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Alexander stood there for a while, his face hardened in concentration.

Subconsciously, his hand touched the glassy trunk of the tree. His long slender fingers traced the rough glossy patch of frost, his eyes still fixed on the tree.

As his fingers traced the trunk, a soft dim white light traced his way. It traveled behind the traced path. Alexander's eyes dull and empty, gave a hollow stare.

The night felt everlasting to Margaret. The night was unusually quiet. It did not snow like usual Christmas days. She rolled to her left and then to her right to find the perfect position to sleep. Not able to find one, she kept turning left and right. The crumbled bedsheets moved along with her turns. She buried her face deep in the pillow, but still, it was of no use.

Resting on her back, she stared at the ceiling.

"Hmm..." she sighed.

She woke up, her feet slipped into a pair of pink slippers. As she stood, a long shadow cast behind her. As she was tall, the moonlight cast a shadow longer than her. He platinum blonde hair was now like strands of silver, dazzling against the moonlight. The crystal hanging on her neck sparkled brightly. Her pale skin gave a soft glow, giving a sense of vulnerability and fragility.

Walking towards the window, she carefully opened the window. Expecting a gush of wind to flow past her face, she waited for the cold breeze to hit her face with her eyes closed. But instead, not a single strand of her hair moved. Opening her eyes, she looked at the clear night sky. It was cloudless and quiet. It was very unusual to be this clear, as the land of Brookville was known for its unexpected rain or snowfall. It was rare to see a cloudless sky.

Today being Christmas, something seemed off.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. It was Christmas but it didn't snow. The whole scenario before looked dull and empty. She pulled a chair and sat before the window. Her chin rested on the window pane. Looking up at the radiant moon, she admired how beautiful it looked. The scar-like patches on the moon were beautiful radiating a buttermilk glow. It looked like a silver disc sailing in the cloudless sky. The whole town was now painted silver as the moon showered herself upon it.

While looking at the moon, a cat popped out of nowhere. Seeing the eyes of the satin smooth furred black cat in the night which looked like a pair of glowing, beryl-green eyes, made her wonder about the midnight moon. It stared back at her, eyes gleamed in the moonlight. It swished its bushy tail which looked as if it was about to pounce on its prey. But rather, it came close to her by walking slowly. Margaret had stopped breathing by that time. The cat's fluid and sinuous movements seemed to scare off Margaret. But instead of running away, she chose to be seated where she was. It slowly walked forwards and then softly jumped on her lap. A small squeal escaped her lips.

The cat positioned itself comfortably in her lap. It's small triangular ears brushed against her dress. A shaky smile built up her face as the fear sank in. Seeing the cat rub itself more, she tried to caress its satin smooth fur with her shaky hands. It was so smooth and silky, her fingers glided over the ultra smooth fur in leading to random directions.

After a while, she felt at ease. Suddenly it woke up and jumped out of her lap and stood on the window pane and jumped off the window.

She stood immediately, rushing towards the window. Peeking her head out of the window,

"It's alive" she sighed as she saw it walking slowly.

Now her eyes felt heavy. She yawned, her hands covering her mouth. Shutting the window properly, she went to sleep.

The moment she positioned herself on her bed, she fell asleep.

Little did she know that a pair of beryl-green eyes were observing her each and every movement.

Meanwhile, Alexander sat in front of the tree. He was like a fallen dried leaf under the frost. Emptiness wrapped his dark void soul, consuming everything leaving him to feel nothing but empty and lonely. His heart sank deep, his mind was a mess now. One after other, secrets kept finding their way to its owner. His identity was at stake, seeing her mother for the very first time after centuries only after her death was a massive shock but also somewhere deep within it was relaxing.

People come and go, but he had no one to lose.

The ones he lost, never left a memory for him to reminiscense. And the ones with whom he he had ocean of memories, never returned.
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