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Though their stomachs were already filled with food and wine, as long The Emperor has not given any cue to continue to the next agenda, they should stay still and have to socialize with each other and try to enjoy the performance. Jiang Xi Yu had to hold in her urge to use a chamber pot and pretended for some time that she was having a good time.

By the time The Emperor ordered all the royal families members to get a break and move to the lakeside, Jiang Xi Yu cannot waste time to sprint out to use a chamber pot at the designated place.

The resting hall was designed at the back of the Linde Hall. With so many women having the same urge like Jiang Xi Yu, Ru Ming suggested for Jiang Xi Yu to use another resting hall that was a little bit far and was situated outside the Lingde Hall. She took advantage when Marquis Cao and Count Xi were in discussion with Li Fei Long. Both men were technically Li Fei Long's uncle, The Emperor's half brothers. After she finished with her deed, by then she used her time walking back toward the Taiye lakeside with admiring the panorama.

Jiang Xi Yu left Ru Qing on Li Fei Long's side with intention, so Ru Qing could answer Li Fei Long's inquiry of her absence. She relied on Ru Ming's limited knowledge about the back of the palace.

"This side is very much quiet. I wonder where The Emperor keeps his other wives and daughters." Murmured, Jiang Xi Yu's feet automatically walked carefully like a thief.

"This is supposed to be Sanqing Hall. This area is supposed to be Taoist temple for just the imperial family." Ru Ming replied but sounded not completely sure.

Passing by a rather small garden, Jiang Xi Yu complained to Ru Ming. "You suggested for me to go out this far. I thought you know so much about Daming Palace."

"Wang fei, a senior gonggong who served for his whole life inside here also cannot be so sure about the detailed landscape of Daming Palace. Nu accidentally heard one of the senior mama mentioned about this hall before. That is why nu suggested for us to go this far instead to waste time scrambling around Linde Hall with the others."

Jiang Xi Yu tightened her grip on Ru Ming's hand. "Thanks to Ru Ming. I get to see more beautiful views here."

The cheeky side of Jiang Xi Yu made Ru Ming gigled. This yahuan already knew her master fancied art building and decoration. Therefore, after hearing that they can use this side of the palace on break time, Ru Ming thought it would be a great idea to let her master console herself after long hours of dull feast.

There were many locust trees around the garden. Willows and some flowers trees were in between. With minimum lighting, the main source of light and beauty was the full moon in the sky. Jiang Xi Yu busied with her admiration of the night when Ru Ming noticed two people were doing their business half covered by medium height rockery nearby.

"Wang fei, please walk faster." Begged Ru Ming while she tried to lead Jiang Xi Yu to quickly be away from that side. Only foolish people who would let their lust take over their mind. An open affair in a bright night with a lot of important people gather around would be followed by death penalty. No one was allowed to have sexual intercourse inside the palace beside The Emperor.

"W-why?!" Jiang Xi Yu dodged Ru Ming. Since Ru Ming cannot explain bluntly, she pointed to the side for Jiang Xi Yu to see. She saw a glimpse of the two lovebirds. The embroidery on the person's clothes looked similar to Li Fei Long's.

Squinted her eyes to adjust with the darkness, Jiang Xi Yu tried to confirm who he was. Stepping further close to the rockery, Jiang Xi Yu gasped when the couple turned around facing her.

Li Qing Feng's hand cupped perfectly on the firm bare breast of Shu Guì Fēi's young maid. Half the maid's clothes was ripped open with some love marks visible on her neck and breast. Jiang Xi Yu's eyes looked down and found Li Qing Feng's pants on the ground. Ignoring Ru Ming's effort to pull her away, Jiang Xi Yu went back to check the maid's state. The first presumption was Li Qing Feng was raping the poor girl.

But that was a mistake. The young girl very much enjoyed the moment. Judging from a shy smile on her blushed face, the scene before her was not a **** crime. Jiang Xi Yu regretted her move.

