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Entrepreneur Fifth Young Miss Wants to Stay Single -1 Characters Guide

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List of Characters introduced so far (or to be introduced soon). It'll be updated as the story goes on and circumstances change.

1) Jiang Family:

Jiang Wang Shu: or simply Master Shu. It's the Family's head and uncle to the Main character.

Jiang Qing Shan: the family's third young miss.

Jiang Ying Yue/Sam: Jiang family's fifth young miss – that is also Samanta after she transmigrated.

Jiang Fei Hong: fourth young master and the rightful Jiang Family's heir.

Jiang Hao Chen: father of Ying Yue, Fei Hong and Qing Shan. Is already dead at the beginning of this story.

Jiang Bo: brother of Hao Chen and Wang Shu, son of a concubine.

Madam Jiang and Master Jiang: main characters grandparents.

1.1) Servants:

A Bi: an inside maid.

Zi Zhu: Third Young Miss's personal maid with the highest status.

Ye Qi: Jiang Fei Hong's aidee.

Xiao Si: Master Shu's aidee.

Da Tao: old Master Jiang aidee.

An'er: young maid at Deep Serenity Pavilion (Sam's place).

Li Mei: maid servant with higher rank on Deep Serenity Pavilion.

2) He Family (Zao Empire's Royal Family during Guang Dynasty):

GuoZhi: the name of the Reign, not the real name of the Emperor (I will follow the idea that to say his name out loud without permission or without being at a particular rank is to curse him).

General He: I'm keeping his real name a secret, sorry kkkk. Kidding, it's just to keep the mystery going. He is our fourth prince. Suggestive? Maybe.

He Geng Xin: aka, the Crown Prince, just baked from this mind of mine.

3) Soul-Gathering Flames Sect:

Madam Ling: considered the third Master in seniority on Heavenly City, the place where this sect resides now.

4) Side Characters:

Doctor Li: physician that usually takes care of Jiang Family.

David: Sam's ex boyfriend who stole her secret formula and planned to sell it to a big brand.

Amelia: Sam's best friend on our time and reality.
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