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The Employed Empress 59 Chapter 59: How you look like for others

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Like most of the time, lost in her thoughts again, Wei Yi Yi stares a bit listless at the horizon.

Jiang Chen just got out of the bath at this time, his hair still dripping wet when that said adult jolted.

"Ah! I forgot Ye Shi's injuries!" Wei Yi Yi gasps. The slice of apple dropped to the ground.

Damn. What a waste.

Both Ye Ai Ning's face and the apple.

Especially when you think about how beautiful that face is. That was a really long red scratch. Probably deep too if we're talking about Feng Lei's work. That woman is a living amazonian.

And considering how obsessed they are about their face? Wei Yi Yi predicts a whole bolt of screaming back at her home.

'Let's light some incense for the poor victims of this incoming calamity.'

Anyway, she can't blame this bro. The four concubines kept on crying. It's distracting alright! She has forgotten about it.

"Nevermind. It's Boss chance to be the carrot while I act as the stick. Should I give him some hints?"

The palace does not lack ointments or medicines. It would be good if Boss gifts his share to Ye Ai Ning to coax her.

In the end, Wei Yi Yi scraps the idea. If she can think about it, what more of Boss? That's his girlfriend after all. A person who supposed to be in his every thought.

She wanted to be a good friend. Even if it's not exactly the same bond with her Xiao Ai. But their position is quite complicated. She'll just do her best to push Boss to her while remaining in Jiang Yu's good side.

"If only boss have even an ounce of my brothers' good parts."

The tragedy is that he doesn't. Ye Ming would at least choose her rather than his chick. While her boss hesitates between personal relationships and the job!

Wei Yi Yi starts stress eating with the apples.

"You're talking to yourself again, auntie." Jiang Chen smoothly sat on her lap. "You'll get reprimanded again."

"And you think you could sit here without drying yourself?"

With his curly, thick, and long hair dripping water so much, it only took a moment to soaked Wei Yi Yi's outer robe.

As if not enough, a cold breeze blow both of them.

Black lines appeared on Wei Yi Yi's face.

Jiang Chen, "..."

"....Xiao Wang, can you pass the towels?"

Wei Yi Yi starts chanting in her head. Jiang Chen is in for a play.

'First, roll the child on the towel to make a sushi roll. Second, drag him back to the room so that the sushi roll will stay warm. Lastly, toss his stubborn ass to the bed.'

"Auntie that's annoying!"

"Who's annoying? You're the one that should be reprimanded! That's so cold!"

Wei Yi Yi uses the other towel to rub his hair dry, making a terrible nest out of it, before she runs off to change clothes. She's already freezing at this point.


Expectations are far from reality. It was proven countless times. And was proven yet again.

With Jiang Yu normal amount of work, he has no time to care even for himself. What more of the so-called bonds? Small things are easily look over after all.

The emperor only asked about what happened after Imperial Noble Consort Ye received her punishment and after hearing that she continued to cry, he only nods his head indicating he knows. He then asks Xiao Lin Xi for the next report.

There isn't a case yet where he put down national affairs just for Ye Ai Ning.

He did not send a word or anything else. In his defense, the palace have everything. His consorts do not lack on their needs and his empress never shorts them.

In his mind, Ye Ai Ning will come around once she calms down. She's been understanding since they were little. Also, his empress will take care of the loose ends.

The court and the harem affairs will always be two different matters.

While the emperor is unaware yet, another disturbance is occurring outside the palace.

This afternoon, on his majesty's instructions, the ministers' portraits were distributed to hang on their home and workplace.

Along with the passing of the throne, ministers have been changing at a fast pace as well.

Some were promoted. Others got dismissed. The rest were convicted of corruption and killed. And so, in order to follow the ever changing tide in court, this has been a yearly tradition since emperor Jiang Yu's reign.

For the past years, portraits and paintings have always been produced by the Cui Lu hall and no one questions their work.

But this time, a number of ministers were set out in turmoil.

What does the emperor mean by this!

A number of them received a 'weird' portraits of themselves. They are either holding some unknown things or animals. While the others are buried in a pool of petals. Their eyes are even closed!

These ministers tried to ask the others and find out that only a number of them received such painting. There is even someone who was painted in weird clothing of a woman! It was painful in the eyes per see.

But that's not the end of it. Someone received a painting of a 'lady'. When he shows it to his wife, she told him, "Isn't that you?" in a very serious tone. As if she just discovered her husband's fetish.

They were set on a storm. It was alright if all of them received the same kind of weird, incomprehensible, and 'mysterious' painting. They could take it as the emperor making a joke with them. Despite not being in his nature, who knows right? Any reason is acceptable!

But this... are they being singled out?! Is his Majesty sending some warnings to them?

A certain minister faints out from stress. It was a sleepless night for a few of them.
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