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The Employed Empress 163 Chapter 163: Kindness

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From Wei Lian's mouth, these two escapees turn into the story of a damsel-in-distress and her knight-in-shinning armor.

Wei Yi Yi, after a small greeting, separated from Jiang Liu and venture into the outskirts of the forest and ultimately got lost like a small lamb.

Thankfully, Jiang Liu who was meeting with his good 'friend', Wei Lian, to do their scouting, got worried and decided to return and escort back the empress first.

That's when they realize that the empress entered into the forest and track her until they saw her being chased by the foxes.

"You got chased by wild animals?!"

Jiang Yu once again scan Wei Yi Yi. Due to his stern personality, concerns and worries are often expressed by anger, but right now, the 'teachings' he was so ready to impart to her melted and instead, he wanted to comfort her.

In respond to Wei Lian's story, both Wei Yi Yi and Jiang Liu expression turn pale in disgust.

'The story is so far fetched it's fvkng cringe all over!'

Jiang Liu gave a sneaky look over Wei Lian as if questioning the extent of his talents.

In reply, Wei Lian sneers.

When it reached Wei Yi Yi's ears, she instantly knew this guy is being half-hearted in helping them.

He's still teasing her from crying so he's giving them this silly story straight out from a fantasy book!

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Jiang Yu asked and plastered his face closer to Wei Yi Yi.

'And you freaking believe the fairy tale! Boss, you're making me question your authenticity as the emperor!'

"The Empress must have been frightened!"

Su Mei Fan then jumped into the fry. With glistening eyes close to tears, she stares at Wei Yi Yi like her relative that just got out of their death bed.

"It is exactly as Concubine Su said. Her Majesty was frightened to the point of crying." Wei Lian followed after. His expression dark with a tingle of hurt as if remembering a traumatic situation.

When purposely made up to be a weakling, Wei Yi Yi can't help but be irked.

This bro brandished a sword in front of Boss before, you know?! Can't we stick to one image, please?!

Don't make me seem to be a valiant and strong-willed woman that turns out to be just idiotically stubborn and actually weak! That's a large gap in there!

Wei Yi Yi, who tempered her body with playing in the name of exercise, is indeed stronger than the noblest of the noble ladies.

But if she'll be honest... If there are really assassins going after her, perhaps she might live a bit longer until rescue comes but that's the extent of it. She had known that since the last time they got chased.

Right now, the expressions of both Wei Yi Yi and Jiang Liu are colorful.

They both wanted to refute the story. Just imagining the colorful prince-ly story with someone going 'kyaa! kyaaa!' in helplessness is enough for them to vomit blood. But it's also not entirely wrong. And at the same time, they'll definitely jump head first into a pit if they are honest about forgetting themselves and duties.

'Please choose your words a little less crin---'

Wei Yi Yi internal torture came to an abrupt stop when a warm hand touched her head.

As if combing her messy hair, Jiang Yu repeatedly run his fingers over her fringe.

Being taken aback, Wei Yi Yi, with upturned eyes, sneaked a glance at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu perceive it as a look of unease and the man, who could only be described as uptight by his subjects, did his best to turn his expressions tender for his wife.

Cupping his hand to hold her face into his palm, Jiang Yu realize how small she is compared to him. Running his thumb as if caressing her face, he wipes away the dirt on her clear skin.

Wei Yi Yi remained silent only to mumble after a while.

"I'm sorry," she said.

Improper words can only be said between two close people.

It came from her a person and was meant only for him to hear.

As for her next words, she said it all to hear and spoke as the Empress.
She needs to work hard to answer her Boss' expectations!

First, let's calm the situation.

"Although this empress is deeply ashamed for creating an uproar such as this from my careless actions, I cannot help but be grateful for everyone's effort. For the concern that everyone shows, I sincerely thank you."

The empress is both thanking and apologizing to them as she admits her wrongs.

How could someone utter such sensible words yet remain so admirable and graceful?

A warm smile with a soft heart and yet, still as dignified as an empress should be.

Their empress is really quite peculiar for someone who is out of everyone's reach.

"We do not deserve such words, your majesty. As your loyal servants, we are only doing our job," Xiao Lin Xi spoke for all of the present servants.

"Regardless. My feelings shall remain as such." The Empress smiled and didn't take back her words.

As if the emperor is affected by the empress, he too smiles as utter lightly, "You never change."

Xiao Lim Xi could only sigh as he braces himself for the future.

His old bones might just be thinking too much but...

In the royal family, kindness can only be seen as foolishness.
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