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The Employed Empress 39 Chapter 39: Idle days

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"Classmate Wei! It's rare to see you at a college party." A female student, probably a from the same year batch, approached Wei Yi Yi.

She nod towards her to acknowledge her presence. Then, another girl came, and before Wei Yi Yi could react, a group of females form around her.

"Isn't it because classmate Wei is always with schoolmate Ye and schoolmate He?"

"There's also that cute junior! Junior Si? I saw them one time around our building, gosh! They're so handsome!"

"Pretty boys! Eye Candies! Specially schoolmate Ye, he's so so so charming!"

"Aren't they you're childhood friends classmate Wei? Introduce us, pretty please? Let's do a meet up!"

Wei Yi Yi knew it. After talking in a round about way, she knew this is their true aim.

"Ye Ming is in a relationship. I suggest you guys give up. But.... if you give me your number, maybe I can help you with Si Song and He Liang." Wei Yi Yi welcomed them.

It's not like she have anything to do. She only came to accompany Xiao Ai and to escort her home afterwards. Some senior took her to dance and Wei Yi Yi got bored to death.

Also, she'll be driving Xiao Ai home later so she cannot drink any liquor.

The girls around her happily exchange numbers with her. They don't know that Wei Yi Yi is checking them out while doing so. She even note down mentally their assets.

"It's my first time attending events like this. Can I take some pictures? As remembrance?" Wei Yi Yi shyly ask her new companions. They easily agreed, even allowing her to take multiple shots of their sexy and alluring outfits.

Man, she's totally going to show these to He Liang and the rest! It seems like school beauties like going to parties. And they all came here so fashionable too!

Wei Yi Yi thought that she need to work hard to be 'smoother' at this.


Taking a brat to wash is such a struggle. Wei Yi Yi is truely tempted to toss this small chuckie back to his mother.

Not that she ever see the shadow of that woman.

"No! Let go! Please let go auntie! I can wash myself!" Jiang Chen struggle when Wei Yi Yi toss him on her shoulders and carried him.

Today, no one could save Jiang Chen from the empress. His servant, Xiao Wang Xi, was taken away by Xiao Yuan Xi.

Once the numbness of eunuch Yuan's legs healed, he came running around Wei Yi Yi again. His tactics are composed of stopping the empress, crying if the first one did not take effect, and finally threatening his own life as the finishing touch.

'Mom, calm the hell down!'

Wei Yi Yi ordered him to take care of the little prince needs instead. The real purpose is to divert attention while Wei Yi Yi run off towards freedom.

And now, the final victim is Xiao Wang Xi. Eunuch Yuan take it upon himself to educate Xiao Wang Xi so he can personally take care of the prince and not embarrass his master.

For a few days now, Wei Yi Yi would hear Xiao Yuan Xi shouting something like 'you're posture is wrong', 'you walk loudly', and more shouts of 'wrong'. To Xiao Yuan Xi's misfortune, Xiao Wang Xi is a slow learner. Wei Yi Yi would see him crying towards Tang Mei on how hard life is.

Good. At least he dare not find the empress.

Wei Yi Yi thought, 'Is this the way you should treat someone you sold off once? Isn't he supposed to be the one crying? And also, child, don't just listen, remember the grudge atleast!'

If not for Tang Mei's menacing aura, Wei Yi Yi is ready to voice out her 'good' teachings.

"Children can easily drown on the bathtub. Be good Ah Chen, stuggle and I'm going to drag you by the collar." Wei Yi Yi told Jiang Chen 'righteously'.

"You are already carrying me like a sack! What's the difference if you drag me!" Jiang Chen has known by now that 'unreasonable' is an understatement for his auntie.

"Ok, firstly, you'll be like a rag. I'll mop this floor using you. Secondly, it is a pain in the ----."

"Also! Auntie we have servants!"

With the signs of lil' one growing some 'fangs', Wei Yi Yi praise herself for the good work.

"A responsible family should take care of their own member personally!"

'As long as you don't start crying.'

A child that is not your own is really convenient as they are returnable.

Wei Yi Yi plan to see Jiang Chen's 'responsible' parents soon. She'll ask Tang Mei about that if she remember later.

"....." Jiang Chen.

If only he knew, that crying could help stop his aunt from being annoying.

Wei Yi Yi happily tossed him into the bath. She then proceeds to use and waste all the bathing beans until they were cover with foams.

"Look Ah Chen! Bubbles!"

Jiang Chen highly doubt that she's here to play rather than help him wash.

After creating a mess for the servants to clean, Wei Yi Yi pick him up to dry.

And as expected of her, the empress rolled the little prince with the towel! It's not like Jiang Chen did not see that coming!

"Lil' one don't move, ok? Your aunt will help you dry your hair." Wei Yi Yi happily tease her sushi roll.

'Not like he can!' Jiang Chen thought.

Wei Yi Yi unfashionably let of her laugh when Jiang Chen closed his eyes like he was enduring her antics. Her sides hurts as a result. Ah karma came so fast for her.

She put the immobile Jiang Chen between her legs as she picked up another towel to dry his hair. Wei Yi Yi gently and slowly pat down his hair, afraid that she'll damage it.

It was then that Jiang Yu walked in on them.

'Hey, even if this is the office dorm, it's still trespassing! At least knock at the door!' Wei Yi Yi laments on the lack of privacy for this era.
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