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Despite the sinister aura, the sight of him could easily make an observer lose his mind, like a siren's hypnotizing voice at sea. Bai Qingyue's looks were lethal enough to destroy a person and possess him or her, completely.

Luckily, the observer this time was his father and as such, was immune to the same charm he himself owned.

Bai Zhang itched to scold his son, yet he kept his calm. With his hands clasped behind his back, his tone was casual as he spoke, "Oh? Did your change of plan include stripping all of my disciples of their robes in the marketplace, or was it to shave all their heads off?"

With the same arrogant manner only befitting a lord, Bai Qingyue sneered and said, "I let them off easy in consideration of you 'father'. Otherwise, I would have already ended their miserable lives."

Bai Qingyue's words were chillingly cold, the temperature dropped down along with his mood.

Looking at his carefully crafted walls, Bai Zhang sadly discovered a layer of ice had indeed covered his home.

He cringed, yet managed to retort in a calm, collected manner, "Regardless of what they said, you cannot do as you please. This is a sect I worked hard to maintain and it has its own rules and regulations."

Bai Qingyue's grace momentarily cracked as he scowled, slamming the armrest with his fist.
He violently rose to his feet as the expensively made lacquered chair crumbled to dust.

"What rules? Regulations? Did you or your sect possess any rules and regulations when you tortured my wife?! This slight is more than enough reason for me to burn this world to a crisp!" Bai Qingyue bristled, the Pagoda shook with his anger and the floor cracked underneath him.

By the end of the night, Bai Zhang feared he would lose his precious home.

He pinched the space between his brows and sighed. He really liked that chair…

Bai Zhang was raised learning all about human moral conduct and the adequate degree of benevolence a Lord God possessing destructive powers should exercise. And yet, he was known to be terrible and cruel, uncaring about anything and anyone despite the teachings he was taught.

To this terrible and cruel god, it seemed as though his offspring had turned out ten times worse. To casually threaten the destruction of an entire world, with all the trillions of life forms living in it was too much for Bai Zhang to ever consider.

The union between Bai Qingyue and Li Meirong suddenly made a lot more sense to the Bai Father. No wonder his daughter-in-law had a completely opposite temperament, Bai Zhang thought to himself.

Ying and Yang worked that way. One side balancing the other in order to create harmony, and Bai Qingyue needed a lot of balance, no doubt about that!

"Don't threaten your old man now. I promised to assist you as I did before but I need this realm to be kept safe, I'm… waiting for someone. I cannot leave this world."
"About the slight misunderstanding with your wife, I regret my actions. We will fix it tomorrow when I proclaim her my personal disciple and you receive the post of a martial arts instructor." While frowning, Bai Zhang placated his son and hastily added, "Just please, keep your powers at bay. If there are any issues, father will handle them."

The persuasion seemed to have worked, at least on the surface. Bai Qingyue's bloodthirstiness receded as he approached the balcony's edge. quietly gazing at the same white petals as Bai Zhang did before.

Not accepting his father's request yet not rejecting it either, Bai Qingyue said, "About that, I'll need you to cooperate with me. Assuming everything goes well, I shall keep this realm intact, for now."

To him, this world was a tiny ant hill which could be squashed at any given moment. If he could use it as leverage to have his ways, Bai Qingyue wouldn't mind doing so.

Bai Zhang was his father but Bai Qingyue was the Sovereign Lord. This fact meant the decision to destroy worlds was left in the son's hands. A God acting out of turn could be punished by the heavens but it was within a Sovereign Lord's right to exact punishment, the scope of his dominion included the extermination of planets.

When Bai Zhang coaxed his own son to be lenient, it was precisely because Bai Qingyue had the authority to do as he pleased with his status as a Ruling God. Bai Qingyue wasn't jesting. He really could destroy this world, instantly.

Honestly, Bai Zhang felt slightly bitter for handing over half of his powers so easily to this ticking time bomb of a son.

"What is your new plan?" Bai Zhang asked dejectedly. Expecting another extortion.

Bai Qingyue's bright eyes caught a shine from the moonlight. Loose silver strands framing the sides of his ethereal face. He turned to his father, keeping his voice low and explaining his demands in great detail

Bai Zhang stared blankly in disbelief at his own son. He almost facepalmed himself in frustration.

He looked up to the skies, only to notice the luminous moon was shaped in a way which oddly seemed as though it was mocking him.

How, pray tell, should he go about helping this shameless boy give the impression of a sincere, honest, poor and humble man?!
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