"Sao sao may continue to watch. I do not force her.", said Li Qing Feng after pulling himself out from the maid. While he put on his pants, the maid tried to cover her bare breast and kneeled down on the ground.

Lost words, Jiang Xi Yu froze there while Ru Ming stood still behind her. A deep silence covered four of them as all of them did not know what to do with each other. What made Jiang Xi Yu shocked was that Li Qing Feng soon will be wed with Han Yao Ying. How could this prince made such a foolish move by having an affair with a maid right next to Han Yao Ying's nose?!

As if they lacked drama that night, a familiar voice approached from a far. Jiang Xi Yu turned her body to make sure that Li Fei Long was looking for her. The additional voice behind Li Fei Long's made her move stopped.

"Hide your master!" Li Qing Feng ordered Ru Ming as he pulled and covered the maid's mouth then they both hid themselves behind rockery. Ru Ming followed the order soon after she understood who was with Li Fei Long. The four of them sat on the ground and leaned on the hard rockery. Soon after that Li Fei Long's voice sounded clear and close enough to be heard.

"Mufei has set up this for us to reconcile tonight." Said by Li Fei Long calmly.

That statement struck Jiang Xi Yu real bad. Her head turned unconsciously and looked at Li Qing Feng's reaction. Seeing that man was holding and covering the maid's mouth, Jiang Xi Yu felt useless. Apparently she got trapped in a broken era.

"This sorrowful soul does not know whether it needs to be content or resentful for this meeting under the full moon." Han Yao Ying threw a bait for Li Fei Long.

The two did not know how indignant the one who was listening to them behind the rockery. Jiang Xi Yu imagined Han Yao Ying with her thick makeup and Li Fei Long with his evil smirk, facing each other, secretly embrace their sad fateful love.

"I suggest we forget what happened in the past and what is happening right now." Li Fei Long kept his cool. Jiang Xi Yu and Han Yao Ying both did not predict this would come out from Li Fei Long. "I never plan this secret getaway as the same as I never commemorate what we have in the past."

"Jing Guì Fēi had approached me several times in private to extend your grief of the twisted marriage edict." Offended by Li Fei Long, Han Yao Ying was forced to let out Jing Guì Fēi's hidden motive.

"There must be miscomprehension. I will talk in private with Mufei, meanwhile Han Gong Gege can continue the preparation for the spring without looking back in the past."

Even though Li Fei Long stayed composed with his manner. "I heard Han Gong Gege secretly met erdi at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. I assumed Han Gong Gege had moved on before the imperial marriage degree was announced."

"Ruì Qīn Wáng was polite enough to inform me that Duan Qin Wang has fallen for someone else. And it has proven to be true. What in the past was not more than just an empty promise. The man I looked up to now has someone else in his heart."

Han Yao Ying's depressed voice irritated Jiang Xi Yu. Since Jiang Xi Yu cannot watch the two former lovers, she could only imagine inside her head how both of them facing each other and Han Yao Ying might act fragile. Her mind also imagined all those days in the past where Li Fei Long promised all he could do for Han Yao Ying.

"Enlight Jing Guì Fēi, wang ye, as I truly concern whether I misinterpreted the hidden message that Jing Guì Fēi sent to me. Jing Guì Fēi assured me that Duan Wang Fei position would be vacant before the spring comes."

Jiang Xi Yu waited for Li Fei Long to reply to that warning but Li Fei Long kept silent. Unconsciously Jiang Xi Yu turned her head and looked at Li Qing Feng's hard rock face. He heard it. The four people in hiding must have known what was the meaning for that warning. Jing Guì Fēi has the plan to get rid of Jiang Xi Yu to return Han Yao Ying to be the rightful wife for Li Fei Long.

All of them noticed Li Fei Long and Han Yao Ying went off soon after that but nobody knew what was the interaction between the two after Han Yao Ying dropped the boom.

"My mufei wants to get rid of me, your future wang fei wants to be with my husband, and you have an affair with a maid." Jiang Xi Yu laughed bitterly at Li Qing Feng.

