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Seeing her daughter hurt, Liliana rushed to her and embraced her. She glared at her husband while stroking her daughter's back gently. "She is your daughter Corbette! Why do you give that mere human so much importance? She's a no match for our family! When will you realize?", she shouted.

Corbette kept calm and tried not to burst his anger out on his wife.

He gently asked Margaret to leave.

"You may leave Margaret.", the girl nodded before leaving.

She rushed to her bedroom, tears started rolling randomly like rivulets down her face. She quickly shut the door close as she leaned against the door. She let her heart cry out completely. The side of the eyes reddened as she kept on crying till her eyes swelled.

Felling a cold sensation in her chest, she noticed the pendant which her mother gave. She held it close to her heart and whispered 'Momma'. She closed her eyes and kissed it.

Suddenly a blueish purple color radiated from the pendant, the color same as her eyes. Surprised by the sudden radiance, she glanced at the pendant. The pendant was a clear crystal, with no marks on it. It was rather strange to see the pure white crystal change its color. It had radiated the same color after 10 years.

After noticing, she saw a strange mark engraved deep inside the pendant. She found the mark familiar. She stood and rushed towards her mirror. She removed her dress hurriedly, leaving herself in her undergarments. Her hands touch each and every part, only when she noticed a mark on her left chest. A crescent moon surrounded by three stars, which joined formed a triangle which looked like they were meant to protect the moon. Holding onto the necklace, she found that the pendant was back to its pure crystal form.

Too many questions flooded her mind, all at once. She realized that this pendant was no ordinary.

She believed that deep within the pendant, laid the answers of her flooding questions. She knew that she was not an ordinary human. She questioned her identity.

Having faith in herself, she started her journey to find who she was and what was her identity.

Meanwhile in Brookville, the King's ring gave brief glow.
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