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The Employed Empress 50 Chapter 50: Adults who failed to grow

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The hand that's reaching for the last few pieces of tanghulu was mercilessly swat away by Wei Yi Yi.

"Ouch! What was that for?!" Jiang Liu gave a few blow on his stinging hand. He felt injustice for himself. "This brother of yours suffer many hardships for every piece of tanghulu! It's only justifiable that I get to savor  them until I'm satisfied!"

"That's not yours anymore."

There's still Tang Mei and Su Shi that haven't taste the snack yet. Since the beginning, Wei Yi Yi had counted their shares.

"How selfish! Why do sister-in-law gets to decide?!"

"Because this OLDER sister can! So what if I'm selfish? What can a prince do?" Satisfied with her ability to taunt Jiang Liu, Wei Yi Yi gave a full smirk.

"So selfish. Is that how a mother of a nation should act?" Jiang Liu pout. He's a few inch away from stamping his foot and throwing a tantrum. "Aren't you ashame that imperial nephew is hearing you? If you're the one teaching him then his future will be-----"

Jiang Liu was not able to finish his so called scolding. As a person who would go south when you said north; specially when being told that she cannot, Wei Yi Yi simply turn to Jiang Chen and show to Jiang Liu there's nothing she's ashame of.

"In this world, more than anyone else, love yourself the most, Ah Chen." Wei Yi Yi seriously told Jiang Chen.

"...Aun--- Imperial Aunt, isn't that a bit different?" Jiang Chen carefully inquired.

"...." Wei Yi Yi avert her gaze. Well, it not like she could directly say to a child to be selfish. That's a recipe for a spoiled brat, ah!

"Don't mind the small details my dear nephew, ho ho ho!" Wei Yi Yi awkwardly laugh.

"You...shouldn't you teach him to be humble?" For unknown reason, there's a rush on Jiang Liu's tone.

A hint of desperation shine within the depths of his eyes as he look at Wei Yi Yi for an answer. He looked expectantly at her and yet for an instant there, he's seeing someone else.

Together with the wisp of the air, Jiang Liu saw a fleeting image of a boy. An elegant robe hold his shoulders up, high and mighty. A proud projection of his birth.

Knowing that this is the only purpose of their birth and living his life trapped brought tears to Jiang Liu.

If he could only grab him.

And hide him away. Far from anyone's reach.

'But he wouldn't even look at me, no matter how much I shout.'

For the longest time, he had been searching for words that could steal the boy's attention.

"His environment will beat him for that." Wei Yi Yi simply brush off Jianh Liu not understanding the look he's giving. The years that Jiang Chen spent are enough to but him a lifetime of 'humbleness'. They haven't even start drilling etiquette to Jiang Chen yet.

Anyway, those selfless act is impossible to learn from her. She's someone who happily runs away from responsibilities, alright.

"In my life, I saw a lot of people trying to fit in. They would walk slowly, talk softly, and smile lightly. Each day, a piece of themself would be cut off hoping to match someone. They would cry themselves to sleep just to say they're alright the next day. And so, if selflove is being selfish then I don't mind being charge guilty of greed!" Wei Yi Yi declare. Clearly unguilty of what kind of person she is.

Lan Zhuang and the others gone thru so much pain just to raise her as a carefree and jolly person. It'll be a shame if her happiness end up in someone  else's hands right?

"Pft!" Jiang Liu suddenly laugh at Wei Yi Yi's 'righteous' words. His mood immediately return to a wicked one. "To be able to force the emperor into marrying you, big sister indeed process a large amount of greed!"

'Hey! This jerk is insulting her, right?!'

Without a warning, Jiang Liu shamelessly rest his head on the empress' shoulder. Wei Yi Yi's plan to lash out was put on hold immediately in shock while everyone else gape at them.

The two eunuch swiftly stood up and look around their vicinity. Their heart leaping at their throats.

"My good older sister, please take care of this brother from now on." Jiang Liu breath a relief.


Wait! Wait! What take care?! Don't give her any responsibilities, ah! And such a big brat too!

"Let go! Get up!" Wei Yi Yi coldly told him.

Her tone just amplified Jiang Liu's shamelessness. "Noooo! I will hug big sister's thighs no matter what!"

"Imperial sixth uncle! That's improper!" Jiang Chen leap out of the swing and tackled the sixth prince. Wei Yi Yi suffered the brunt of the force and earn a bright red bruise at her forehead.

"Brats! Get the fvk away!"


The empress was humping mad for the rest of the day. She ordered Xiao Yuan Xi to get the sixth prince's things and once Tang Mei brought the scrolls, one by one, the empress threw them to Jiang Liu.

"My good sister! This brother heard you like tea! Why don't I accompany you to a tea party? Royal brother's consorts are harsh and rough at the edge, they won't even make a good company. Worry not my good sister, this brother will play with you instead. No poison included!"

It was the start of Jiang Liu bargaining his way in. He end up insulting each concubine he could name along the way. Now everyone wondered what grudge does he have with his brother's women.

"Go home!"

'Ah, older sister-in-law is as harsh as she is to me.' The sixth prince tearfully retreat for the day and silently plan for the next day.
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