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For her?

What was it?

Nian Xiaomu quickly raised her hand to yank off the muffler that was covering her eyes.

Her eyes had been blindfolded for so long that when she opened them, she couldn't see very clearly.

At first sight, she saw a snowman in front of her.

As she looked more closely, the snowman looked rather familiar…

Nian Xiaomu blinked and recognized that the snowman was made in Yu Yuehan's semblance after just a second!

For her, he had built a snowman that looked like himself…

Did this mean that he was giving himself to her?

What a jerk!

Who cares about him!

However, Nian Xiaomu's heart raced wildly even as she was complaining in her mind.

Curling her fingers into a fist, her lips quivered as she thought about asking him what this meant. All of a sudden, a lamp lit up in the dark snow.

Nian Xiaomu looked on in bewilderment.

Then, this was followed by a second lamp, a third lamp…

It was as if Santa Claus was hiding in the snow and lighting up the lamps, one by one.

By the end, the lamps had formed a circle, and she was standing right in the center of the circle!

Looking closely at the lamps, there was a red rose on every one of them.

As the lamps were lit up, the redness of the petals was cast upon the snow.

The sharp contrast between red and white was like ice and fire…

It was passionate and crazy!

Nian Xiaomu counted that there were 52 lamps, which meant there were 52 roses.


The hidden meaning of this number was "I love you" in Chinese…

Pursing her lips, Nian Xiaomu did not dare to look at Yu Yuehan.

A conversation they once had flashed past her mind.

"Yes, yes, yes. I am different from the usual girls out there—I am braver than them. However, how could I agree to get together with you the very moment you confessed? I would not seem like a reserved girl if I did that. Moreover, that wasn't even considered a confession—you didn't even say that you like me in a decent way!"

"So you would agree to it if I said that I like you?"


"I got it."

When he had said "I got it" at that time, she had not understood what it meant.

However, she suddenly realized what it meant now.

In fact, he must have been just teasing her earlier on when he talked about sleeping together!

Had he prepared this entire setup long ago?

If not, where did all these lamps come from?

There was even a red rose on every one of them!

In the short time that she had closed her eyes, he couldn't have put together 52 lamps as well as a snowman!

Was he… officially confessing his love to her?

Nian Xiaomu held onto the muffler and did not remove it.

She was afraid that once she let go of the muffler, Yu Yuehan would see how red she had become.

She had always felt that Yu Yuehan was an iceberg, and it had never crossed her mind that he could be so suffocatingly romantic!

She was obviously standing in the frosty cold, yet her whole body felt warm and toasty!

Her heart began to pound… and she felt a strange urge to… run away!

Yu Yuehan, who had been standing beside the snowman, had already walked over to her.

Standing there looking distinguished and regal, his soulful eyes looked fixedly at her.

"Nian Xiaomu, isn't there anything that you want to say to me?"


Say, say what?

Accept his confession?

Before Nian Xiaomu could reply to him, he had already reached out to pull her into a tight embrace.

The warmth of his body made her stir uneasily.

"Yu Yuehan, it's a bit cold outside. Why don't we go back in… mmm!" Her words were completely shoved back into her mouth.

Snow started to fall again.

The surroundings seemed to vanish around them, leaving only the two people quietly kissing in each other's arms within the fiery red glow…
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