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The Rest Of My Life Is For You 46 A blow to the face! Pattern of a queen!

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She finally understood why Cheng Xiulu had previously insisted that Nian Xiaomu personally put the hair clip on for Chen Xiulu.

As it turned out, Chen Xiulu had prepared to set her up and have her chased out of the Yu Family villa right from the start...

It was very likely that Cheng Xiulu had not allowed anyone else to touch the hair clip after Nian Xiaomu touched it and that Chen Xiulu had it placed in Nian Xiaomu's room without anyone's knowledge.

In this case, the hair clip would only have Nian Xiaomu's fingerprints, and nobody would believe anything she said when the test results were out.

It was a very wicked and smart strategy!

"Finally, you are willing to admit it!" Cheng Xiulu walked up, immensely please with herself. A menacing look appeared at the space between her eyebrows.

"If you are not the thief, why would your fingerprints appear on the hair clip? Don't think of using the excuse of helping me put the hair clip on the other time. Everybody knows that you are to be blamed for the injuries on my butt—how would I still have the courage to order you around?"

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

Even though everything Nian Xiaomu wanted to say was the truth, since Cheng Xiulu said them before she did, everyone would assume that Nian Xiaomu was finding excuses for herself if she repeated them again.

"Yuehan, now that the witness testimony and material evidence have all been presented, I would have to file a police report if you still have no idea how to handle this. I wouldn't dare imagine how she would be sentenced for the theft of such a precious diamond hair clip!"

Cheng Xiulu was so pleased with herself that it seemed like her tail was wagging like a dog.

As she continued on, she did not forget to mention two things.

"Speaking of which, your grandma is elderly now. The reason why these people had the courage to steal and slack off in their work was because you do not have a wife, so there was no one managing the Yu Family villa. If I was the one managing the Yu Family villa, I would certainly establish the rules properly so that nothing of this sort would happen again in the future!"

The meaning behind these words was that Matriarch Yu was a dotard and that she should abdicate her position to the younger generation as soon as possible.

Yu Yuehan's expression turned solemn in an instant.

A furious look flashed past his eyes. Just when he wanted to speak up, Nian Xiaomu went forward.

"Madam, you insisted that I stole your hair clip. In that case, I want to ask you this—why would I steal a worthless hair clip when there are so many other valuable items in the Yu Family villa?"

"What rubbish are you talking about? This is a diamond hair clip; it is priceless!" Cheng Xiulu was so heated that she was on the verge of fainting.

She had specially picked the most expensive item among her possessions, and the objective of this was to convince the others that Nian Xiaomu stole because she was attracted by the monetary benefits.

"Diamond? I think it would only be right to call it pieces of glass." Nian Xiaomu went forward, took the hair clip from the butler, and slightly raised her hand.

She allowed the hair clip to be entirely exposed in full view.

The diamonds on the hair clip emitted bright rays from the gleams of light. It looked particularly brilliant.

Cheng Xiulu's temper cooled in an instant; she assumed that Nian Xiaomu said this on purpose because she was desperate to escape from her crime. Cheng Xiulu laughed grimly.

"I think you are crazy to cook up such an excuse..."

"Madam, look carefully. The rays of light reflected by authentic diamonds would be so piercing that they would be dazzling to the eye, but the diamonds on this hair clip look so stiff. It is a fake from just one look!" Nian Xiaomu tossed the hair clip in her hand into Cheng Xiulu's arms.

Before Cheng Xiulu could come back to her senses, Nian Xiaomu slowly added, "It is very rare for a natural diamond to be completely flawless inside and out. They would usually carry some flaws and be slightly yellowish in color, but fakes are different—take a look at the ones on Madam's hair clip. If I am not mistaken, they should be oxidized cubic zirconia, which are man-made imitations of diamond."


Cheng Xiulu was completely dumbfounded.

Looking at the hair clip in her arms, she couldn't seem to notice the disparity that Nian Xiaomu mentioned no matter how hard she looked.

The next second, Nian Xiaomu appeared in front of her. She was just a nurse, but she spoke like a noble princess, pausing after each word.

"Only Madam would view a broken piece of glass, which can be bought for just a few dollars, as a treasure!"
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