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*Meanwhile on Author's Universe*

On a small room, uncomfortably hopped over a small chair, with half-closed eyes gazing stubbornly at a very whitish, very empty computer scream...

AUTHOR: stop doing that.

SAM: think she is finally talking to us?

YING YUE (Roling her eyes with irritation): of course she is talking with us! Do you see anyone else here?!

SAM: well, of course not! But still...

YY (making holes with her eyes of the authors back): oh why...! WHY did YOU have to get me stuck with this Mary Sue?!

SAM (offended): I'm not a Mary Sue!

YY: oh no? Sorry, my apologies then...

SAM: stop being mean! Aren't you, like, just 15?! It doesn't feel right!

YY: aren't you, like, living inside my body?! Why should I care how old I am?

SAM: I...

AUTHOR: I said stop! Please I can't concentrate either the two of you nagging on my ears, so just STOP!

Author closed her eyes, massaging her temples as if praying for patience - and some sort of inspiration, so she could finally finish that next chapter and get rid of the two quarreling characters.

SAM: just so you know... I kinda need her memories back.

YY: gosh, I don't even believe I'm agreeing with Mary Sue over there, but she is right. She really need her memories back.

SAM: for the tenth time, I'm not a...

YY: oh, yeah yeah, everyone heard you the first time, don't worry...

SAM: URGH! I though she was supposed to be dead?!?! (Looking pointedly at the author, arms crossed over her middle)

YY: oh... no. Who shared this precious peace of news with you?

SAM: well... it's what everyone is thinking!

YY: well you, there is nothing definitive about it yet, so stop cursing me!

SAM: I'm not...

AUTHOR: AHHHH ENOUGH! If you two don't stop it right now, I swear to HEAVENS, next chapter I'll make it that...

Before she could finish, a sizzling sound cut through the stuffed bedroom, making the three of them turn to look as a orangish, sparkly circle started forming out of thin air, spinning crazily until there was an growing hole opening in the middle.

The author's eyes shone.

AUTHOR: oh... my.... gosh...!

Just then, a man with tight clothes and a red, self-entitled red cape jumped out, his black wavy hair swaying slightly.

He looked around for a second, while his portal closed. Then he noticed the Author's round eyes. He froze.

AUTHOR (mumbling): Oh... Oh... My...

MAN: oh no.

AUTHOR: oh yes!

MAN (closing his eyes): Not again...!

AUTHOR: You... You are...

MAN (already turning): I really should have taken the left curve...

AUTHOR (jumping from her seat): OH MY GOD! YOU ARE DOCTOR STRANGE!

MAN: It seams so... Now, I really should be...

AUTHOR (running to crush his hand in a tight grip): but... But how? Why? I mean... How come you are here?

YY (sounding bored out of herself): yeah... How come?

5 minutes later...

AUTHOR: Just a photo! Please!

D.STRANGE: I really don't have the time for this silliness...

AUTHOR: Just one! One little photo...! PLEEEEEASE?

D.STRANGE (sighing): Ok, fine. But it is one photo. And then I'll have to be going on my...

AUTHOR (running to shove her self phone at a brooding Sam and Ying Que pair): THANK YOU!!!! No no will never believe that I have a real pic with Benedict Cumberbatch!

D.STRANGE: Oh, for the last time! I am NOT this Cucumber guy, whoever he is?

AUTHOR: No? You surely look like him.

D.STRANGE: This is irrelevant. There are many people around the world that look quite alike each other.

AUTHOR: ok then... Can you at least smile to the photo?

D.STRANGE: aren't you being a bit too much?

AUTHOR: No! Now just smile... Anyway you want it girls!

YY: Than, will you FINALLY get over yourself and finish the darn chapter!

AUTHOR: Of course! And don't curse, it doesn't suit a girl your age!

YY (muttering): I really, REALLY hate this Cucumber guy right now!

AUTHOR (still trying to talk through a frozen smile): Any chance you could use that nice portal of your and take me to meet Scarlet Johansen?

Steven wanted to facepalm.

But then again, the crazy girl might just make him pose again for the darn photograph!

YY (sounding offended while lowering the cellphone): HE is cursing? Why isn't anyone saying anything when HE is cursing?!

SAM (with a smug smile): Who is whinny Mary Sue now?
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