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The Employed Empress 80 Chapter 80: Stop Questioning the Boss

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The sound startled both Wei Yi Yi and Jiang Chen.

Before Wei Yi Yi could react, Jiang Chen beat her into it and swiftly jump off the bed.

"Ah…" Wei Yi Yi expressed. She watched the child run out of the room like someone is chasing him with knives.

And just like that, Wei Yi Yi was left on her own to face her boss who's possessed by the evil spirit of mushrooms.

'Please, don't just pop out in the office!'

This kind of superior is the nightmare of the staffs that like to open media apps in the middle of work. Wei Yi Yi now understand why they jump on their sits every time.

The moment Jiang Yu step inside, he came face to face with Wei Yi Yi's constipated expression. Now, he have an impression that she's terribly sick. "Wei Yi Yi… How are you feeling?"

Wei Yi Yi bobbed in greeting, "Greetings Your Majesty. Many thanks for the concern. Chenqie feels wonderful."

"But you look terrible." Jiang Yu spoke right away the first thought that came into mind.

Wei Yi Yi is the least concern of her looks but Jiang Yu's fast, thoughtless and honest comment stab straight exactly where it hurts. She told him, "Your majesty, a true gentleman shouldn't unnecessary speak of a woman's appearance."

Especially of her weight, unless you wanted to sleep in the dog house. Wei Yi Yi never tried to brave such feat.

Not that it's hard. Girls are always pretty, anyway. Just don't count her into the fray.

Knowing he had a slip of the tongue, Jiang Yu cough awkwardly. "Haven't you drink your medicine yet?" Turning to Xiao Lin Xi, he continued: "Go and ask for---"

"Spare me!" Wei Yi Yi cried out. One more tonic and she swear her tongue will start to rot with all the bitterness. Every single thing that were mix in it, she doubt their very existence.

"Don't be stubborn. Xiao Lin Xi go now and asked the imperial doctor to brew the empress' medicine."

Xiao Lin Xi bowed in acceptance of the command. He existed right away, not even daring to look at the empress. Wei Yi Yi bite her lips. In desperation she said, "Boss, this lowly one will enlighten you about 'overdose' and how dangerous they are!"

"There goes your speech again. Don't talk like that outside." Half laughing and half helpless, Jiang Yu knock the head of his stubborn empress. He proceed to invite himself in and sat comfortably in her bed.

It was light and surely it did not hurt, but Wei Yi Yi rub it like she was smack instead. Pouting, she thought, 'Too late. I'm already talking to Jiang Liu by however I want.'

To be fair, Jiang Liu have talent on stirring people. If you asked the ministers on who they don't want to converse with, Jiang Liu would win all the votes anonymously. With the sixth prince, either you die of repressed anger or you end up disrespecting the imperial family in direct madness with him. And that too, would result to your death.

"Boss said that he didn't mind," Wei Yi Yi pouted.

What happened to the promised of subordination? Boss is supposed to be my golden pillar---shielding me from sun and rain.

"Zhen was just hoping that the empress will change her ways. It's fine as long as it's just between us."

When Jiang Yu thought of it as a secret just between them. He got the impression of being special and shift bashfully by his last sentence.

Being lenient with Wei Yi Yi from time to time wasn't that hard to think anymore. Compare to the other consorts, when he was alone with his empress, he have the feeling that it's alright to disregard his position and just act as a husband.

It might be because they lost their composure in front of each other too much in the past. Knowing each other's worse part and still sticking with each other gives him an unexplainable comfort.

"Then… why the sudden visit? Isn't Boss busy right now?" Wei Yi Yi asked. How she wished that this mushroom would take root in the imperial study and stop popping out from nowhere.

Jiang Yu took something out from his robes. "These need your approval. Zhen came to give them to the empress."

How nice. Boss came out from his room despite being busy just to deliver this--- Not! Don't we have sick leaves? Or even paid vacation?! Employers can't abuse their employees! You'll run out of loyal and hardworking staffs with that!

Wei Yi Yi pinch herself and wanted to cry in front of her boss. Jiang Yu chuckle instead and so Wei Yi Yi show a more wronged expression.

Only in front of him, would his gusty empress show a dependant look. Jiang Yu cannot help but indulge her a little bit. He took her hand and said, "No need to rush. You can look at them after you feel better."

Wei Yi Yi allowed him to hold her as she turned suspicious at him. If he wanted to visit, can't he do that without bringing her some paper works?

Wei Yi Yi's mind automatically think of ways to escape working. But then she thought that this is her Boss and people must always follow their boss, love them, and be loyal. It's rare to have a good boss--- although useless at times--- that will let her be wild as she can; she must stop questioning him all the time. She just need to read them, comment on them and approved them. If things go wrong, Boss will take responsibility for her.

What she hate in actuality is the responsibility and not working. It just that they're proportionally connected most of the time.

Alright, since boss is here as a solid support. She'll be more hardworking and then get a chance to go out! Yes, she must be good and go out. Successfully cheering herself up, Wei Yi Yi turned more vigorous and happily said, "If it's for Boss, Yi Yi will work hard! You can count on me my liege."
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