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Kanae returned back to her room as her mind thought about Laura's appearance just now. She was pretty sure that Jason should be in a nearby room, but she decided not to visit the man. It would be better to wait until Laura had returned back home first.

Klek! (sound of the door opened)

"You have returned?" Kevin was sitting on his chair as he glanced at the door. His messy hair and tired eyes made him look completely different than his usual self.

"I just pay a short visit to the others," Kanae replied. "How's your wound, Kevin?"

"It's not too bad. I'm not wounded as hard as you imagine me to be."

"Are you sure?" Kanae peered close to Kevin. It was easy to spot those bruises on the man's body, especially when they were not being covered.

Kevin shrugged. He had suffered countless wounds ever since he was young because of his position as the young master of Ryukalin Clan. Having wounds here and there were extremely common, so he didn't mind them much.

"Do you want to eat? They have delivered the breakfast."

"What's for breakfast?"

"Porridge, warm tea, and soup," Kevin pointed to the table.

Kanae nodded her head. She returned back to her bed as she pulled the table closer. As it was a table with tires, it was easy to drag it around everywhere. Whilst sitting on the bed, Kanae started to eat her breakfast as fast as possible.

"We'll visit Cain later in the afternoon," Kevin reminded. "Until then, you should rest."

"You're the one who should rest!" Kanae pouted. She pushed away the table to the other side. "Why are you still doing your paperwork when you're already beaten up like that?"

"They have to be finished quickly," Kevin replied. "I need to deliver them to the officials in every area belonging to the Ryukalin Clan."

"Then, let me help you."

Kanae slid down the bed towards the sofa. She sat down beside Kevin and started to review the paper with him.

"I can do it by myself."

"Let's do it together. We'll rest together after this," Kanae glared at the man.

Kevin stopped his movement. "Should I sleep on the same bed with you?"

"You can take the bed, I'll sleep on the couch."

"You can take the bed with me. I don't mind."

"I'm the one who mind."

When it was afternoon, Neo and Mike headed to Kanae's room. They saw that the two of them were working on the paper at high speed while bantering with one another.

"I'm sure that I can do it faster than you."

"Stop trying to make a bet with me, Kevin. I know that you want to use this chance as an excuse to sleep on the same bed."

"I'm not trying anything. You can see that I don't change my expression at all."

"You have face's problem, so your expression won't change."

Mike and Neo: "…" how did you work while talking about unrelated matters like that?

They could see that the two of them barely stopped their hands from working on the papers, but their mouths were saying other things. It was as if their hand and mouth belonged to completely different people.

Kevin raised his head and only talked to the two of them now. "How's Cain's condition?"

"His condition has stabilized," Neo snapped back to reality. "Boss, we're allowed to see him now."

"Ok, let's go."

"Shall we stop with the game, Kevin? We have done that ever since the morning," Kanae stretched her body carefully. Her back was still hurt, so she didn't want to risk making herself get hurt again.

"I insist that we rest together."

"Like I say before, you take the bed and I'll sleep on the couch."

Neo rubbed his forehead. Someone please stop these two from their banter. When he first saw Kevin acted extremely cold, he was displeased. But seeing the persistent Kevin was even more annoying than that.

On the hallway, Patrick arched his eyebrows at their conversation. "Brat, if you want to sleep here, just ask the nurse to bring an additional bed. There's no need to argue for hours with my daughter."

He stressed the word 'my daughter' to make sure that his nephew knew that he wouldn't allow the other party to act as he wished. Even if he approved their relationship, there was no way he would let them do anything further than that before marriage.

Right now, he completely forgot that just standing and walking already took everything they had. Their bodies were completely crushed because of the fight with Ferdinand.

"Fine, Uncle. You really love to meddle."

"I won't meddle if I don't have a troublesome nephew like you," Patrick smirked.

Kevin passed Patrick a cold glance. With that, they headed towards Cain's room. The room was also a VIP one, but Cain himself was not in bad condition except for the fact that he was very weak. The matter of him overtaxing his potential couldn't be handled by an ordinary doctor.

"How's your condition, Cain?" Neo asked as they walked inside.

Cain looked in their direction. He was mentally exhausted because the power he had required him to work much harder. Now that he overtaxed himself, his head felt hurt and only felt a bit better recently.

"Still dizzy."

"Let's not prolong this any longer," Patrick sat down on the chair. "I'm sure you know the reason why we come here today."

Cain nodded his head. "You want to know the things that happen in the laboratory?"

"Yes, but we need you to tweak your statement a bit. There's no need for them to know that Ferdinand is creating monsters as the failure of the medicine that he makes."

"There's no need for that," Cain replied as he stared at the ceiling. "The medicine is used up."

"What do you mean by used up?" Neo asked confusedly.

"The core material for the medicine that they make belongs to the government in a limited quantity. Ferdinand has access to all of them, so he moved them to the laboratory for the experiment. So far, he had used them for around two decades, which depleted the content."

Cain looked back to Kanae. "The medicine that Professor Taren gave to you is the last two bottles of the pure content, meaning, raw materials. There are only diluted medicines left that are targeted to ordinary people, turning them into a monster but not killing them."

Normally, they would die even before turning into a monster because normal people's bodies couldn't handle it. Only people who have the higher potential lived so far.

"Do you mean Professor Taren is successful in his experiment?"

"Yes, he managed to make the perfect medicine in making ordinary people far stronger, but not completely turn them into monsters as long as the amount is lesser than the limit," Cain closed his eyes for a moment. The experiment that they did was still fresh in his eyes. It disgusted him that they were doing something like that to ordinary people.

"We have destroyed the medicine, right?" Mike spoke up.

Cain shook his head. "He transported the medicine out before that. I don't know how, but they're gone from the lab yesterday morning."

Kevin creased his brow. There were only two people who disappeared from the scene, so he could guess that Ferdinand asked one of them to take the medicine out of Lima School. Now, they had to make sure that the medicine would never reach the hand of other people.

If they used it to control a lot of people, he didn't want to imagine the consequences.

"Also, Father is still alive," Cain's last statement caused the temperature to drop immediately.

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