With his stern face, Li Qing Feng moved his hands. The hands which were still on the maid's mouth and neck, sharply moved to break the maid's neck. In a split second, the maid fell dead on the ground, right next to Jiang Xi Yu's feet.

Squealing in surprise, Jiang Xi Yu slumped on the ground. In a blink of eyes, Li Qing Feng's hand covered her mouth. Ru Ming was too late to prevent his move but still able to pull out her hands in which Li Qing Feng countered with his other hand. In fear, Jiang Xi Yu's tears fell down on her face. To think that dirty hands just killed an innocent maid, made Jiang Xi Yu frighten to death. She cannot put up with the way Li Qing Feng acted.

"This maid is mufei's people. I do what I have to do. If she is still alive, she will be back to mufei's side and tell her about what happened just now." Li Qing Feng pushed back Ru Ming and let off his hand from Jiang Xi Yu. His gaze turned to Ru Ming. "Protect your madam and watch any people around her closely."

Awkwardly noticed Jiang Xi Yu's tears, Li Qing Feng looked down on his own body then unbuttoned his upper clothes. The inner cloth of his outfit was shown soon after that, and out of nowhere he tore it off then he wiped Jiang Xi Yu's wet cheek with that fabric. The part he gave to Jiang Xi Yu got the leaf pattern on it.

Li Qing Feng buttoned up his upper clothes and let Jiang Xi Yu hold the piece of his clothes. "I will report this thief."

Lifted up the dead body easily, Li Qing Feng stood up from his hiding. Before he went off, he looked down to Jiang Xi Yu who was still on the ground with Ru Ming. "No one will get rid of you." Li Qing Feng assured her before he walked off and left Jiang Xi Yu and Ru Ming behind.


By the time Jiang Xi Yu sat on the designated seat facing a platform on the man-made island on the lake, Li Fei Long was already there along with others. Only Li Qing Feng who has not returned to his spot. All eyes were focused on one spot therefore no one noticed Jiang Xi Yu's reddened eyes.

"What is wrong?" Li Fei Long touched Jiang Xi Yu's chin and lifted up her face so he could study her face closely. In her side view, Jing Guì Fēi was watching every move they made, and it annoyed Jiang Xi Yu.

She pulled back and avoided Li Fei Long. "Nothing."

Li Fei Long chose to not continue pursuing the matter and both of them continue to concentrate on the main show. The numbers of musicians started to play their instruments. The melody of the infamous The Night Reveals The Moon flowed beautifully. From the bottom of the platform, Han Yao Ying stood up as the center of the night. Under the beauty of the full moon, she lifted her beautiful hands up towards the skies as if she become one with the Moon.

A long lime color shawl made from silk wrapped around her body perfectly. It was like the moon shined her performance, she moved elegantly in perfect harmony with the song.

Her deep green colored dress made a statement as the flower trees around her frame every move she made. This live show cannot be compared to any shows in modern days.

Jiang Xi Yu felt down. Watching Han Yao Ying who was able to amaze not only herself but also the whole noble family members including The Emperor. Jiang Xi Yu was lacking in every aspect compared to Han Yao Ying. She cannot stop herself to turn her face to check Li Fei Long's reaction.

Beyond her expectation, Jiang Xi Yu's eyes met Li Fei Long's. His face was full of concern. He did not say a single word, just took a deep breath, then turned his eyes back on the performance. Jiang Xi Yu wondered what was inside Li Fei Long's mind. Soon after that, Li Fei Long grabbed her hand and brought it on his knee. A gentle squeeze on her hand seemed like Li Fei Long tried to ease her feeling.

Jiang Xi Yu looked back to the front. Tried her best to act as normal as she could and let Li Fei Long trapped her hand on his for the rest of the show.


The moment she heard the door squeaking open, Pan Xi Yin closed her eyes and acted like she already had fallen asleep. Han Xiu Wen did not hold back and made noise as he took off his clothes and let it drop messily on the ground.

"If you still pretend to sleep, I will never share you what good news The Emperor has granted to this old man."

