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The Employed Empress 10 Chapter 10: The Palace eunuchs 1

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At the side, Tang Mei would feel fear everytime her master would bring up the emperor.

Was it really alright like this? Why does it feel that she should stop her majesty?

At the same time, Xiao Yuan Xi has long been lost on what's happening.

"Ah Yuan what do you think of our imperial guards?" Wei Yi Yi with shining eyes interrogate her prey.

"Replying to your majesty, the imperial guards' loyalty to the emperial household is commendable and worthy of great honors."

'Also this kind of speach is not proper empress!'

Xiao Yuan Xi wanted to shout his inner thoughts but as a servant, he have no grounds to reprimand his mistress.

"Are you friends with them?"

Such boring answer! She must dug dipper ah!

"This servant is a servant of the inner palace. How could this one have anything to do with them?"

The young eunuch is slowly feeling uneasy with the empress questioning. Was she doubting something? Truely, it is hard to know your mistress thoughts.

"Then how about the emperor?"

Male consorts are an ok! How about she pick one for boss to borden his horizons?

"I'm your majesty's servant. I'm only loyal to you empress!"

To Wei Yi Yi shock, Xiao Yuan Xi knee on the ground with a 'bang'. Looking like an abused puppy.

The empress try to eye him to indicate how she's not a bad master but for the young eunuch it's the mistress trying to see if he was lying.

He swear to all the gods he know that he's not a spy for the emperor. He's definitely not here to monitor her majesty!

Later, Xiao Yuan Xi will witness how his mistress act like she's trying to marry him off. Only then that he would think back at this conversation and faint at the discovery. That's a story for laters though.

As of now, kneeling under the glaring sun, the eunuch that are responsible for the other palaces and courtyards are anxiously waiting for Wei Yi Yi.

"Xiao Yuan Xi," feeling that it was the right time now, Wei Yi Yi's voice turn solemn."Go and bring what bengong told you to prepare."

The eunuch bow on acknowledgement before heading of to his task.

The people who live on ancient times really know how to kneel, ah.

She remember Si Song's mother is a foreigner, making him half blood. Whenever he did something bad, he would be punish into kneeling too. The scary part is that under his knees are rock salts.

This was nothing compare to what seesaw need to suffer. And you guys are adults so be cooperative and let this bro show her might for a moment, ah!

What Xiao Yuan Xi brought her are collective reports from the cocunbines. Usually, these women does not have enough guts to complain to the empress. Seeing as they are seen as replaceable clay dolls by this woman, even if they want to speak, being a clown is the least they need to worried about.

But now the empress actually urged them to send her reports! With determination, they pick up their brushes and resolutely swear to bring the empress to their side!

Thus, when Wei Yi Yi read them, if It's not a long summary of their disastrous lives, it is complaining then another complaining! She could swear some of these have tears on them!

It's staff assessment, ok? She's asking for staff assessment! Not a diary! It should be written as proper document, ah!

How many are there? These papers can bury her alive! And only half of the content are what she actually needed. She still need to segregate them. They talk vaguely. If you're not clear, how could I be clear! And I can see those poetry you mix in! Don't think I'm blind! What do I need those poetry!

Boss can I still change post? Your women are too much. My bros' gals are not this insane.

After a night of self-pity, she pass all work to the poor Xiao Yuan Xi.

"Ehem." Getting back to the current situation, Wei Yi Yi started her small court. "Xiao Yi Xi of the wood courtyard, the dwelling place of cocunbine Xiu. You were reported of shortening her allowances. Last month she had a terrible fever and you did not report nor call for a doctor?"

Out of the piles of people, Xiao Yuan Xi present to her 'Xiao Yi Xi'. He immediately kneel to claim injustice.

"Empress this servant is being slandered!" He said so sadly it hurts. Dude, it's not this bro fault that you did not love your boss. Even if they are just subheads they are still heads, ah! See now, they are pushing you to this 'supervisor'. But this one still have her own boss!

"Slandered? Are you saying that His majesty's woman would go so low as to slander you?" The empress show her small canines. Acting so mighty when bringing the emperor's name.

"Your majesty! This servant is really innocent! The money...th...they were freely given to this servant, ah! I did not steal them empress!" with a 'bang' the eunuch kowtow to Wei Yi Yi.

Wei Yi Yi: Are we just going to forget that you almost kill your own boss?

"Were you saying that bengong cornered them so much they need to rely to a small eunuch such as you?! If the emperor hear this, see how he sort you out!"

'Wei Yi Yi' indeed do that but let bygones be bygones, hohoho.

Ignoring the eunuch's crying, Wei Yi Yi indicated to Xiao Yuan Xi to move to her side.

"Ah Yuan, base on the palace rules, what will be his punishment?" she ask.

"Replying to your majesty, for his insubordination, as punishment, he will received 50 blows and be thrown out the palace." Xiao Yuan Xi voice resonated and bring fear to everyone below.

Wei Yi Yi chocked on her own.
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