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To Wen Yadai, Yu Yuehan's existence was akin to light. She had been chasing after Yu Yuehan for over 10 years.

There was nothing she feared except for not being able to see him again.

However, she was left with nothing now…

Wen Yadai's body went limp and completely slumped down to the floor.

She had been wrong.

She had really done wrong…

Seeing that Wen Yadai was trapped in a daze, the assistant who was standing by the side swiftly went forward to restrain her. Then, he yanked off his neck tie and wrapped it around her wrist.

The cut was not very deep, so the bleeding stopped very quickly.

Her life was not in any danger.

However, the color was drained from Wen Yadai, and she looked no different from a corpse.

Upon hearing Yu Yuehan's words, it felt as if her soul had been drawn out of her.

There was no reaction from her anymore.

She allowed the assistant to drag her off the floor and allowed herself to be carried away by two security guards.

Wang Miaomiao, who had been frozen in horror, was also taken away.

Even if she did not go to jail for what she had done, it was impossible for her to return to this industry!

A heavy silence fell over the meeting room.

After a long while, everyone regained their composure.

Manager Lin from the design department stepped forward and asked, "Master Han, now that we have uncovered the corporate spy, do we still proceed with the media launch this afternoon?"

Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu walked over from behind Yu Yuehan and took out a USB flash drive from her handbag.

"The real design drafts from Lombardi's work studio are here."

"Good! Good!" Confirming that the design drafts had not been leaked out, Manager Lin heaved a sigh of relief.

Their rivals thought that they could defeat the Yu Corporation with the fakes that were intentionally leaked out.

They would never expect that things would turn out the opposite.

The real design drafts were in their hands while their rivals had been fooled.

They would be rudely humiliated during the launch later!

As the thought struck Manager Lin, he stopped and turned toward Nian Xiaomu.

The look in his eyes changed.

Was everything part of her plan?

Had she intended to use the corporate spy to release the wrong information?

Not only did the wrongdoers get punished, she also ensured that the collaboration with Lombardi would be a success.

If it were truly like this, then her intellect and strategy…

Manager Lin clutched the USB flash drive tightly in his hand and spoke up after a moment, "Master Han, Manager Wen… Now that Wen Yadai has been fired, the public relations department will need someone to take over her projects."

"What are you trying to say?" asked Yu Yuehan.

"Supervisor Nian's performance was outstanding this time. Since she's part of the public relations department and is familiar with its operations, why not let her take over the manager position?" Manager Lin spoke in one long breath and looked nervously at Yu Yuehan.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan looked up and surveyed the reactions of the other staff.

When the staff heard Manager Lin's words, no one raised any objections.

Instead, everyone in the public relations department nodded their heads in agreement because they had seen with their own eyes how competent Nian Xiaomu was.

Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes as he announced, "From today onward, Nian Xiaomu will be officially promoted to manager of the public relations department."

"Congratulations, Supervisor Nian!"

"Congratulations! Congratulations!"

"We should call you Manager Nian now!"


When Nian Xiaomu heard these congratulatory wishes, she fell into a daze.

She had only just joined the Yu Corporation. Was Yu Yuehan really going to make her the manager?

She looked up and turned toward him.

The next second, she realized that there was something amiss about the look on his face…

His eyes looked heavy, and he looked detached from the situation.

As the staff members started to exit the meeting room one after another, Nian Xiaomu wondered if she should do the same. However, before she could take a step, a hand suddenly grabbed her wrist!
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