigy.

From a young age, she could learn anything better than other people as long as she set her mind on it.

He had thought that he would never hear these same words again in this lifetime…

Until just now…

The words that Nian Xiaomu had said earlier on were exactly the same as Liuliu! Even the way she said them was the same!
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