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"I'm sorry, it was just a bit unexpected. I never did this before..." Li Meirong answered bashfully.

Bai Qingyue hummed in acknowledgement. It was very good that she didn't. If she did, he would have castrated every single male that she touched!

"Continue." He demanded, holding her in place with his gaze.

She stared at him with her beautiful peach blossom eyes. Fascinated, Bai Qingyue was able to recognize the trepidation, curiosity and even, to his pleasant surprise, the growing desire within them. She shifted into a more comfortable position, placing her pert bottom on the floor as she attended to his needs. Grabbing the cock with both of her dainty palms, stroking it up and down. Despite Li Meirong's unpracticed motions, she was bringing Bai Qingyue to a state of near madness.

Those small tender fingers were lighting Bai Qingyue's body with a scorching fire. When he felt her hands exploring him, all of his blood rushed down and he nearly burst. Fearing she would think less of him for being unable to control his urges, he forced himself to stabilize, refusing to display any form of weakness.

Unfortunately, it was a losing battle for the man, and it didn't take long until he was unable to control himself any longer. He ended up voicing his pleasure with a hoarse groan.

In response to the sound, he felt Li Meirong's grip tighten as she grew encouraged by his reaction.
She laced the fingers of both her hands together and rolled the engorged member in slight twisting gestures. Stroking him faster and faster until he reached the summit.

Bai Qingyue held the sheet in a death grip, his claws elongated along with his ecstasy and he carelessly ripped through the cloth. The Fox Lord threw his head back and closed his eyes as a shiver of intense pleasure travelled up his body.

She felt the veins on his pulsating cock grow thicker up until the moment he spasmed, spreading his essence all over her palms.

Her hands were now soaked in a hot, sticky substance.

The rush of liquid was far more intense than before. Li Meirong instantly yanked her hands away from Zhu Qingyue's body and stared at the white fluid coating her skin. Zhu Qingyue let out such a huge load that her hands were unable to contain the amount, and it trickled onto the floor.

In the aftermath of his bliss, he failed to notice the approaching intruder until it was far too late.

A young, mortal female suddenly barged through the door along with a trembling Bai Yu disguised as Snowball, standing rigidly behind her.
The female stared, bug-eyed, at the scene before her.
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