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The Rest Of My Life Is For You 368 Nian Xiaomu, you've become really bold!

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Nian Xiaomu had no idea how she made her way back to the room.

Although her feet stepped firmly on the ground, it felt as if she was walking on cotton candy and floating in the air…

Her lips were a bit red.

Even her cheeks were flushed.

In the short stretch of distance from the garden to the entrance of the bedroom, she could not remember how many times Yu Yuehan had kissed her.

Her mind was filled with his sudden love confession.

If not for the remnants of rationale left in her as well as the image that she had to maintain as a goddess, she would have lost all self-control and devoured him in a bed of snow!


Recalling the scene in the snow, Nian Xiaomu jumped into the covers and pulled the blanket over her head, trying to block out her thoughts.

She should not think about it anymore! She was going to suffer a nose bleed soon!

How could Yu Yuehan be such a flirt?

He had actually built a snowman in his own image. This was against the rules!

A thought struck Nian Xiaomu, and she crawled out of the covers suddenly.

Grabbing her cell phone, she flipped through the photo album and laughed uncontrollably at the pictures of the snowman in it.

Good thing she was smart to capture the evidence before leaving!

Yu Yuehan had really confessed his love to her.

It wasn't a dream…

Nian Xiaomu continued to swoon in her thoughts and then nervously bit her lips as she tapped open the chatting application to send the photograph of the snowman to Tan Bengbeng.

Before she could finish typing her message, a reply had already come in.

[What? Not in bed so late at night, but building snowmen? Are you revisiting your childhood?]

No way!

It was not her, but Yu Yuehan who had built the snowman!

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly replied to Tan Bengbeng.

Then, she recounted the entire mind-blowing love confession that had taken place tonight to Tan Bengbeng.

At the end, she asked meekly: [Darling, can I accept him?]

Then, there was no response from the other end.

More than 10 seconds passed, but it felt like a few centuries had passed.

At the moment when Nian Xiaomu felt that she could not wait any longer and needed to give Tan Bengbeng a call, she received a text message from Tan Bengbeng.

[You don't like him?]

When Nian Xiaomu read the few words, she shook her head without hesitation. When she realized what she was doing, her face flushed with embarrassment, and she crawled back into the covers again with her phone.

She was so relieved that Tan Bengbeng could not see her silly reactions. Otherwise, she would definitely be teased to no end.

When did she start falling for Yu Yuehan? She did not even know it herself.

By the time she realized it, it seemed like she had already liked him for a long time.

Yet when she thought about getting together with him, she felt a strange anxiety and helplessness…

[You must like him since you're taking so long to reply.]

[He's single, handsome, and rich. Besides already having a daughter, there's really no flaw about him.]

[What's stopping you?]

Nian Xiaomu: "…"

Reading the three messages on her phone, she actually could not come up with any rebuttal.

She should not have rejected his advances and ought to have barged right into Yu Yuehan's bedroom.

While he was probably still in a daze and before he was able to go back on his word, she should take advantage of the situation!

After pushing him over, she would pounce on him.

Before he could react, she would give him a French kiss until he was giddy from the kissing. Then, she would naturally proceed to eat him up…

Deep in thought with her cell phone in her hand, Nian Xiaomu was hit by a thought and dialed Tan Bengbeng's number in a panic, blurting out, "How can I do that? Yu Yuehan is too fast and strong. I can't lay my hands on him!"

As soon as the words were spoken, Nian Xiaomu realized what she had actually said.

Her body froze in horror!

At the next second, she heard Tan Bengbeng's mocking voice from the other end of the line.

"Nian Xiaomu, you've become really bold. Yu Yuehan has only just confessed his love to you, yet you're already scheming to lay your hands on him now…"
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