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The Rest Of My Life Is For You 390 Nian Xiaomu, so this was romantic to you?

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The movie scene that Yu Yuehan was looking forward to was finally here.

He did not turn around to look at her as he did not want his actions to look deliberate.

Instead, he pricked up his ears and listened carefully to the sounds of activity around him.

He was planning to take action the moment he heard sounds of her weeping.

Time ticked by…

Until now, there were no movements from the person beside him.

Yu Yuehan frowned and thought that he might have to wait a little longer because she might be someone who did not shed tears very easily.

However, time flew by in the blink of an eye.

He watched helplessly as the movie was coming to an end. However, Nian Xiaomu's emotions did not seem to have fluctuated a single bit.

Yu Yuehan suddenly thought of something. With a whoosh, he turned his head around to face her!

It was dimly lit in the movie theater.

As the lights from the screen fell on her delicate face, they added a hint of gentleness and beauty to her outstanding facial features.

From her tightly shut eyes, a peacefulness could be observed on her face that replaced her usually quick-witted look.

Accompanied by her long and even breathing, she was in a very deep sleep as her chest moved up and down slightly.

Yu Yuehan: "…!!"

Could anyone tell him what he should do when his girlfriend fell asleep at the moment that he was about to create a romantic scene?

Yu Yuehan's face darkened.

He prepared to shake her awake the moment he thought about his plans.

However, the scenes from yesterday night flashed past his brain the moment he saw her peaceful sleeping face.

He had made excessive demands and worn her out.

A hint of heartache rose in Yu Yuehan's chest.

He removed his coat and covered her with it.

Propping his head up with one hand, he stared at her with a sideway gaze…

Everything surrounding him seemed to have disappeared. He only had eyes for her.

He frowned when he noticed that she seemed to be dreaming of unpleasant matters. Without much hesitation, he reached his long fingers out and stroked the area between her eyebrows.

He whispered gently, "Continue sleeping. I am here."

Nian Xiaomu seemed to have felt something and indeed loosened up in relaxation.

Nian Xiaomu finally opened her eyes slowly after the movie had ended and the ending song was playing. As she yawned, she simultaneously turned around and glanced at the surroundings in confusion.

She was stunned when she realized that she was covered by Yu Yuehan's coat.

The next second, she noticed the man who sat beside her; the man whose facial expressions seemed to be a little ugly.

Pursing her lips, she asked, "Are you okay? Was the movie bad?"

Yu Yuehan thought, My romantic plan has failed, and it had nothing to do with the movie!

Yu Yuehan was the first to stand up. Holding her hand, he led her out of the movie theater.

It was a little chilly as wind from the night blew across their faces.

Yu Yuehan paused in his steps. Turning around instinctively, he drew her into his embrace.

After that, he thought of the online strategies.

This action was said to be the top trick for all boyfriends and that girlfriends would definitely be touched by it.

As he lowered his gaze and took a glance at the person in his embrace expectantly, he realized instead that she was carrying a dull facial expression. At the same time, she was looking somewhere faraway with an impassive face.

Her eyes sparkled when she saw other couples purchasing flowers.

"So romantic!"

Yu Yuehan: "…!!"

Nian Xiaomu, so this was romantic to you?

He reckoned that she would cry over his romantic actions if she had not fallen asleep just now!

The weather was very chilly.

Nian Xiaomu intentionally reached out and placed her frozen hand into his coat.

She wanted to see the look of him being driven mad.

However, at the very next second, he grabbed and squeezed her hand tightly so that her palm could get some warmth from his hand.

With knitted eyebrows, he asked, "Why do your hands feel so chilly? Did you catch a cold?"

As he said this, he stroked her forehead with his big hands and used his coat to wrap her up tightly.

After that, he pulled her into his embrace.

Her heart jolted even though this was a very simple action.

An indescribable throbbing vibrated through every bone in her body!
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