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The fox uttered a low rumbling noise. 'This father of mine requires a handsome reward!'

"Master Zhu Zhang, I've arrived for my studies as requested. Thank you for teaching me." Li Meirong said, her forehead pressed to the floor.

"..." Bai Zhang silently raised his eyebrows at her. 'When did I tell the girl that I'll be teaching her?'

The Grandmaster glanced at his son, perplexed.

In response, the fox cub glared back at his father as he adjusted himself into a more dignified position. 'How long are you planning on making my wife kneel on the cold floor?!'

The silent exchange was only understood between father and son. Bai Zhang sighed and held out his hand to assist Li Meirong to her feet. "There is no need to bow so deeply next time. We are practically related now."

"Uh… alright…" Bewildered, Li Meirong awkwardly took the offered hand and stood up.

"So, you want me to teach you about cultivation?" Bai Zhang asked, peering questioningly at his son.

Bai Qingyue simply sat there on the floor, uncaring and nonchalant.

Li Meirong nodded her head, "Yes. Senior Zhu advised me to come to you and also, I don't know if you remember, and it's alright if you don't, but you did tell me you'd assist with my studies."

"Did I now?" Of course, Bai Zhang remembered, though he dearly wished he could take his words back. He momentarily eyed his son who was giving him a death glare before resigning himself to the task.

"Fine, let us begin." He said bitterly.

With the sole exception of his fated person, it's been hundreds upon thousands of years since he last taught anyone. He hadn't even trained his own succeeding disciple. He was a god, for heaven's sake!

Despite his misgivings, the study session started.

Li Meirong went to sit cross-legged on the floor with a scroll in front of her and a bamboo quill in hand. Meanwhile, Bai Qingyue sat by her side, pushing his snowy paws across a small plate, dutifully grinding an ink slab.

In the years Li Meirong had lived in this world since her transmigration, she hadn't learned anything besides Feng Huang's barrier technique, along with a few bits and pieces of knowledge from resident disciples.

Bai Zhang slowly paced back and forth across the parlour as he gave her a general briefing regarding the land in which they resided.

This evening, Li Meirong learned that the Forgotten Waters sect was in the southwest region of the land, and the nearest kingdom was Chu, named after the reigning royalty there. Zhu Zhang progressed to teach her about the neighbouring kingdoms, the current currency and governing monarchy in the region.
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