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The assistant paused, then continued saying, "However, Supervisor Nian looks like she is not planning to give up."

The average person would be bound to either give up straightaway or to b*tch endlessly when they received such a task, but Nian Xiaomu did not seem to care about it and continued to keep herself busy...

"She went out early in the morning today just for this?" Yu Yuehan opened his mouth leisurely.

He had just woken up when he saw Xiao Liuliu run into his bedroom today and tell him that Pretty Sister had gone missing.

In the end, it was the butler who brought in the note that Nian Xiaomu had left in the living room, which informed him that she had headed to the office ahead of schedule.

"Yes, Shangxin will be having a show soon and went to the show venue to try out the clothes today. Supervisor Nian should have also received this news and specially headed over there to gain firsthand information," the assistant said after taking a look at Yu Yuehan and only continuing on when he saw that there were no major changes in his expression.

"I heard that not only did she not meet Shangxin, she also did not manage to meet with Shangxin's manager."

Nian Xiaomu had gone on a wasted trip just like this and even waited outside for a long period of time.


Yu Yuehan knitted his eyebrows as his expression turned cold.

The scene of her laughing gleefully before him flashed past his mind.

Not a single hint of grievance could be detected from her clean yet crafty smile.

He had originally thought that she only cared about the doubled salary when she previously agreed to enter the public relations department.

However, he was indeed surprised by her performance now.

"Go and check the background of this Shangxin," Yu Yuehan opened his lips slightly and instructed in an offhand manner.

"..." The assistant stared blankly for a moment. He raised his head and stared at him in astonishment.

Is Young Master planning to step into this matter?

No, that was not possible. Just a model alone was not worthy enough for Young Master to personally step into this matter. Young Master would not pay much attention to the project with Sheng Da Science and Technology, much less Shangxin.

So what was it exactly...

The assistant came back to his senses hurriedly, bowed promptly, and replied, "Yes."


The moment Nian Xiaomu returned to the public relations department, she sat back in her seat at lightning speed and opened up her email inbox.

She was so excited that she nearly bounced up when she saw that there was an unread email in it!

Shangxin's manager had given her an email reply!

This was the first time she had gotten a reply from the other party about negotiating ever since she started on this task.

She leaned forward in front of the computer excitedly and opened up the email right away.

She realized that the email only contained a simple and short reply; the tone didn't sound like the manager, but instead sounded like Shangxin herself.

[Your proposal for the endorsement was very well done. If the target was someone other than me, they would have surely accepted it. However, it is a pity because I will not accept any endorsement jobs.]

Nian Xiaomu's eyes darkened when she read to the end.

It was as if she had been splashed with cold water at her happiest moment.

However, she soon realized that this sentence sounded slightly weird.

Since Shangxin was very satisfied with Nian Xiaomu's proposal, why had she rejected it without providing any room for negotiations?

Did Shangxin have difficulties that nobody knew about?

Nian Xiaomu bit her lips and stared at the email on the computer screen, lost in thought...

"I mentioned a long time ago that Shangxin would never accept any endorsement deals. With Shangxin in the picture, it looks like Supervisor Nian is fated to hit a snag no matter how capable you are," someone said sarcastically after she saw the email on Nian Xiaomu's computer.

"Don't say that. Supervisor Nian must have her own outstanding traits since she was boosted into the public relations department out of nowhere. Moreover, the one week deadline is not up yet," another person echoed along.

Both of them were originally Xie Jingjing's subordinates.

Even though Xie Jingjing's character was slightly on the impulsive side, she had indeed spent a huge deal of effort on building interpersonal relationships with her colleagues.

Many in the department were waiting for her return; it was natural for them to want Nian Xiaomu to make a fool out of herself.
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