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Not long after, the car stopped in front of an apartment building.

"Miss, we're here," the taxi driver turned around and reminded her.

Nian Xiaomu pushed open the car door and took a detailed look at the apartment building in front of her.

She followed the unit number written on the slip of paper and walked in.

It was only a seven-story tall apartment building, so there were no elevators installed.

Wang Miaomiao lived on the top floor. Just when Nian Xiaomu reached the sixth floor, she heard noises coming from above of people moving things.

"Go easy. Don't ruin my cabinet..."

A ray of light flashed past Nian Xiaomu's eyes; she quickened her footsteps and walked up to the seventh floor.

She realized that the household that was moving away was the address which Wang Miaomiao had registered.

"Can I ask what your relationship with Wang Miaomiao is?" Nian Xiaomu walked forward and asked the young lady who was directing the movers.

"Wang Miaomiao? I don't know her, I just moved in," the young lady stared at Nian Xiaomu from top to bottom and replied impatiently.

After she finished her sentence, she turned around again and instructed the movers to go easy and not break her vase.

Just moved in...

Nian Xiaomu was dumbfounded.

Immediately, the young lady seemed to have thought of something and walked up to speak to her again.

"Oh yes, the landlord had mentioned before that the tenant who stayed here previously was a girl. She should be the Miaomiao that you mentioned. However, I have no idea why she moved away all of a sudden. The apartment unit was rented to me after it was vacated, and I am not sure about the rest."

"... Thank you."

Nian Xiaomu stared at the unit that had just had a change of tenants, but she did not stay here any longer and left.

However, she knitted her eyebrows when she arrived downstairs in the apartment building.

She could not figure out why was Wang Miaomiao so against her.

The others only knew that Wang Miaomiao had admitted her mistake of creating rumors and thus resigned.

However, Nian Xiaomu knew very clearly that Wang Miaomiao did not only create rumors; Wang Miaomiao had obviously wanted to ruin the collaboration with Lombardi.

Moreover, she was very cautious when doing so!

If Nian Xiaomu did not happen to know Italian, perhaps she never would have understood why the collaboration had failed at that time.

However, she only knew Wang Miaomiao for a short period of time, and they did not have many interactions prior to that.

Wang Miaomiao had absolutely no reason to sabotage her since there were neither old debts nor new enmities.

Maybe it was just because Wang Miaomiao was jealous?

Adding on to what the employees had mentioned, Wang Miaomiao cared a lot about her job; if that was the case, she wouldn't have left in such a clear-cut manner without doing anything to plea for leniency.

She even moved away from her last known address; it seemed that she was hiding from something...

Beep beep!!

The cell phone ring tone that suddenly sounded shocked Nian Xiaomu.

She fished out her cell phone from her bag and answered the call immediately when she saw the caller ID on the screen.

"Get in the car." Yu Yuehan's icy cold voice sounded slowly.

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

Get in the car? Get in which car?

The moment she lifted her head up in astonishment, she noticed a familiar limousine parked at the roadside.

As the windows of the car rolled down, Yu Yuehan's joyless face was revealed.

With deep and soulful eyes, he stared wide-eyed at her while she stood not too far away from him.

Nian Xiaomu returned to her senses. After she hung up the phone call, she sprinted over and got in the car.

"Young Master, why are you here?"

The heater was switched on in the car, and Nian Xiaomu heaved a comfortable sigh of relief right after she settled down in her seat. Twisting her head around, she looked at him.

When Yu Yuehan noticed this, he shot her an icy cold glare.

Nian Xiaomu instantly felt a bad premonition when she saw that gaze.

The next second, he opened his thin lips and said, "I saw a fool shivering in the cold wind while I was on my way back home. As a result, I did my daily good deed and made a phone call."


She was that fool.

That fool indicated that she did not want to talk to him!

As Nian Xiaomu shrank into the corner, she whipped out her cell phone and was just about to reply to a text message.

All of a sudden, a shadow swooped down from above. With an overcast voice, he asked, "Who are you chatting with?"
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