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The Employed Empress 6 Chapter 6: Boss!

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"The empress said that?" After thinking for a bit, Jiang Yu added, "Head to Feng Xiang Palace."

The dwelling palace of the empress was given the grand name of Feng Xian palace. Baring the same character of the great Da Xian and the character of the Phoenix that symbolizes the female ruler.

When Wei Yi Yi heard it, only mocking was apparent in her eyes. What pheonix and dragon pair? What immortality? You're actually cursing 'Wei Yi Yi' as insane, aren't you?

Looking at the problem at hand, Wei Yi Yi wanted to ask, please explain the difference of a peony and a rose. This brother's artistic sense has been swept under the rags way back before!

Truely when there's woman, there's drama!

In a sense, girls are good in the eye but not good for mental health. If they say east, think twice as they might mean west. They get mad at you for doing nothing and making non-existent problems are what they're good at. Oh, they have good thighs though for their good points.

"The emperor has arrived!"

'The convinent door alarm is ringing.'

Wei Yi Yi turn to receive and greet the emperor. Only god knows who how proper her greeting was. Don't even try to ask her.

Even now, just knowing that the emperor is inside her palace, the emotion inside her would stir recklessly. She has no time for proper etiquette.

Stepping inside the hall, she caught a glimpse of the emperor's boots and the hem of his yellow court robes with embroidered dragons. Adding the gold accessories on him, everything is really sparkling.

What comes to mind is those bling bling that she see being worn by the goons on the tv drama that she's watching. Wei Yi Yi almost received internal bleeding from stopping herself to laught at the emperor's face.

The servants then came in to serve them with tea and snacks. After being forcefully fed bowls after bowls of bitter medicine, the sight of pastries are enough to make her drool.

"Zhen heard what happened. What opinion does the empress have?"

Jiang Yu directly indicate his purpose. With Wei Yi Yi style, she would directly send punishment and not investigate. It does not matter whose scheming and whose being frame. Punishing one is still disposing one. In the end, the inner palace become a chaotic mess in which everyone get rid of another by any means.

The empress saw the concubines as playthings. And thus, see it as below her position to try and scheme with them. Such arrogance coming from the empress is not wrong nor it is right.

When Wei Yi Yi wave her hand, a palace servant came forward to present to the emperor the robes that consort su surrender to her.

"This is what the department of internal affairs send to Imperial concubine Su as per the emperor's order. From what chenqie see it is nothing but wild rose." Wei Yi Yi confidently lay down her thoughts. You can beat her to death but she will insist that this is wild roses.

"A wild rose?" Jiang Yu chocked on his tea. She actually want to pass this thing as a wild roses? He peak a glance on his empress. His eyes trying to communicate.

'You just don't want to investigate.'

As if getting his point. She stare directly at him.

'Yes I don't.'

"Emperor, it is nothing but misunderstanding. People are not careful thus this thing happened."

This thing was nothing but the cocunbines running rampant and making a mess. They just want to eat each other! I don't know anything! I'm innocent! Leave me out of it ok?!

"Oh then the empress does not blame Zhen?"

"Blame the emperor on what? Is it the emperor great intention to bestow favor on concubine Su. The emperor is of great mind and have wisdom comparable to none. If there are things that Your majesty wanted to be done, why take the long route? Others may misunderstand but qie will not."

This is a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding! See how much I emphasize it? Get the point already.

As if understanding her personality, Jiang Yu lay rest to the issue. He coughed as he helplessly said, "Do what you must do. For anything else, zhen is still here."

Wei Yi Yi is still Wei Yi Yi. It is good enough that she stopped thoughtlessly sending out punishments. This way those residence of the inner palace won't just try to chew each other without much thought of the consequence.

What can he do if she does not want to bother herself? This woman is still his empress and there are rules that still need to be follow.

As for Wei Yi Yi, her heart jumped a few times and misunderstood the emperor's helplessness.

'Is he telling me that when worse come to worse, I could dump it in his head? Is this the beautiful promise of subordination?!'

If she has this kind of backer, then wouldn't that mean she could just do everything she wanted and not take responsibilities?

Wait, wait, wait! That's a promise, ok?! Cross your heart!

Wei Yi Yi thoughts run somewhere no one can reach, totally forgetting that she is an empress herself.

Boss! Ai! This one will forever be loyal!

"Yes my liege! Of course my liege! This one will do her best! With me here, the rain and dew will be properly distributed!"

Isn't it just looking out for your harem? Let me tell you this, this bro here spend all her youth being a good wingman and third wheel on dates for her brothers! I guarantee a good review!
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