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He lowered his gaze and stared at her little mouth that wouldn't stop yakking.

Then, he looked downward at her mesmerizing collarbone and the fair skin on her chest.

The roses that she was hugging earlier had landed near her feet. A few petals had fallen off and sprinkled onto her toes.

There was a romantic and coy mood in the air...

Yu Yuehan's throat turned dry as an indescribable feeling shot through his body.

His eyes narrowed, and he wondered if she meant what she said earlier or was just talking gibberish in her drunken state.

Then, she sniffled pitifully and pouted as she complained to him, "My neck aches. Lower your head a bit."

Yu Yuehan listened obediently to her and bent over slightly so that her eyes could meet his at the same level.

Just as he lowered his head, Nian Xiaomu reached out and hugged his neck. Then, she stood on her tip toes, and in a split second, planted a kiss on his handsome face.

"Haha! You got tricked!" Nian Xiaomu smiled like a fox as her fair hand continued to pat his face...


Yu Yuehan's body stiffened. He stared at the person in front of him in disbelief.

Did she just... take liberties with him?

His long fingers brushed past the part of his face that she had just kissed, and his fingertips could still feel the warmth that the kiss had left behind. What had just happened was not an illusion.

In the past 20 plus years of his life, no woman had ever dared to take advantage of him like this, yet still made him smile so happily.

She was obviously drunk and not even afraid of death!

His eyes narrowed, and he reached out to hold on to the woman who was trying to run away. Then, he turned and pressed her against the door.

With their positions swapped, the mood in the room instantly changed.

Yu Yuehan's strapping figure easily trapped Nian Xiaomu in his embrace. He lowered his head and looked at the flushed face of the person in his arms. She was boldly poking at his chest with her fingers.

"You have muscles! Chest muscles!"


"Let me see again if you have abs!"

Her cheeky hands started roaming his chest...

After a few seconds, she lifted her head in excitement. "You have at least six-pack abs... mmm!"

The mouth that wouldn't stop babbling was sealed by a pair of lips.

It was unlike the previous times when they had accidentally brushed their lips together.

He meant business this time.

For a long while, he did not let go of her.

"I, I can't breathe..." Nian Xiaomu hammered his chest with her small fists, raised her leg to kick his knee, and escaped out of his embrace.

Looking at Yu Yuehan, who seemed to have changed into another person compared to before, even a drunk Nian Xiaomu could feel a sense of impending danger.

She turned around and ran toward to her bed.

Diving into her covers, she wrapped herself with the blanket, and imitating Xiao Liuliu's way of talking, she said, "Tired. Want to sleep. Good night!"


Standing at the door, Yu Yuehan slowly turned around.

In the dimly-lit room, the moonlight from outside the windows shone upon his gorgeous face. The contours of his face were filled with a demonic charm and a streak of looming danger.

The corners of his lips curled into an ambiguous smile as he looked at the person who thought that she could escape from him by hiding in the blanket.

The look of amusement in his eyes seemed to mock her naivety.

With a hand in his pocket, he sauntered over to her.

"Nian Xiaomu, are you asleep?" he asked gently as his magnetic voice oozed with sexiness.

The person who was hiding under the covers replied without hesitation, "I'm already asleep!"

After speaking, she seemed to realize that she shouldn't have answered at all and hurriedly added, "I meant to say that I'm about to fall asleep! I'll be asleep in the next second!"
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