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The Employed Empress 77 Chapter 77: We All Once Dream

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"This subject greets his majesty." Wei Ming Li kneeled down at the center of the room. His expression serene and calm. His eyes are cast downward as he added, "Long Live the emperor," without a change in his tone.

With his gaze not leaving the memorial he was holding, Jiang Yu said, "You may raise."

A father-in-law with his son-in-law, and yet they were treating each other with such formality and coldness. The imperial clan as a family is as such--- unfeeling, indifferent, and selfish.

"The preparation for the autumn hunt…" Jiang Yu spared a look towards his so called father-in-law. "Prime Minister Wei, who do you think should handle the matter regarding the security?"

"In this subjects humble opinion, Bai Ling from the ministry of defense would be fit for the task."

"Bai Ling? Isn't he too young?"

"Your majesty is right. He is indeed too young but it is also the reason why task must be given to him. The others are with rich experience hence will do the task meticulously but they're old. While being old is not a bad thing in itself, but right now, as the country is peaceful, we lack opportunity for the new ones to grow and be tested..." Wei Ming Li paused a little and feel around the atmosphere. When the emperor did not say anything, he continued. "For the younger generation, opportunities are hard to come by and chances cannot be earned. While they do need to compete to grow, it is also our part not to neglect them."

"As expected of Zhen's Prime Minister. Your ideas see more into the betterment of the future. Other are far too lacking," Jiang Yu said casually.

"Your majesty praise too much."

"No, Prime Minister Wei truly deserved all the praise. Zhen will think about your suggestion."

"Many thanks, emperor."

The two talked a bit more about national affairs. Hearing their formal talk and with both of them trying to probe each other's intention, Xiao Lin Xi was force to watch as sparks fly between them and not long after, they end up in a dreadlock.

Jiang Yu asked for his father-in-law to stay for some tea fully knowing that the man will decline.

After a while, Jiang Yu dismissed Wei Ming Li. Seeing him turned around, Jiang Yu finally looked away from his desk and looked intently at his back. When he exited the imperial study, Jiang Yu sign to Xiao Lin Xi then sighed heavily in defeat.

Xiao Lin Xi escorted the Prime Minister up until his carriage. They exchange pleasantries before intending to part. Until the end, Wei Ming Li did not utter a single question about the empress.

"Prime Minister Wei must be worried about the empress," Xiao Lin Xi said. "The winter is coming and after accidentally falling into the imperial lake once, the empress has been weak towards the cold. The imperial doctors are properly taking care of her majesty. This servant was told that it was nothing major and just a recurring fever."

Wei Ming Li stare at the eunuch, his expression a little bit gentler. "Many thanks, Eunuch Lin."

A slight smile hanging at the end of his lips, his eyes looking at you directly--- when Xiao Lin Xi saw such expression from Wei Ming Li, he instantly recall how the empress would called out to them. The emperor told him once, that there's no way the empress took after her father. The emperor would describe the empress as carefree, unhindered and valiant and would say that the Prime Minister's serious and always angry expression does not suit her.

Surprisingly, his majesty is wrong. Right now, their expression is over lapping in Xiao Lin Xi's eyes and all he could thought of is their cunning similarity to each other.

"Prime Minister is too polite. This servant is only doing his task on behalf of the emperor."

Peeking at him, Xiao Lin Xi caught the small change with the Prime Minister's expression.

The emperor is favoring the empress. Xiao Lin Xi was here to send that message to the Prime Minister.

The court is rapidly changing, and so does the inner palace.

Surprising as it might be, it's been a year since the empress was crowned. No matter how much they fought when young, being favored is only a matter of time.

"His majesty's concern, this subject received them well," Retracting the emotion in his gaze, Wei Ming Li replied.

What need to be said had been said. Wei Ming Li stepped inside his carriage while Xiao Lin Xi send him off with a bow.

Wei Ming Li closed his eyes as he silently lean to the side.

Like his daughter, he too, thought that the palace was really beautiful.

But in the end, the palace was nothing but a decorated cage. Even more so for a woman such as his daughter.

The lavishness of the imperial palace; whether it is inside the court or inside the imperial study, and even until every corner of it, Wei Ming Li witness it all. The curiosity in his heart has long stilled and his eyes no longer dart from place to place.

Once you get over it, you'll realized how ordinary things have always been.

He was disappointed at Wei Yi Yi who was not able to wake up from the dreams of her youth.
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