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This was the song that Fan Yu had taught Liuliu when she first started to learn the piano.

He was the first person to listen to her play the piano.

Even if the song was simple, it sounded different to him!

He believed that it would surely be different to Liuliu as well. How could she say that this was an ordinary audio test tune?

Ring! Nian Xiaomu's phone rang.

Seeing that Fan Yu was still in a daze, she pushed him away

She looked down into her bag and took her cell phone out. When she saw the name displayed on the caller ID, she did not think too much and picked up the call.

"Where did you go?" Yu Yuehan's low voice spoke from the other side of the phone.

Even though Nian Xiaomu could not see it for herself, she could imagine that he was resting against his office armchair and furrowing his brows as he spoke on the phone.

Taking a few steps to the side as she held her phone, Nian Xiaomu replied, "Talk properly. Don't get mad for no reason. Also, don't frown as you speak. You'll age easily!"


The person on the other end of the call did not reply for a full three seconds.

All that could be heard was the sound of grinding teeth.

It seemed like a love-hate relationship.

Nian Xiaomu was not bothered by his lack of response either. She continued, "I'm still outside and about to return to the office… Why did you ask me where I went? Didn't the secretary inform you that I asked Chen Zixin to meet me and settle some matters?"

"What do you mean by using my authority for personal matters? Am I that kind of person? If I hypothetically liked someone, I would definitely bring him to the office and date openly!"

"Yes, yes, yes, it was President Chen… If I don't look for Chen Zixin regarding his father's matter, should I look for you instead?"

"I did not say that you cannot make it… It was my mistake!"


After a long while, Fan Yu finally managed to calm himself down.

When he finally lifted his head, he saw Nian Xiaomu on the phone, talking to someone with her head tilted to one side.

At first, she was still speaking fiercely. Then, the other person seemed to have said something, causing her tone to suddenly become gentle and mild.

She admitted her mistake obediently and even tried to coax the person on the line.

As she swung her left foot and kicked at the wall in front of her, it appeared that she had finally appeased the person who she was talking to. She stopped kicking at the wall and whined, "Why is the girl coaxing the boy anyway? Serves you right for being single all these years… No, I did not say anything just now!"

Who was she coaxing? Yu Yuehan?

Why was she so anxious over these clients? Was it for work or was it for Yu Yuehan?

Placing both hands into his pockets, Fan Yu's dark brown eyes turned a shade darker.

This wasn't his Liuliu.

Ever since Liuliu was born, she had been regal like a queen. He had never seen her try to pacify anyone so patiently.

As he looked away, a conflicted expression flashed past Fan Yu's eyes.

The next second, seeing that Nian Xiaomu had hung up the phone, Fan Yu's gaze regained its calm as he watched her walk toward him.

"You're fine now?"

Nian Xiaomu slipped her cell phone back into her bag, then eyed Fan Yu and saw that he was not as agitated as before.

Pouting her lips, she said, "Here, I've already picked out a piano for you. If you do not like it, I will not force it upon you. However, I've got something going on now and have to go back to the office!"

When she was done speaking, she checked the time and swiftly turned around to leave.

There was no chance for Fan Yu to hold her back.

Nian Xiaomu walked briskly out to the street and flagged down a cab. She crawled into the cab and left immediately.

As Fan Yu watched her figure disappear, the mood in the air became estranged and cold.

Looking away, he walked toward the piano that she had picked out. He slowly stretched his hands out and played one time the same song that she had played earlier.
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