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She only followed him and entered when she saw that Wen Yadai had nodded her head.

The fact that Xiao Wei had Xiao Liuliu with her was equivalent to having a trump card.

Yu Yuehan definitely would not do anything to her before he had confirmed her identity.

If she was indeed Xiao Liuliu's biological mother, Xiao Liuliu would surely hate Yu Yuehan if he hurt her in front of Xiao Liuliu!

Xiao Wei felt assured when she thought of this.

She followed Yu Yuehan and entered the Yu Family villa.

There was a delegation in the courtyard.

Yu Yuehan was standing at the forefront. As he paused in his steps, he stood with folded arms and turned around gradually.

With that formidable aura of his, one who had not seen the aspects of society before would surely have their legs turn wobbly at once.

Xiao Wei steadied her state of mind with difficulty and hugged Xiao Liuliu tightly.

She leaned her head forward into Xiao Liuliu and kissed her delicate little face incessantly, displaying deep kinship between both mother and daughter.

"Xiao Liuliu, don't be afraid. I am your Mommy…"

Nian Xiaomu nearly lost her cool due to Xiao Wei's pretentious expression.

However, she needed to endure it. Before she got ahold of Xiao Wei's motive, she could not say anything in case Xiao Wei became agitated and was driven to desperate action, leaving Xiao Liuliu in an even more dangerous situation.

She could only play by the cards and see what exact motive Xiao Wei had…

"Young Master Han." Wen Yadai couldn't help it and went forward immediately when she saw Yu Yuehan. "I was initially planning on bringing her here to meet you. However, I didn't expect that her emotions would become so agitated or that she would run off alone the moment she heard that she would be meeting you."


"I only learned that she had actually went to the kindergarten and snatched Xiao Liuliu away after I rushed there. It's all my fault. I wish that I could have stopped her." As Wen Yadai said that, she tried her best to squeeze out two teardrops and displayed a regretful look.

After she paused in her words, she continued and said, "However, she is Xiao Liuliu's biological mother after all. If we were to separate them forcefully now that both mother and daughter have finally been reunited, I am afraid that Xiao Liuliu would be… A biological mother would still be better than a stepmother!"

As she said that, she turned around intentionally and took a glance at Nian Xiaomu.

Wen Yadai truly felt at ease when she saw Nian Xiaomu's ghastly pale face!

When Yu Yuehan heard that, he narrowed his eyes and cast a cold glance at Wen Yadai.

No one could guess his thoughts since his expression remained unchanged right from the start.

Raising his eyebrows, he looked at Xiao Wei and stated, "You said that you are Xiao Liuliu's mother. Evidence."

Xiao Wei seemed to be waiting for him to ask her this question. Reaching into her pocket, she dug out a certificate and threw it on the floor.

Then, she resumed hugging Xiao Liuliu tightly and retreated backward.

She did not dare to go a single step closer to Yu Yuehan.

The assistant was very quick to head forward. As he picked up the report and scanned it, the look in his eyes changed.

He took the report and walked to Yu Yuehan, saying, "It's a DNA test report."

The results of the test showed that they had a mother and daughter relationship!

Yu Yuehan scanned the report; his expression seemed very calm, and one wasn't able to see if he believed it or not.

"What do you want?"

One must have had a motive for doing so many things.

It did not matter if this woman was Xiao Liuliu's biological mother or not; she had spent so much effort to snatch Xiao Liuliu away and even presented this report to him. As such, it was impossible that she had merely wanted to let him know that she was Xiao Liuliu's biological mother.

He would know how to deal with Xiao Wei after he knew what her motive was.

When Xiao Wei heard what Yu Yuehan said, she assumed that he believed her, and a delighted look appeared on her face.

Just when she was about to say that she wanted money, she suddenly thought of what Wen Yadai had instructed. Even though the words were already in her mouth, she changed them and said, "I don't want anything—I only want my daughter!"


"I only sent Xiao Liuliu to you because I was compelled by the circumstances back then. Now, I regret it, and I just want my daughter back!"
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