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As Wen Yadai spoke, she motioned for the secretary to bring the report over.

She headed toward the president's office amid the expecting gazes of everyone present.

She was different from the rest of the public relations department.

The only reason why Wen Yadai had agreed to invite Yu Yuehan was because everyone was so enthusiastic. Unable to reject them, she could only agree reluctantly.

This would not be the first time she had invited Yu Yuehan to a gathering with the public relations department. However, he had always rejected every single invitation.

Wen Yadai did not hold out any hope this time around.

However, she still had to put up a confident front before the expectant gazes of her colleagues. In her head, she had already started to think about how she would bring this matter up to Yu Yuehan...

"Manager Wen." The moment Wen Yadai reached the entrance to the president's office, the assistant nodded his head at her in acknowledgment and opened the door for her.

The moment she lifted her head up, she saw Yu Yuehan, who was sitting at his desk.

He looked so handsome and charming; so uniquely respectable.

With his long and slender fingers grasping a fountain pen, the look he had when signing the documents was so charming that she could not shift her gaze away from him.

When she noticed that he was starting to look in her direction, Wen Yadai quickly adjusted herself and walked to him.

"Young Master Han, this is the contract that was signed just now. Since Shangxin has agreed to be a spokesperson for Sheng Da Science and Technology, I made use of this opportunity and settled on the next few collaboration projects with them. I have brought the proposals over for you to look through."

She had contacted Sheng Da Science and Technology right after Nian Xiaomu successfully clinched the endorsement deal and pushed for additional advantages in the collaboration.

In comparison, Nian Xiaomu's contribution to the company was not even 0.001% of hers.

"Well done. What rewards would you like this time around?" Yu Yuehan received the documents from her. With a quick glance, he opened his mouth slightly.

Happiness could clearly be detected on Wen Yadai's face all the way to the tip of her eyebrows.

It was a known fact that Yu Yuehan was very stingy with his praise.

His words of praise were far more precious than any other rewards that she had received!

Wen Yadai seemed to have thought of something, blinked her eyes, and said, "There is no need for any reward. Our department will be organizing a gathering this upcoming weekend. If you are free..."

Before Wen Yadai could finish her sentence, she saw him frown and hurriedly explained, "Oh, the thing is that Nian Xiaomu successfully clinched the endorsement deal right after she joined our department. Since she is a new colleague, I thought that she should be welcomed and congratulated. Thus, I wanted to organize a celebration party for her."

She looked Yu Yuehan in the eye carefully the moment she finished her sentence.

However, she knew that he would reject her when she noticed that his face looked cold; he also did not utter a single word.

Disappointed, she bowed respectfully and left the president's office after she finished reporting on her work.

The assistant did not understand what had happened. Right after the view of Wen Yadai's back disappeared from sight, he asked, "Young Master, you spent so much effort to investigate Shangxin's background and managed to help Supervisor Nian with this matter. Aren't you going to her celebration party?"

"..." With his deep and soulful eyes, Yu Yuehan took a cold glance at his assistant.

In an instant, the assistant lowered his head quietly and did not dare utter another word.

Yu Yuehan leaned back against his chair. As he read the contract before him, the image of the breakfast from this morning flashed past his eyes.

When he thought about how someone had managed to repay his efforts with a mere cup of milk, he knitted his eyebrows. At that exact moment, his cell phone rang.

A ray of light flashed past his eyes, and he grabbed his cell phone quickly.

He swept his eyes over the screen; alas, it wasn't a call from Nian Xiaomu.

"There must be something urgent since President Tang is in such a hurry as to call me," Yu Yuehan answered the call and spoke in an indifferent tone.

"On what conditions would you be willing to relinquish Shangxin's endorsement contract?" asked a refined voice that sounded from the other end of the call. The sullen tone of this voice, however, had revealed his current mood.

"Yu Yuehan, so much for me treating you as a friend—you actually ripped me off just because of a woman!"
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