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Unbeknownst to Li Meirong, a dozen pairs of sharp, gleaming eyes were currently observing her. Mindfully hidden from view were the summoned servants from the Bai palace.

In order to better hide themselves in such close proximity, the lower ranked gods of the Huli Jing clan had all transformed into foxes, lurking between the wide, tall trees and the Red Fringe Flower bushes within the garden, right outside the open courtyard.

The Sovereign Lord had instructed them not to approach Her Ladyship senselessly but he had carelessly failed to mention anything regarding eavesdropping from a safe distance.

The problem with managing foxes wasn't necessarily their trickery, albeit their crafty nature could potentially pose a lot of difficulties if not properly controlled. No, it was moreso their self-righteous mindset of always being correct, no matter what they do.

See, they weren't defying orders. They were simply assessing Her Ladyship!

"I wonder what they're talking about…" A rather squeaky voice questioned behind a nearby shrub.

"'Tis a bit hard to tell, His Lordship has erected a barrier. Can you read lips?" One fuzzy looking brown fox asked her four-tailed friend.

The four-tailed fox sullenly shook his head.

A six-tailed grey fox interjected, "They're obviously talking about their future together! Look at how happy our Lord looks, he's practically grinning from ear to ear."

The six-tailed grey fox, better known as Lang Ju, came from a long line of palace attendants. They may have been deemed as servants but their rank was much higher than the majority of the Huli Jing tribes combined. With his status in the clan, he naturally had more opportunities to bask in his Lordship's presence.

The Sovereign Lord may possess a constant apathetic and uncaring face but Lang Ju was already proficient in perceiving his Lordship's mood!

The other foxes raised their eyebrows in disbelief and wordlessly directed their attention back to their Sovereign Lord.

Thin unmoving lips, cold and calculating eyes curving upwards at the outer corners, swordlike eyebrows without even the smallest furrow, and an overbearing air enveloping him.

Wasn't this perfect face as expressionless as a porcelain mask? What was this nonsense about looking happy which Lang Ju spoke of? He might as well be chopping heads off with that look! Everything about their Lord's appearance was unreadable. Or rather, so open to interpretation that it might as well have been meaningless.

The fellow foxes glanced back at their six-tailed companion disdainfully.

Lang Ju indignantly glared back at them. "I'm not lying, you fools!" He pointed with his paw towards Bai Qingyue and exclaimed, "Look here, see how his lips are stretching! He just smiled and he's not killing anyone! This clearly means he's happy!"

The fluffy tails sprouting from Lang Ju's backside swished left and right arrogantly as he huffed in pride. Only elite servants like himself would be able to discern their lord's thoughts!

Sure enough, if one observed carefully, the corner of Bai Qingyue's lips could be seen curving upwards, causing all the foxes to stare in awe and bewilderment. Their iceberg Lord was unquestionably smiling!

The brown, fuzzy coated fox gasped as she looked back and stuttered, "I think Lang Ju's right, he's really smiling! I've never seen His Lordship look so happy before!"

At the same time, a snort sounded from above. The onlookers hiding within the bushes curiously looked up to the tall tree branches. A small, five-tailed golden fox nestled himself inside an empty bird's nest.

The golden fox snickered evilly, adding his own opinion as a matter of fact. "You're so busy trying to analyze our Sovereign Lord and meanwhile, I can tell with certainty that Her Ladyship is most upset."

Loyal Langu Ju snorted and jumped to his Lordship's defense, "Pfft. Yan Wen, what could possibly trouble Her Ladyship when she's mated with the Sovereign Lord of the Celestial Huli Jing?"
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