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Chu Luo really found it hard to believe that this little lolita was actually more than thirty years old.

"Auntie, not only do you have a bad memory, there's something wrong with your brain too." The Vermillion Bird glanced at Chu Luo and replied contemptuously. "Master has already said that I'm more than thirty years old so I'm definitely much older than that. Besides, the First City did not exist during the era of my birth. I had watched the First City being constructed bit by bit with my own eyes."


Chu Luo was in a daze, temporarily unsure of what to say. She blankly turned around, looked at Gu Ruoyun and asked, "Master, what does she mean? She's not five years old?"

"Chi enjoys dressing up as a young girl. There's no need for you to be bothered about that." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders. Even though the Vermillion Bird was more than ten thousand years old, she would only use this lolita of a face in public. "Chi, Tianqiong, not only will this be able to forge your age, it can conceal your spiritual beast's aura. Tomorrow, you will come with me and participate in this competition."

"Yes, Master."

"By the way," Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment and produced two more pills again. She then placed them in front of the two. "I have made a slight modification in these Exceptional Pills. Not only are they suitable for human consumption, but spiritual beasts can also consume them too. I want you two to take these Exceptional Pills now. This way, you'll be able to break through to the late stage in the exceptional state. This will be greatly beneficial for our next competition."

Hearing this, the two spiritual beasts immediately swallowed the pills without another word.

Once the pill entered their mouths, a loud bang sounded and a wave of energy exploded. A storm began to circle the sky above them.

It was a good thing that Chu Luo had been following Gu Ruoyun for half a year now so she was not too startled by the sight of these things anymore. However, what shocked her was that Gu Ruoyun had stated that she had made a slight modification to these Exceptional Pills?

Everyone knows that pills for humans may not be suitable for a spiritual beast's body. Hence, the Exceptional Pill may be able to help a human achieve a breakthrough but could not help a spiritual beast in their promotion!

Yet, this woman has modified an Exceptional Pill?

This means that even if she does not have pill formulas, she could invent a new pill?

Gu Ruoyun's ability to refine pills was already shocking enough for Chu Luo but she never thought that this woman's power would extend beyond that!

For the first time, Chu Luo felt that following Gu Ruoyun means a bright path in her future.

"I finally understand how you managed to attract such a powerful man." Chu Luo smiled but there was no sign of jealousy in her eyes. "You are indeed very strong! You're so strong that it's absurd! You even have extremely high accomplishments in pill refinement. You are also very generous to your subordinates. If I were a man, perhaps I might even be attracted to you."

Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and turned around to look at Chu Luo, "So, you've become a pervert as well."

Chu Luo's expression turned black.

This woman sure knows how to carry a grudge!

Didn't I call her a huge pervert before? In the end, she had remembered that for half a year and even found the time to return this accusation back to me!

Chu Luo took a deep breath and immediately decided that in the future, no matter who she wants to offend, she must never offend this woman!

"Do you have any information about the Wen family's situation?" Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment and asked.

"The Wen family?" Chu Luo stared at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment. She thought for a bit before replying, "Master, you've come to the right person. Aside from our enjoyment in killing people, the Ghost Order is also an intelligence network! There's probably no one more informed than I over the matters in the First City. The Wen family you're talking about is one of the Great Protectors. It is said that the Young Master of the Wen family is a devoted lover but he had committed suicide after the death of his beloved."
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