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Li Meirong moved her fingers gently and hesitantly, getting herself accustomed to the new, unfamiliar shape. She saw a man's private part before. She even saw Zhu Qingyue's intimate area before, although her vision was clouded at that time and she barely had any recollection of it. However, this was the first time she held a man's cock in her hands. Even though most of it was concealed under a robe, she could easily discern a few things about it with a simple touch.

For instance, it felt too long... and overly wide. She found it difficult to imagine how exactly her small frame was able to take all of this throbbing length inside her. The fingers caressing Zhu Qingyue's warm, sensitive shaft tightened their hold on the velvety muscle.

Although Zhu Qingyue didn't budge, Li Meirong could tell that he struggled to contain himself.

The beguiling man sat still as a statue except for his hands grasping the bedsheet. He no longer spoke, as though he feared a single movement might provoke Li Meirong to stop. The only visible reactions she perceived from him were of his smouldering eyes. His irises flickered with heat. A shade of liquid honey, tinged with a hint of lavender.

Li Meirong kept her eyes locked with his as she gave the stiff member in her hand another squeeze. Zhu Qingyue's tightly pressed lips parted as he hissed in pleasure.

'He pretends to be unfazed, but every time I touch him, he involuntarily reacts...' This newfound knowledge greatly surprised her.

Throughout most of her life, Li Meirong learned to submit, to be docile and meek. It was improper to take matters into her own hands. It was impolite to probe and ask questions. More often than not, she was labelled as a person who could easily be stepped on.
After her life was put at risk several times over, she strived to break out of her shell. To escape her old habits and reform herself in order to stay alive.

Still, she had to continuously bow, beg for forgiveness and lower her head in front of her superiors. And yet, now that she was on her knees between this man's legs, it seemed as if their roles were somehow reversed. His heated gaze, brimming with near desperation caused her to feel as if she had complete control over him.

A sense of superiority emboldened her to move faster. Her fingers reached his base, touching the tender location where the shaft and the testicles connected. She averted her gaze from his striking features and stared at the floor. The sight of the man unsettled her. Without looking at him, she felt more in control.

Then, Li Meirong brought her hand back up, reaching the tip and rubbing her fingers back and forth across the bulbous head. After minuscule stimulation, the thick muscle jerked in her grasp and her fingers were slightly damp with a viscous liquid.

Startled, she unwrapped her fingers and looked back at him, wide-eyed.

"Do not stop!" The silver haired man immediately commanded.

He took a deep breath, and spoke again, this time, the tone of his voice turned the words into a plea.

"Do not stop."

For the first time in his life, Bai Qingyue knew what it felt like to be at another's mercy. Even when the monks had him captured and sealed without an ounce of power coursing through his body, he didn't feel as helpless as he did right now.
The Fox Lord grew painfully aware of how easily his wife played him like a fiddle!
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