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Upon hearing those words, all eyes turned to look at the white-robed elder who was standing next to Gao Lin.

At this moment, the old man's face was full of scorn and he no longer displayed his previously frivolous attitude. His elderly features were filled with mockery as if he thought that Huang Chuan's display of power was no big deal.

"Holy Doctor, while it is true that I had once feared you, do you think that I would be scared of you now?" Huang Chuan glanced at the old man in white and burst into laughter, "My powers now surpass yours, you are no match for me at all! However, since you had the audacity to stand up for Gao Lin, I'm going to kill you first."

Huang Chuan laughed icily and did not think too much of the meaning behind Bai Zhongtian's words. He had been oppressed by these two old men for so many years, it was time to purify the past!

Hence, after saying his piece, he gave no room for anyone else to speak and immediately charged towards Bai Zhongtian as he screamed hoarsely, "Bai Zhongtian, you go to hell!"


An aura formed into the shape of a blade came slicing down from high above and pierced towards the ground with absolute ferocity. Huang Chuan laughed maniacally at the dust flying through the air, "Bai Zhongtian, aren't you supposed to be extremely powerful? Aren't you supposed to be awesome? Regardless of how powerful the opposition is, their death will be assured by my hand! This time, forget about you, even if the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory were here, I will ensure that he never returns! Haha, on this mainland, I'm the most powerful of all!"

Huang Chuan laughed maniacally and the crowd shook their heads when they heard that.

Elder Huang is simply too much of a savage! They thought in unison. He's only a high-level Martial Supreme but he not only intends to kill the Holy Doctor, he also wants to challenge Grand Lord Hong Lian! One should know that Grand Lord Hong Lian is able to defeat a Martial Saint while he was a high-level Martial Supreme! Besides, we've even heard that he has already broken through to the rank of a Martial Saint. Can a puny person like Elder Huang be compared to him at all?

Nonetheless, the reason why Elder Huang had dared to say such things was because he had Wind Valley's backing. As a member of Wind Valley, why should he fear a Grand Lord who resides in the outside world? He guarantees that even if Grand Lord Hong Lian had been present for the general meeting, the Grand Lord would have to bow before him as well!

Who would dare to make an enemy of Wind Valley? Was that not looking for one's own death?

"Elder Feng, this Huang Chuan... You had recruited him?" Feng Xiaoxiao laughed icily when she heard those words, "If my guess is right, that man named Hong Lian is the enemy of the Lin family from the First City! The Lin family isn't exactly powerful and they're also placed last in the First City. However, I heard that ever since Grand Lord Hong Lian had arrived on the East Peak Mainland, the Lin family has been trying to hunt him down and have him killed!"

"Moreover, not only has he been able to escape them, he's even grown from his initial stage as a Martial Emperor to the Martial Supreme that he is today! He has also set up a great organization! In order to prevent him from growing any further, the Lin family did not hesitate to ignore the rules and had sent Martial Saints after him! Grand Lord Hong Lian, however, used his powers as a high-level Martial Supreme and escaped from the clutches of those ten Martial Saints. He even managed to kill one of the Martial Saints!"

Feng Xiaoxiao was full of high praise towards Grand Lord Hong Lian. After all, he was probably the only man who succeeded in growing his power whilst being hunted down!

"Eldest Lady, I can't seem to see the greatness in this man." Elder Feng replied disapprovingly, "He may have been able to hide from the Lin family's clutches but I'm very certain that the ten Martial Saints which had been dispatched from the Lin family were the weakest amongst all Martial Saints! If they had sent their strongest warriors, the Lin family's punishment for breaking the rule may have been even more severe!"
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