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Trapped by the Ceo 15 Chapter 15 Sara Fu's Older Female Cousin

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"Lola...Li?" Arm-in-arm with her boyfriend, Lillian Ye looked at Lola in the uniform incredulously.

"Hello!" Suppressing embarrassment, Lola greeted them.

"You work...here?" In fact, Lillian didn't really hate Lola. They were classmates for six years since the middle school. She looked down upon Lola afterwards, as she considered Lola a fool.

Lillian Ye clearly knew what kinds of person Mike and Sara were earlier - a scum and a mistress, while Lola took them for treasure. She warned Lola about that. But Lola thought that Lillian fell in love with Mike and made mischief between them on purpose. I have never seen someone sillier than her - this was the only idea Lillian Ye had at that time.

Finally, Lola saw their true colors. But it was already too late.

"Yes, can I help you? Though today is my first day at work, I have good taste. How about picking some clothes for you?" Lola soon overcame embarrassment and behaved gracefully.

Lola remembered the well-intentioned warning from Lillian long time ago, which was taken as maliciousness by her.

How fool she was! The one who treated her sincerely was offended by her, while Mike and Sara were treasured. She was seized by remorse.

Lillian Ye replaced her surprise with indifference as usual, "That's OK. You know my style. I'm waiting for you."

Lola carefully recalled Lillian's dressing style - generally bright-colored, mature and fashionable.

Lillian pulled her boyfriend down into the sofa beside to wait for Lola. Looking at Lola, who was picking clothes with the help of Wendy, Lillian showed a complicated expression in her eyes.

"Miss Ye, here you come. Long time no see!" The manager just came to work. Upon seeing Lillian sitting on the sofa, she put down her bag to greet this distinguished guest.

Lillian Ye liked this brand. So she spent hundreds of thousands of yuan, or even millions of yuan, buying clothes here every year.

"Yes." Lillian Ye responded coldly while looking over the magazine of new arrivals.

The manager had gotten used to her coldness. Seeing Lola, a new employee, picking the clothes with the help of Wendy though, she frowned, "Petty, take her place and pick clothes for Miss Ye."

Petty Zhang was experienced. She clearly knew that Lillian was rich and potential. But Lola greeted Lillian before Petty Zhang saw her. After the manager gave the instruction, Petty Zhang snickered. But...

"No need. Go ahead with you work. She is OK." Lillian pointed at Lola, who was walking towards her with the clothes.

"Miss Ye, she is new here. I'm afraid that she is not qualified to serve..."

"I say no need." Lillian Ye interrupted the manager impatiently. The manager embarrassedly glanced at Lola who was holding clothes in hands, intending to check what she looked like. She was astonished then. Was that Lola? Yo, Lola was her subordinate. Hoho...

Lillian looked at the clothes picked by Lola - a red collarless chiffon top with a row of decorative buttons in the middle, a black knee-culottes and an orange silk dress with a waist belt of the same color, which was very noble.

Lillian nodded with satisfaction and went to the fitting room with the clothes.

Lola was a little perturbed, wondering whether Lillian would deliberately make difficulties for her. Lola caught sight of the woman in the uniform with the employee badge for manager.

What the heck! How unlucky she was! Carefully looking at the manager who was smirking at her, Lola finally confirmed that it was her. Her manager was Sara's older female cousin - Elaine Lan. Damn it! Lola would have tough days in the future.

Five minutes later, Lillian Ye came out in her own clothes.

When Lola was puzzled, Lillian said to her boyfriend: "These two suits. Take the bill."

Lillian gave the clothes to Lola and strolled around to take a look at other clothes, while waiting for her boyfriend.

Lola brought the clothes to the checkout counter happily. It was the first time that she had tried to sell clothes and she succeeded. She was so happy!

"Thank you!" After Lillian's boyfriend paid the bill, Lola sincerely expressed her gratitude to her.

"Bye." Lillian indifferently spread her hands, and left with her boyfriend arm-in-arm.

"Thanks for your coming, Miss Ye. We look forward to your next visit!" Elaine Lan saw them out in person.

Expectedly, Elaine Lan began to misuse her privileges as a manager not long after Lillian left.

"Lola, we will advertise an out-of-season special sale in the following two days. Choose a down jacket of the last year and give out leaflets outside the mall with Wendy."

What the fuck! Lola scolded her secretly. If she didn't misunderstand her, that hateful woman asked Wendy and her to wear a down jacket to make an advertisement outside where the temperature was 37 or 38℃.

"As far as I know, our store never sells out-of-season clothes." Lola had never seen any store of famous brand like this one sell out-of-season clothes.

"Yes, you are right. We will arrange a special sale outside the mall, instead of in the store." Elaine Lan was worried whom she should assign the task to. It chanced that Lola came to work. Thank goodness!

"I don't think it is an appropriate way to make an advertisement..."

"Not appropriate? Who do you think you are? Daughter of Li Family that still owns Li Group? Or the owner of Changguan Mall? Go to work as soon as possible! Otherwise, Wendy and you will get fired!" Elaine ferociously interrupted Lola. Her younger cousin and Mike loved each other. It was Lola who intervened and set them apart. Hence, her cousin felt unhappy at home every day. Bestie for eleven years? Lola was a vamp indeed!

Lola took a deep breath with tears in her eyes. No one dared to speak to her in this way! She could resign. But Wendy carried the burden. So she could not get her into trouble.

"Let's go!" "Elaine Lan gets involved now! Just wait. I, Lola, will box your ears someday!" Lola thought.

Lola angrily went to the warehouse and chose a red down jacket for herself and a white short one for Wendy.

"Lola, are you OK?" Wendy really worried about her. Wendy could bear such rough task, but Lola had never experienced tough conditions.

"Wendy, I'm OK. Circumstances change with the passage of time. It is not up to me. I will have a try!" Lola would try her best to fulfill this task. If she failed, she would quit, as she was not a masochism!

Lola and Wendy walked out of the mall, while others fixed their eyes on them.

Within a minute after they went out, Lola could feel that she broke into a sweat. She fanned herself with the leaflets and was lost in confusion while looking at the passersby.

Both of them wore a down jacket, attracting a lot of attention. Wendy pulled Lola to the nearby street.
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