Pan Xi Yin threw her blanket open to show off her naked body. Slowly she sat on the center of the bed and gave Han Xiu Wen a sulky face.

"I need you to help me celebrate this fortunate night." Han Xiu Wen approached the bed after being fully naked. His private member has hardened perfectly. His grin covered his face.

Pan Xi Yin held back her body, slightly opened her legs but never lifted up her knee. Purposely so the blanket covered a bit of her private part down below. She lifted up her chin and puffed out her chest arrogantly.

"I do not want to celebrate anything tonight." She murmured and acted sleepy. Han Xiu Wen stopped a few steps ahead of her.

"Han Yao Ying's performances delighted every single eye who watched it. The Emperor was satisfied and granted Han Yao Ying a wish to fulfil. The Grand Princess asked for a marriage degree for Han Hong Yuan with the daughter of General Kong Li Jun.��

"And how can this news make me happy? Laoye still cannot take me to enter the palace." She sulked angrily. Knowing Jiang Xi Yu was there made her jealous. Pan Xin Yin also wanted to be there and sit among the royal families. But who was she to dream on that wish?! At least she aimed to possess a title first before thinking of a way to replace The Grand Princess. Only after that, she could enter the palace.

Han Xiu Wen took out a wooden stick that he hid in between cases on the side chamber. He did not answer Pan Xi Yin right away since he wanted to show Pan Xi Yin what kind of toy he had for their night activity.

Pan Xi Yin's eyes rounded in awe. Her mind was trying to figure out the purpose of the wood in Han Xiu Wen's hand and only could guess after Han Xiu Wen moved it around his own hardened tool.

"I can not, Laoye." Gulped down her saliva, Pan Xi Yin shaken her head in rejection.

"The Grand Princess has asked permission from The Emperor to take you as my concubine." Han Xiu Wen ignored her rejection and stood right in front of Pan Xi Yin. He brushed off the tip of the rounded stick wood on the blanket which covered Pan Xi Yin's private part. Her shock face was a combination of the sensation Han Xiu Wen made on her and also because of the great news she heard.

"I guess I am officially becoming your second wife now." Pan Xi Yin moaned full satisfaction. Even The Grand Princess acknowledged her position inside The Grand Chancellor's heart. Pan Xi Yin had paved her steps further up and it was just a matter of time before Pan Xi Yin would surprise Jiang Xi Yu on her achievement.

The thick wood stick moved the blanket away from blocking the view. Han Xiu Wen looked down and witnessed how wet Pan Xi Yin was. He controlled the stick back to her opening, pushed the tips back on the source of the wetness. This time was more harsh then before.

"You are enjoying this." Han Xiu Wen teased her.

Pan Xi Yen opened her legs wider than before. Lifted up both her knees and moaned more wild. "The sticky is too thick for me, laoye."

Han Xiu Wen moved the stick away. The regret that Pan Xi Yin gave out made Han Xiu Wen laugh at her. Slowly he brushed the stick along her stomach up toward her bosom. Full with lust, Pan Xi Yin grabbed Han Xiu Wen's manhood and caressed it to serve him.

Happy with the reaction Pan Xi Yin gave him, Han Xiu Wen moved closer and kneeled next to her. He played the stick on her nipples, meanwhile Pan Xi Yin brought his manhood to her lips.

Her wicked expression made Han Xiu Wen increasingly aroused. After she fully took him inside her mouth, Han Xiu Wen positioned himself straddled on top of her bosom. Pan Xi Yin had to adjust her skill to eat that enormous manhood as Han Xiu Wen forced it inside her.

Before Pan Xi Yin completely adjusted, Han Xiu Wen groaned harshly. Abruptly, Han Xiu Wen made a beastly voice and yanked the stick inside her wet woman's part which caused her to be stunned in between hurt and horny. The pain hit her hard and Han Xiu Wen did not care at all. He continued to force himself and the wood in both holes and Pan Xi Yin did not have equal strength to fight.

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