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Sensing that something was amiss, the butler rushed to stop Xiao Liuliu, but her words had already been spoken, and there was no way to take them back!

Slept together… and wore the same clothes…

This! This! This!

At this moment, Matriarch Yu carried Xiao Liuliu in her arms as she stood up excitedly from the rocking chair.

Worried that Xiao Liuliu might be too young and could have misunderstood what had really happened, she took a deep breath before turning to look at the butler for confirmation.

"Quickly tell me in detail what is going on!"

Butler: "…!"

"The two of them have really gone out on a date?"

"Did they sleep together last night?"

"Since when did they become an item? You people actually managed to keep it secret…"

Matriarch Yu was extremely anxious to be filled in and shouted out questions one after another.

Seeing that the butler was not replying to her, the expression on her face turned sullen.

"If you dare to hide a single detail from me, I will fire you before Yuehan comes back!"

Butler: "…!!"

Although Matriarch Yu was elderly, she was a person who had been through stormy and turbulent times.

Her domineering presence was extremely intimidating when she was stern.

The butler could not withstand her interrogation and very quickly reported everything that he knew.

By the time Matriarch Yu heard the last part, her jaw had already dropped as she muttered, "They have really slept together…"

She was especially thrilled when she found out that Nian Xiaomu had walked down from the second floor wearing Yu Yuehan's clothes and had even sat on his lap for breakfast.

The delight in her eyes was irrepressible!

That rascal!

Finally, he's got his priorities straightened out!

He has managed to quietly and sneakily make Nian Xiaomu his woman…

"Xiao Liuliu said that they've gone to see a movie. Where did they go? What movie are they are watching?" As Matriarch Yu rattled off the questions she had, she instructed the servant next to her to pass her her coat.

Hearing this, the butler shivered, hurriedly tried to dissuade her, and said, "The sky has already turned so dark, Matriarch. It's cold outside and already so late…"

"What do you know! We have to strike while the iron is hot!" Matriarch Yu had already put on her coat and was gracefully slipping on her gloves.

When she turned to face the butler, she was calm faced again. Leaving no chance for the butler to find any excuse to feign ignorance, she added, "It's most convenient to book a venue in one's own territory for a romantic date, and since the Yu Corporation owns movie theaters in the city, don't tell me that you don't know where they are."

Butler: "…!!"

Young Master, I was forced into this. Good luck to you!


In the movie theater.

The story was heading toward the climax, and Yu Yuehan tightened his fists as he straightened his back in his seat.

The tissue paper was ready by the side.

When she could not hold back the tears anymore, he would thoughtfully pass the tissues to her and pull her into an embrace.

Then, at the point when the male and female leads in the movie were forced to be apart and Nian Xiaomu started wailing from the sadness, the lights in the theater would turn on.

He would gently present a bouquet of roses to her, and lovingly reassure her that, "We are different from the movie. I will never ever let go of your hand in this life!"

Yu Yuehan glanced through the tips on the internet.

The comments were:

[Blogger 6666: Every woman would fall for this!]

[I'm a man yet I can't help swooning. I'm turning to the dark side…]

[If any guy is willing to create such a romantic event for me, I would definitely be moved to death!]

[Am I the only person who can't wait to bring this man home and offer my body to him?]

[Me too!]

Offer her body to him…

When Yu Yuehan read this comment, the sides of his lips curled upward.

He had already been anticipating the very moment when she would leap into his arms in surprise, sobbing happy tears yet hugging and kissing him at the same time…
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