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The Employed Empress 40 Chapter 40: Deeper with no exi

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Jiang Yu was walking in circle along the path around the imperial garden. He was deliberating on going to Zhu Yu Palace.

Just as his mind is crumbling from the temptation of seeing Ye Ai Ning, he was interrupted from the sudden appearance of one of his concubine together with just a single maid.

It was Su Mei Fan.

"Would the emperor spare some time for chenqie?" The little concubine asked him softly after greeting him.

She wore a light silky dress. Her cheeks red and plum. Jiang Yu remembered Jiang Liu describing her as a hamster. Seeing her now, it does gave that feeling.

Jiang Yu gave in to the maiden's request. They walk aimlessly while talking about trival things.

And then, at some fork on the road, Su Mei Fan excuse herself and clumsily gave him some reason.

Jiang Yu was bluffed. His concubine actually left him alone. She did not fell down on his embrace nor invite him towards her courtyard. And really left him just like that.

Not far from where he is, he saw some lantern being light. It was Xian Feng Palace.

Deciding on a place to stay, he already forgotten about going to Zhu Yu palace and directly entered Xian Feng Palace instead.

It was then that he walked inside without announcing his presence and saw Wei Yi Yi with the imperial nephew.

With the two cuddling and cozy with each other, they looked like a mother and her child. The scene chocked him. He almost thought he have a son! His mind is playing tricks on him!

Wei Yi Yi saw Jiang Yu face slowly turn pale like he saw some ghost. She wanted to laugh there and then. If only the one on her embrace did not start trembling from embarrassment.

She felt like if she laught at the situation, one of the two will let her saw some 'light'.

The more his uncle stare at him, the more Jiang Chen felt his face getting hotter. When he couldn't take it anymore, he turn towards his aunt to hide his face. Wei Yi Yi 'protectively' hug him and hide him in her embrace.

Deep inside, she's dying from all the repressed laughter. Just how awkward these two are?! They're giving her some internal injury!

"Tang---pft---!!! cough! cough!" Wei Yi Yi voice broke when she tried to call for Tang Mei.

Black line appears on Jiang Yu's face. He don't know why, but he feel an incoming headache just looking at his empress.

"Someone! Come! Take the imperial nephew to dress!" he ordered.

Remembering that he's still naked under the covers, Jiang Chen felt like crying. He felt like he lost a considerable amount of shame!

Xiao Wang Xi immediately step in to take Jiang Chen from the empress before some maid take him first.

"Prepare the meal."

The boss have spoken! Who dare go agaisnt it? Wei Yi Yi definitely wouldn't.

She obediently sat with Jiang Yu and accompany the lonely adult. Jiang Chen was taken to a side room to eat his meals.

For christ sake! She hate dinner with him! It's too quiet! There's etiquette! And she must act accordingly. Wei Yi Yi start counting this resentment in her heart.

"Were you frightened?" Jiang Yu put down his chopsticks to start a conversation.

Wei Yi Yi don't know where to answer from. She casually gave him an 'I'm ok' as a safe answer. Jiang Yu was asking about the assassination accident. It was too late for this question, it just that, aside from this, Jiang Yu have no more memories 'together' with his empress.

"You have changed my empress." Wei Yi Yi gave him a disturbed look. Thinking she might take it the wrong way, he added, "It was a good change. For the pass few days, you show care towards the harem. For this, Zhen appreciates you."

From time to time, Xiao Lin Xi would casually report him the empress' activities. He knew that Wei Yi Yi is properly attending to his concubines needs from some time now. She would send them gifts and talk to them during morning greetings.

The harem become quite calm if you compare it to the past year. Also, Jiang Yu's greatest relief is that Wei Yi Yi is out of his tracks. She no longer ambushed him inside the place and seems to be fond of the imperial nephew since meeting him.

She spend most of her time accompanied by the little prince. It was because of this that the emperor took no action to separate the two after recieving the news.

"Bo---ehem! Your majesty, since Chenqie promised you, it shall be done," she replied ernestly.

Hey, hey! Didn't the emperor told her that at worst, he's there?! Don't easily forgot the contract that you sign, ah!

She does not need these words. Don't talk as if you're closing the deal! Wei Yi Yi wouldn't allow it!

"The emperor gave his body up for the country, as your empress, it is chenqie's duty to stand by your side." she continue. Jiang Yu felt disturbed with her choice of words.

It's alright even if boss is a manwhore. Peh! Aiyo! Let's not curse our boss. What Wei Yi Yi mean is that she's not picky on who to follow, as long as he does not forget that his sole purpose is to let her run away from responsibilities!

Whose name is she going to flash if he back out?! There's no 'it's nice working with you. Thank you' alright?!

"Since the empress says this much, Zhen will believe you. For the thing happened between you and imperial noble consort Ye way back then, this emperor hope you were able to let go." he said solemnly.

What's that? She does not know any event that happened between them. Is it 'Wei Yi Yi' then? Her childish self got curious on the prospect of a juicy rumor. But right after, Wei Yi Yi's desire to ask was easily swept out of the table with Jiang Yu following words.

"If there are things that the empress find difficult, don't hesitate to find zhen."

Wei Yi Yi ears perk up. In her eyes, Jiang Yu is sparkling and shining. The boss just dug a deeper pit! How wonderful! She'll be sure to find him if there's any!
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