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The Employed Empress 44 Chapter 44: Silly Children

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Wei Yi Yi looked at her new made swing proudly. This is made out of her effort! Plus, Jiang Chen, alright.

As for Xiao Yuan Xi, he was left crying at the side. Young eunuch Wang nicely offers him some tea and consoles him. It's a question which one is actually older.

"Ah Chen! Come on sit, sit!" Wei Yi Yi pat it. Jiang Chen will be the guinea pig for this!

"....." Jiang Chen.

In the end, Jiang Chen was unwillingly carried by Wei Yi Yi to the swing. "Hold tight," she told him.

"Woossshh." Wei Yi Yi.

"...umm..?" Jiang Chen.

"Woooooosssshhh!" Wei Yi Yi.

"...Pft! Wait! Wait!"

The more his aunt push him, the more she's exaggerating the sounds she's making. Jiang Chen was sent higher and higher with each push.

The wind blows against his face, the ground zoom in and zoom out. His face is a mixture of fear and restrained laughter. The motion of the swing gave a ticklish sensation at the pit of his stomach. He end up giggling along the whole turn.

"My turn!" Wei Yi Yi said after Jiang Chen got tired with all the chuckle he's making.

"Shall this servant do the same as what you did, your majesty?" Tang Mei offers her.

"No. Tang Mei, listen. When a child swing, you gonna do the 'whoosh', but not with an adult." Wei Yi Yi emphasized the 'adult' part.


Near the lake, Jiang Liu is leisurely walking. By his hand are a collection of picture scrolls. He was biding his time and aimlessly touring the palace.

In actual fact, he's procrastinating from his work.

He then heard a collective laughter. One of the voices seems to belong to the empress. With his quick thinking, he decide to join in the fun.

Jiang Liu finally have reasons on delaying his work.

A child, together with the empress, is playing by the lake side. Their servants circling around them. He saw Wei Yi Yi laughing with them as she start swinging by her own.

Wei Yi Yi easily build up momentum and sway her feet in the air. With effortless movement she reach the peak by the blink of an eye. She enjoy herself and heed no concern for the servants trying to make her slow down.

Seeing this, Jiang Liu got envious and wanted to try. In his haste, he forgot his manner and shouted "Sister-in-law!" instead of properly greeting her.

Everyone's attention turn to him.

In Wei Yi Yi's moment of distraction, a strong wind blew and lift up her skirt, immediately flashing it to Jiang Liu who was walking directly infront of her.

"Empress!" Tang Mei shouted. You cannot guess by her tone whether she's worried or she's reprimanding the empress. Despite this, Wei Yi Yi bet she'll have an earful later.

"Yo--you! I... this prince did not saw! Did not! Really! The sun was glaring against my eye and I was blinded momentarily by your pink undergarments! I did not see any lifting of your red skirt nor any embroideries of a peony!" Momentarily gaining some brain, Jiang Liu realized he's being caught by the mouth. Changing his tone, he plead innocent. "This brother is also a victim ah! Do not blame me! Also, royal brother cannot hear a word!"

The servants rudely gape at the prince whose tongue cannot be hold. Tang Mei was lost on who to stop at these moment.

Xiao Wang Xi immediately hold the imperial nephew while Wei Yi Yi was force out of her swing by Tang Mei.

The empress stomps her feet in frustration. Jiang Liu is shouting like she show him her underwear when in reality she's wearing an underpant! It's even far from being a short! It's a freaking pant for goodness sake!

"Sister-in-law, that was not proper. This prince did not saw it exactly but if others hear of this, they will question your puri----"

Jiang Liu was stopped midway by a 'bang', the swing heavily collides with his face. A nose bleed immediately followed.

"Ooops. My hand slipped." Wei Yi Yi said with a dead tone. Stop telling her about that so called purity. She'll remember her boss pervert tendencies and wanted to smack someone.

This bro is still drinking those bitter tonics!

Jiang Liu gave her a deadly glare, he's eyes accusing her of doing it on purpose. His sister-in-law reply with a smirk saying, "Come bite me then."

A snapping sound was heard.

"That's not some proper language, sister-in-law." Jiang Liu forcefully gave a crack smile.

Wei Yi Yi have no tender feelings for this younger brother-in-law, so she said, "Shut it, trespasser," in a very rude way.

There's no way that Jiang Liu would let it pass, so like a child, he taunt her. "Sister-in-law might be the empress, but that's all you'll ever be. The place in royal brother's heart will never belong to a rascal such as you."

As someone who could careless about her boss' love affair if only it isn't the core of her work, Wei Yi Yi felt like it's below of her to react, only that, the lingering ghost in her did. A sharp pain spread in her heart. She felt numb and it swiftly shows in her face before she could contain it.

Like a brat who saw the sign of victory, Jiang Liu gave a triumphant smile. And as an equal brat, Wei Yi Yi snap at him.

"Ah! Stop them! Stop them!"

"Empress calm your anger!"

"Separate the two of them! Hurry! Hurry!"

"Sixth prince! Do not fight back, ah! Please let go, both of you!"

"Someone call a momo!"

Today, the sixth prince and the empress, show their true colors to each other.

Xiao Yuan Xi almost fainted there and then.
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