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Li Meirong felt as though shackles were binding her. Zhu Qingyue's ailment didn't seem to affect his physical prowess in the least.

Raising her arms in defense, she pounded on his chest with her small hands curled into fists, resisting his hold, yet he stood there like a boulder, unfettered and unmoving.

As she felt his warm, wet tongue licking the flesh of her lips, Li Meirong moaned in frustration, and the moment her lips parted, the greedy muscular organ instantly probed itself into the crevice of her mouth.

There was nothing innocent about this kiss, not like the one before. It was hot and demanding, tinged with sexual frustration. He was forceful and unrelenting, nipping and sucking on her bottom lip while smothering her with kisses. The slippery tongue proceeded to explore her mouth like some sort of treasure trove.


Unable to think straight anymore, she moaned again as her own tongue met his in a tangled dance, melting under his touch. Her struggle gradually decreased until it eventually ceased altogether. Uncurling her fingers, she reached with her arms to grab his shoulders in an attempt to wrap her hands around his neck, but he was simply too tall for her to do so.

In response to her efforts, she heard the man utter a low, primal sounding rumble of approval as he lowered his arms from her waist to firmly grabbed hold of her ass, lifting her up in the air to better reach his neck, he guided her legs to wrap around his waist.

"Sh-sstop" Li Meirong breathed out between Zhu Qingyue's unquenchable thirst for more.

After several more rounds of battling with their mouths, he ultimately stopped, followed the request and allowing her to relax. He stood there, with his large palms securely cupping her pert bottom, pressing her against his now fully erect shaft with only the fabric of their clothes blocking the way.

Li Meirong leaned on Bai Qingyue, their foreheads meeting as they were both left panting.

"Let us complete our marital duties." Bai Qingyue hoarsely announced and began to stride towards the cabin while maintaining their position, grinding himself against her opening.

"I haven't even agreed to marry you yet." Li Meirong's silvery voice remarked with a giggle. Perhaps it was the effects of their intimacy, her recent near-death experience or the result of her jumbled up hormones, but all things considered, she felt slightly drunk from their kiss.

Bai Qingyue stopped in his tracks and growled, "You are trying to kill your husband."
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