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The Employed Empress 18 Chapter 18: Similar doesn't mean the same

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"You're being disrespectful to her majesty!" Imperial Concubine Su stand her ground.

"Imperial Concubine Su must be misunderstanding something. Sister here is just showing her concern toward the empress," Ye Ai Ning put an expression like she is being wrong.

"Also, it is not your turn to speak yet, Imperial Concubine Su." she added to intimate the small concubine.

'A witch! A sinister witch! Boss you did not mention that you are raising a tigress!'

Wei Yi Yi felt another reason to slack on her job.

"Bengong heard sister Ye felt unwell recently so bengong prepare some gifts that could entertain you."

She immediately indicate to Tang Mei to present the gifts. Let's be friendly first, ah! Those 'commanders' also been wary at her first being a 'female' bestfriend but in the end didn't they all run to her when a fight broke out?

"There's no need empress." Without even looking, Imperial Noble Consort Ye frankly decline Wei Yi Yi. She played with the pure jade bracelet she's wearing then continued, "The emperor gave this consort plenty of this playthings that I don't have anymore place to put them."

The hall full of concubines glare at her to her delight. They are all just monkeys trying to entertain her. What's the use of them? See here, even though she deliberately never attend the morning greetings, not even this empress dare to mention it once she does.

"The emperor giving you gifts is his show of adoration. Bengong giving you gifts is this empress reward for your services."

Wei Yi Yi continue to insist her good will only to met with Ye Ai Ning's murderous glares. What did she said wrong, ah? Oh gawd, similar doesn't really meant the same. Her Xiao Ai is such a darling compare to the witch.

Before Ye Ai Ning blew her fuse, one concubine deliberately called out, "Aiya aren't these really pretty sister Ye? The emperor's taste on giving gifts have improved!" She then wave a meticulously made fan to hid her smile.

"The empress give us cute things to display while the emperor give us pretty things to wear." One concubine lightly praise the two being a pair.

The empress like to give those that the emperor visited small tokens like the silver rabbit. They don't know what they might mean but it was well made and lifelike. The quality of silver is also rich. Somehow, they end up collecting them.

"Just look at Imperial Consort Shen to know who does the emperor really favor." Imperial Consort Feng interjected and passed the baton to consort Shen. What she like the most and bringing trouble to this 'playsafe' lady.

Imperial Consort Shen blush, "It might just be his majesty remembering that this consort took a special liking to buyaos."

Seeing her man favoring this many ladies, Ye Ai Ning felt suffocated. She wanted to tear down the gifts that they are trying to flaunt at her.

"The emperor is really thoughtful towards you, Meimeis and have your best of interest in mind." The empress then encourages their wishful thoughts toward the emperor.

It's time to stack points for boss!

Whenever she does not have anything to do. She would pick some playthings to send to this ladies and say that the emperor send them. All those grinding is finally paying off, ah!

Her treasury have lots of those things. If it could make this ladies smile then she will send them all off.

Each concunbine then continue to praise each other and boast what did the emperor gave them. It frustrated Imperial Noble Consort Ye so much she turn red and almost fainted.

'Who could accept that her man fancies someone else?!'

Imperial Noble Consort visited the empress with so much enthusiasm only to go back panting from anger.

"What rewards?! What gifts for my services?! The bitch is calling me a payed prostitute is she not?! And those slut dare to flaunt at me how favored they are! I'm the only one that Jiang Yu likes! What a joke!"

A load crashing sound echo within Zhu Yu Palace.


"It's finally done!"

She felt like she attend some lunch date with the commanders only to end up listening to them boast about their boyfriends.

"Let's go out now!" Wei Yi Yi declare for freedom.

"Tang Mei go fetch our clothes. Ah Yuan go take care of Ah Chen for this auntie." She instructed.

"Your Ladyship plan to go out without an entourage? That cannot be empress! What if something bad happened?" Eunuch Yuan was startled by the empress.

"Don't worry Ah Yuan, Tang Mei and I will go out incognito!"

They would go out dress as a man!

She spend time talking it out with Tang Mei, alright. She explain how taking people would raise red flags that they could not afford. Thankfully, no matter how wrong, Tang Mei would still choose to accompany Wei Yi Yi into dugging a pit.

"If your majesty really must then take this eunuch with you instead!" Seeing that it is hopeless to try and stop it. Xiao Yuan Xi decided that he must go and die with Wei Yi Yi.

Looking at the always worried mother, Ah Yuan and then thinking back to the always shouting and threatening Tang Mei, a solid decision have been made.

"....well nope."

Someone might go kidnap my beautiful shou instead.

"Your Ladyship!" Xiao Yuan Xi cried.

Whatever the empress do, it's always about seeking death! How could he let her go and die with just Tang Mei!

Wei Yi Yi never thought that she's a massive red flag for her servants.
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