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Lee Xuiye didn't know how long she had been sitting there, but her mind was filled with these words.

'Ovary demand'

'Can't become pregnant.'

Like every woman, Lee Xuiye had a dream to have a happy family with her husband and a lot of children who would represent the love of her and Mo Lingtan.

She really...really...wanted to bear a child for Mo Lingtan.

However, there would be no children in her family now, how would it be considered as a happy family?

Things were going pretty well in her life then why was this thing happening in her life?

Couldn't things just continue to be going well?

She knew that she had done many bad deeds but she didn't do such a miserable thing that heaven would punish her to be childless.

Lee Xuiye was listlessly sitting on Mo Lingtan's chair, she didn't notice someone had entered into the office.

"Darling, I don't have the mood to do work now. Let's go somewhere to hang out, what do you say? Should I call our gang or do you want to go for a date with your handsome husband? I think the latter option is best..." Mo Lingtan happily said while walking to Lee Xuiye.

However, she didn't hear him, her mind had turned blank as if it had stopped working because of the great shock.

Mo Lingtan noticed something unusual with her as she looked pale "Darling, what happened?"

However, there was still no response from Lee Xuiye side.

Mo Lingtan shook her shoulder and worriedly asked, "Xuiye what happened? Are you feeling unwell?"

Then Lee Xuiye came back to her senses and her eyes immediately turned red and teardrops rolled down on her cheeks.

"Xuiye why are you crying? Are you feeling unwell? Are you hurt somewhere?" Mo Lingtan anxiously asked.

She was perfectly alright when he left her then what happened in the span of half an hour.

Seeing her crying, Mo Lingtan felt that his heart was pierced with a hundred needles. He never wanted to see her crying.

"Xuiye, don't cry. Tell me what happened?..." Mo Lingtan was comforting her but then his sight went towards the report which had fallen on the floor.

He immediately took it.


Mo Lingtan even became numb as he wasn't prepared to tell her yet and now she knew about it, he didn't know what to do because he was also scared that she would leave him.

"I...I...can't bear a child ...child for you...Wah...Wah…." Lee Xuiye cried out and covered her face in her palms.

"Xuiye…" Mo Lingtan softly called out and held her in his embrace as this was what he could think to do.

"I….I should have listened to you. If I didn't work for Xiu Tao, I would have been able to bear a child for you...I…"Lee Xuiye hoarsely cried out.

"Don't think about all of this. Everything will be alright." Mo Lingtan consoled her and tightly hugged her.

"Nothing….Nothing is going to be alright. Everything has been...Waahh…" Lee Xuiye didn't want to accept this fact.

This fact seemed to be like a nightmare, she wanted to wake up from this nightmare but couldn't no matter how much she tried.

Afterward, Lee Xuiye looked at him with swollen eyes and asked, "Will...will you leave me?"

"Of course not!" Mo Lingtan instantly replied. 

Would he leave her?

Absolutely not!

In fact, he was just worried that she would leave him because of some stupidity.

"Lingtan, what should we do... I...I really want to bear a child..." Lee Xuiye didn't have a strong desire for anything but she desperately wanted to be the mother of Mo Lingtan's child.

However, the tragedy of life was that she couldn't.

Mo Lingtan had immense power and money that he could get anything she wished for but it was the first time in his life that his power and money were useless as he couldn't fulfill his wife's wish which she desperately wanted.

Helplessness sank his heart.

In the end, a wonderful day had turned into sorrow and was painful for the couple.


After a few days, Lee Xuiye's retirement from showbiz was announced.

Many people were sad that such a talented model was going to stop working just because she got her rich husband as many models did retire from their career because they got themselves a rich husband. The fans just felt that it was a shame.

Some people were very happy that now they didn't have to worry if they offended Mo Lingtan's wife while doing the work in showbiz as conflict always happened in showbiz. Moreover, Lee Xuiye's own identity now became invaluable in front of Mo Lingtan's wife's identity, therefore, it should be better to be wary.

However, they were absolutely wrong. Lee Xuiye's individual identity would never become invaluable as soon after Dream Star and other renowned companies announced the name of their real owner after playing hide and seek for so many years.

After all, these companies were very famous and everyone wanted to know who the person behind the success of the companies was, but the person didn't come out.

In fact, many people had been thinking that Wu Ze was the owner of Dream Star, but now, Wu Ze personally announced that Lee Xuiye was the real owner and he was just a subordinate of hers.

Therefore, if the people thought that Lee Xuiye's name was completely wiped out from showbiz then they were absolutely wrong. Now they had to be more cautious in front of her as not only did she have Mo Lingtan's backing but she was also a strong person who could dash them like she did with Sky Imperial.

Therefore netizens were constantly talking about Lee Xuiye and soon, her name was at the top of the search list.

Now the members of Lee Xuiye's fans club were proud whenever they were going as their idol was someone to whom no one could touch and neither them.

It was a proud moment for them.

However, was this the real case with Lee Xuiye?

Was she really feeling proud?



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