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The Employed Empress 132 Chapter 132: Dining Problems

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After some time, Tang Mei returned with multiple servants following her tail. Each of them carries trays with different dishes on them.

Once the plates were set on the table, it looked more like a last supper rather than a simple breakfast.

It cannot be helped though. One must always feed the glutton first thing in the morning else they start bitting you.

They turn grumpy when starving and the last thing you want is a hissing Xie Yu.

Indeed, the moment her eyes made contact with the food, Xie Yu starts to ignore Su Mei Fan.

Finally free from Xie Yu's glaring, Su Mei Fan stood up and went next to the empress with every intention to serve.

Of course, Wei Yi Yi did not allow her. Su Mei Fan dare not push the empress and settle with sitting closer to her and act spoiled from time to time.

They had a quiet and peaceful meal with occasional tapping sound of porcelains being moved and shifted.

"Empress." Once the servant who was sent out to find Jiang Yu came back, she made known of her presence.

"We're you able to meet his majesty?" Wei Yi Yi asked. She let go of her chopsticks, wipes her mouth, then turned her body slightly to converse with the servant.

As the empress attention was stolen, the marinated pork that Xie Yu has been expecting no longer came. The consort's eyes turn dim in disappointment.

"Answering her majesty, this servant was able to pass on the empress words to the emperor. His Majesty said he understand and went to the western courtyard right away," the servant answered in detail.

"You did well," Wei Yi Yi praised.

Quite pleased, Wei Yi Yi appetite rose. She picked up her chopsticks once again and did not forget to put the biggest slice of pork on Xie Yu's plate.

But then she noticed that the servant did not move away and so, she asked, "Did the emperor said any else?"

"Yes, your majesty," the servant replied slowly.

Can't you just say it in one go? Wei Yi Yi wanted to sigh in helplessness but dare not. Must every word need permission? This will be endless!

She much prefers the outspoken Tang Mei. Although everyone says that she's a bit wild for a personal servant, Tang Mei seems a lot more of a house helper than a slave.

And slaves... Wei Yi Yi is really not comfortable having them.

"Speak what you must. What instructions does his majesty have for bengong?"

"Replying to the empress, the emperor said he will come after he checked on the imperial noble consort and for the empress to wait for him."

"Eh?! What for?!" Wei Yi Yi was taken aback.

She tried to recall if they have any appointment or meeting but there were none that she can remember!

I know I have like... What? A managerial position? But that does not include babysitting you all the while at a large company outing!

At the side, Su Mei Fan ears perk up in interest while Xie Yu choked on her pork.

"Apologizes, your majesty, this servant have no idea," the servant replied while trembling. Wei Yi Yi cannot take it so she freed this small servant from her fears right away.

"I understand. You may go," Wei Yi Yi wave for her to be dismissed.

"Your majesty, do you think the emperor will join you for a meal?" Su Mei Fan asked excitedly. Then gasped right away.

All three of them are still here! This a dilemma! What to do, she must drag everyone away.

"Maybe not. We don't know that yet. And he went to Ye Shi's courtyard. Who knew, they might also be having a meal by now."

The empress statement was very reasonable. Su Mei Fan pouted. "Then maybe in the afternoon?"

"Maybe," Wei Yi Yi replied casually. There's no way she'll be waiting for that long. By that time, she already thought up of a reason and escaped.

Xie Yu continuos coughing fit got louder and louder until everyone's attention turn to her. The servants gathered around her to help ease her throat.

"What happened?" Wei Yi Yi asked worriedly. The empress indicates for the servants to refill the consort's cup again until she was alright. "Where are your own servants? Why are they not properly taking care of you?"

What Wei Yi Yi really wanted to say is, why are you not chewing your food? Aren't I feeding you well enough to fatten you already? Stop swallowing them whole as if they would run.

"Many thanks for worrying, your majesty, but Yu'er is fine. I... I was just distracted for a moment..."

That's right. It was not a lie. She was indeed distracted and shock with her own thoughts.

Knowing that they could meet with the emperor is a delightful thing. Every consorts and concubine would like to stay and see the emperor even if it means they must impose on the Empress.

But then, Xie Yu was dismay when she heard that the emperor will come!

She was shocked at the thought that she didn't want him here at all! That was horrifying! She's an honored consort of his majesty!

Glancing at her half-eaten marinated pork then at the chicken she been eying but have yet to touch, Xie Yu bite her chopstick and almost cried as she weighted her priorities.

'Emperor... if you really must... please come a bit later...'

"Please hold on for a moment, your majesty. I think I am still a bit uncomfortable," Xie Yu hurriedly inform. "Can I have more of that tea? I think there was still something on my throat."

"Why don't you just take the whole pot--- cough! I mean, put it near you so it'll be easier for you to retrieve," Wei Yi Yi offered.


'So you really want the whole pot?!'

"Yes. Yes. We don't want you having any accident again," Wei Yi Yi laughs dryly.

She just settled down Xie Yu when suddenly, Wei Yi Yi heard an almost inaudible gagging sound. When she took a glance at Shen Nian Zhen, the woman looked pale and her hand was on her mouth as if she's stopping herself from vomiting.

"What's wrong? You're pale. Do you want me to call for a doctor?" Wei Yi Yi asked in concern. Shen Nian Zhen has been quiet all this time and would only smile from time to time as she listens to them. Wei Yi Yi did not notice anything wrong till now.

"Did you eat something wrong? Or are you allergic to one of the dishes?" Wei Yi Yi kept asking as Shen Nian Zhen only shook her head.

"No... Forgive me, your majesty, this younger sister was... was not use to having heavy meal in the morning so..." Shen Nian Zhen turned paler as she explains herself.

"So your stomach got upset? You don't need to force yourself to eat if you cannot."

'We have someone here who would like to finish them for you.'

"Let me call a doctor for you," Wei Yi Yi sign for a servant to come closer.

"Your majesty is too kind, but there is no need."

The Empress looked at her for a moment then no longer insist. Shen Nian Zhen stiffly smiled and endured the unpleasant turning of her stomach.

"Here," Wei Yi Yi saw a kiwi and exchange her plate with it. "You can slowly munch on them and that will count as accompanying me."

Her tone was sad and understanding. Coming from a comrade who also hated medicine, she'll help her try home remedies first before offering themselves to the doctor in defeat.

After much commotion, Wei Yi Yi hurried up and feed the little lambs. She must hide before her boss found her.

She'll put all her trust to his girlfriend to hold him!
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