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At the same time, far beyond the horizon, stood a tall, foreboding man inside the confined territory of the Celestial Fox Spirit palace.

In the rear region of the Bai clan's castle, surrounded by lotus ponds and shrouded with a mystical fog, stood the lone man beneath a garden's alcove, signing his seal on a collection of parchments.

Moonlight rays streamed through the gaps between the pergola, as tendrils of creeping vines dimmed the light piercing through, enveloping the handsome yet daunting man with a soft, ethereal glow.

The man was cloaked in the royal garment of his clan, which was only a shade darker than his hair, cascading all the way down across his back like a stream of waterfall formed by glittering snowflakes. A pair of elongated fox ears decorated the crown of his head, while eight long, silver coloured furry tails casually swished behind his ramrod back.

Not unlike a majestic tiger in its natural habitat, this particular man presented a heart-stopping vision, one which could only be admired from afar, for if one would ever be bold enough to tread closer, then surely, they would be torn to shreds by this deadly, unattainable beauty.

Ever so slowly, the striking man's thick eyelashes fluttered as he opened a beguiling pair of bright, uncanny eyes. The slanted phoenix shape and seductive, golden hue of those irises, along with his jade-like skin, and pure, otherworldly appearance certainly didn't match the murderous intensity emanating from his slitted pupils, nor the aura full of darkness that shrouded his very form.

The air was damp and rather stifling in this garden. An eerie kind of silence covered the area, one that suppressed even the rippling water nearby.

All in all, this godly being presented a terrifying, morbid yet enthralling and impressive sight to behold. The likes which one cannot help but watch, despite knowing the dangers such actions foretold.

From a distance, the sound of rustling leaves could be heard as the observer's clothes brushed against a nearby bush.

"Why are you here?" Spoken with a voice as cold as the chilling frost, Bai Qingyue's sight never left the thin parchment paper in his hand. He didn't stir from his spot as he verbally acknowledged the intruder who stealthily tiptoed behind him.

"My lord, I beseech you to reconsider." Bai Cuifeng said, with a tremor in her voice, she knelt down and kowtowed as she pleaded.
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