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It was only when Lin Jiage had reached the edge of Shi Yao's house that he stepped on the brakes.

Once the engine sputtered to a stop, Lin Jiage got off his car and glanced at the building that Shi Yao lived in.

Other than the one that was lit with rather weak lighting, the other flats were all pitch black.

So... is Soft Bun already asleep?

Had that man left her house yet?

He admitted that he was lacking in understanding when it came to Soft Bun, but he knew that she was the only daughter in her house, so she didn't have any younger or older brothers... If that was the case, who could that man possibly be?

After listening to their conversation, he could feel that their relationship wasn't that of ordinary friends.

Are Soft Bun and that man really...

For some reason, Lin Jiage couldn't bring himself to think any further down this path anymore. At this point, he suddenly recalled the very first message that Shi Yao had sent to him: [Lin Jiage, this is Shi Yao. The reason I'm texting is to tell you that I want to cancel our engagement.]

Cancel their engagement... How could he have forgotten about this? In the six years since he came to know of her existence, the very first time she'd actively contacted him was to say that she wanted to break off their engagement...

That matter had left him perplexed for quite some time. For six years, she had never opposed this marriage, but why would she want to cancel it all of a sudden?

But even though he was perplexed by it, he didn't try to think deeper into it before...

Could her reason for wanting to cancel the engagement be due to that man?

The moment that such a thought formulated in Lin Jiage's mind, he suddenly found his heart beating anxiously in fear.

Did Soft Bun actually have someone she really loved?

If that was really the case, what could he do?

Unlike Xia Shangzhou, he couldn't imagine extinguishing the sparks of his feelings just because he found out that the person he liked was attached to someone else.

If his guess turned out to be true, and Soft Bun had someone she loved and wanted to cancel their engagement because of it, what should he do?

Should he selfishly attempt to retain her just to fulfill his own desires?

Lin Jiage's expression slowly turned grim.

While he was fully aware that this was all just his own speculations, he still considered the matter seriously.

Time slowly ticked by.

The night grew deeper and deeper. By the time the surroundings had turned so silent that the calls of the cicadas sounded deafening, only then did Lin Jiage finally reach the answer from the depths of his heart.

If his guess was true, and she really did have someone that she loved and wanted to break off their engagement to be with that person... then he would willingly back off. He would willingly give up on his happiness in order to fulfill her happiness.

This was really a disaster; a true, true disaster... Apparently, he liked her far more than he'd initially imagined.

Otherwise, why would he end up thinking about everything from her perspective, worrying about her feelings for every single matter?

It seemed like he'd really fallen for her, and he had fallen really, really deep.

He wasn't just afflicted with the Soft Bun poison... the poison had already sunk deep into his bones, and there was no medicine in the world which could treat him anymore.


Lin Jiage remained at Shi Yao's doorstep for the entire night.

At eight in the morning on the second day, Shi Yao walked out from her flat.

Two thoughts instantly popped up in Lin Jiage's head—should he immediately drive away and flee, or should he crouch down and hide in the car for the time being? Following which, a thought came into his mind. Didn't he secretly take out her purse to stop her from footing the bill a while back? Thinking again, her purse should still be below the passenger seat of his car.

Some time had already passed since then, and the car had been washed every single day. Nevertheless, as long as no thorough cleaning was made, no one should have noticed her purse.

With this thought in mind, Lin Jiage reached out with his hand for the bottom of the passenger seat.
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