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When she opened it up, the jewelry that was missing was indeed all inside!

"Zhang Mingyan, what do you have to say now!"


Zhang Mingyan only took a slight glance at the jewelry box that Wen Yadai was holding.

"So what if I was the one who had taken them? Your dad instructed for all this to be done. Since you are about to head overseas, you will not be able to help out the Wen Family in the future—It's natural that you will not have a chance to use such nice jewelry. Instead of just wasting them by placing them in a corner, why not give them to me—I can dress up more nicely, and your dad will be happier when he looks at me."

"Even if I don't have a use for them, I would rather throw them away than give them to you!"

Wen Yadai grasped the jewelry box in her hand tightly and nearly gnashed her teeth to pieces.

"Plus, even though I am heading abroad, it will be a temporary thing. Dad will surely miss me when he has cooled down and will certainly allow me to return. You won't stay haughty for long!'

Zhang Mingyan seemed to have heard some sort of a joke.

All of a sudden, she laughed out loud.

As if she were looking at a fool, Zhang Mingyan walked forward and stared at Wen Yadai.

"Do you think that you still have a chance to return? Will you be able to change anything after you have returned? Everyone in high society knows that Young Master Han is about to get married to Nian Xiaomu, and they have already started to prepare for the wedding ceremony. Who the hell are you?"


"Indeed, since you might not be able to afford these luxury goods in the future, you should be the one keeping all of this jewelry. I have already discussed this with your dad. You are already an adult, so apart from paying for the procedural fees that you need for traveling abroad, the Wen Family will not pay a single cent for any other costs that you incur overseas. You will need to earn the money yourself!"

"What did you say?

Wen Yadai's expression changed at once, and she reached out to grab ahold of Zhang Mingyan's arm.

"You're speaking nonsense! I am my dad's biological daughter and will be the one inheriting the Wen Family's assets in the future. How could he not care about me!"

"My advice to you would be to save those thoughts of yours. Why are you still dreaming about this impractical stuff when you are in such a situation? The assets of the Wen Family will belong to my son in the future. As for you, you can just wait for your time to come until you die of old age overseas!"

Zhang Mingyan pushed Wen Yadai's hand away and watched as she fell to the ground. Then, she turned around and walked to the vanity table.

She took out a pearl necklace from another jewelry box and walked over to Wen Yadai.

Lifting her hand up, she threw the pearls at Wen Yadai's face.

Zhang Mingyan squatted down gradually and laughed coldly.

"Don't complain that this stepmother of yours doesn't love you. If you want to blame someone, you should blame yourself for making no allowances in whatever you do. You ended up doing harm to yourself when you inflicted suffering on others. Today, I shall return to you all the humiliation that you imposed on me back in those days. However, I am much more benevolent than you are. Taking into account that you are your dad's daughter after all, your dad and I won't let you starve to death as long as you stay obedient while abroad and don't do anything that might implicate the Wen Family. You can take this necklace as a parting gift from me to you."

Zhang Mingyan left the room with a smile.


When Wen Yadai saw the pearl necklace in front of her, she reached out and grabbed it.

She grasped the pearls tightly in her hands.

The words that Zhang Mingyan said just now kept ringing in her ears.

Young Master Han was really getting married to Nian Xiaomu…

They were really getting married.

Nian Xiaomu would never pardon the people who had kidnapped her once she became the lady of the Yu household.

If she managed to find out that Wen Yadai was the one…

Wen Yadai tightened her grip and grasped the necklace in her hands firmly. Lowering her head, she stared at the item that Zhang Mingyan had given her. It was like alms given to a beggar.


Why must everyone snatch her things?

Young Master Han was hers!

Everything in the Wen Family belonged to her as well!

If she couldn't have them, she would rather ruin everything than let others have them!

Wen Yadai stared at the necklace in her hands fiercely. Like an insane little devil, she gripped the necklace firmly with both of her hands and pulled it forcefully.
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