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Li Meirong's voice ended up stuttering as her pale face turned red as a beetroot.

"Pffft!" Feng Huang kept herself from laughing out loud while observing the ever-changing expressions on Li Meirong's face. Her tough shell shook with the effort of suppressing her mirth.

'Ah, so my clueless mistress knows about Dual Cultivation!'

From shyness to agitation and eventually, settling on irritation, the girl's brows creased in a deep frown. Li Meirong gritted her teeth and clutched the scroll tightly, itching to lash out at Feng Huang, yet managed to suppress herself from doing so.

What was Dual Cultivation? Wasn't it basically an erotic book? Well, she'd seen and read worse before!

With a huff, Li Meirong unfolded the scroll and skimmed across the characters written down.
Feng Huang's deduction wasn't exactly right. Li Meirong heard of dual cultivation but had never thoroughly learnt about it before.

Her annoyance subsided as genuine interest took over. To her pleasant surprise, the scroll didn't describe any vulgar acts as she previously assumed. But rather, a technical summary of paired cultivation techniques. It brought forth an interesting subject which Li Meirong had never even thought of.

Introducing the concept of sex as a spiritual experience beyond physical pleasure.

The key to exercising the method is by employing one's qi during sexual acts instead of wasting the energy force, as is often the case. When a couple makes love, they can circulate each other's opposing energy of yin and yang with harmony in a circuit, ever-increasing stream. The effects of dual cultivation have the potential to expand and enhance one's spirituality to incredible levels if performed correctly.

As Li Meirong kept reading, she discovered there was even a section detailing the potentialities of increasing energy utilizing that of someone such as herself, who was described in the scroll as a 'Cultivation Vessel', or what her fellow sect disciples often referred to her as, a 'Furnace'. Basically, vessels like herself were highly sought-after candidates for dual cultivation, since their partners would acquire a tremendous increase of energy by pairing with them. Sadly, furnaces were often abused and drained of all qi, often leading to their deaths.

She didn't even notice just how deeply immersed she had been in reading until she finished studying the first written technique and carefully folded the scroll.

When she finally glanced away from the manual, she was embarrassed to find 'Snowball', Feng Huang and Chou in his miniature form sitting right in front of her, looking at her completely flabbergasted.

Feng Huang was quite surprised yet also impressed. If anything, she appreciated Li Meirong even more now. She preferred a daring mistress!

As for 'Snowball', his wide-eyed stare was the only expression showing on his furry face. Now, Bai Yu felt compelled to find some private time to speak with His Lordship. With this newfound knowledge, he was sure that his Lord would be so ecstatic, he'd forget all about punishing him!

Chou wasn't really certain what to say. Neither did he know about these human techniques nor cared about them. But his Master was looking incredibly funny with her face turning so red. His master was a little silly sometimes and made Chou worry about her quite a lot. What if she choked herself to death?!

"Master… are you alright?" Chou's voice was filled with worry.

Despite having read the text as though it was a biology book, Li Meirong still felt self-conscious at taking so much interest in cultivating techniques related to sexual acts.

"I'm fine! I uh-, I was just skimming through this…" Li Meirong quickly averted her gaze in shame and stuffed the Dual Cultivation scroll into the nearest shelf. She quickly whipped out the dimension's parchment.

"Give me a proper cultivation technique, please!"

The empty parchment was filled with characters once more.

~ Didn't you read one only moments ago? ~

"..." 'Is the dimension also trying to make a joke out of me?!'

Frustrated, Li Meirong stuffed the parchment back inside her sleeve. 'Useless dimension…'

She grabbed the nearest cultivation scroll, discovering something related to water attacks. After reading the technique a few times over, Li Meirong sat cross-legged and chanted the written mantra.

Meanwhile, during the time Li Meirong was cultivating, the astonished contracted entities dispersed and found their own forms of entertainment. Chou went back to bossing the lobsters, Feng Huang returned to her nap and 'Snowball' obediently sat by Li Meirong's side. His golden eyes noting Her Ladyship's lack of advancement.

It was difficult to accurately judge the passing of time within the dimension's space. Nevertheless, Li Meirong assumed that about a few hours had passed. When she felt her fatigued body aching and her back sweating, she finally decided to end her training.

Sadly, no progress had been made. She didn't sense even an ounce of increase in her energy. If anything, she was all the more drained.

Dejectedly, Li Meirong left the dimension's space along with 'Snowball', meditating her consciousness back into her body from within the confines of the library.

By the time Chou and Feng Huang discovered Li Meirong had departed the dimension, they were both filled with frustration, thinking the same thought. 'We forgot to ask for blood!'
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