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The Employed Empress 130 Chapter 130: Eating a Los

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The servants assigned to the eastern courtyard run front and back in organized chaos. They gathered the woods and filled the bath with warm water. Some run to the kitchen to get some snacks and food. They reheat what remained from dinner. When it was not enough, they started to cook some easy meal. amidst the mess, Wei Yi Yi obediently stood behind Jiang Yu. She was sending shouts of cries with her eyes towards Tang Mei. The servant could only slight her mistress as she sends sympathizing looks back to Wei Yi Yi. "My Empress, why are you standing in ceremony? Don't you have any plan to sit with me?" Jiang Yu said after he put down the cup of tea he was holding. Wei Yi Yi eyes twict. She cannot see Jiang Yu's expression from where she stood. "I-- I will go change first." "No need." And just like that, she was thrown to the bath. "Ah---chooo!" Wei Yi Yi sneezed loudly. This counted as her third bath for today. And taking so many baths when the season is changing to turn cold, is pure torture! The cold breeze enter thru the open wooden window. Whenever this foe would attack, Wei Yi Yi would dodge to the protection that the warm water offers. But any part of her body that wasn't able to submerge to the warm water could only shiver in utter cold. She felt her blood turn cold too. When she got out of the bath, her face was paler than before. "Dry yourself properly," Jiang Yu told her. Her shameless boss invites himself again inside her sleeping chamber. He took the cloth from her hands and replace them with heating pads. Jiang Yu then guide her to sit next to him. Stubborn little Wei Yi Yi sat on the floor instead. "The floor is cold," Jiang Yu said. He narrows his eyes towards Wei Yi Yi who sat between his legs. "Everywhere is cold in the mountain." Wei Yi Yi closed her eyes and leaned her back to the edge of the bed. "It's comfortable this way." Wei Yi Yi stretched her legs on the floor and Jiang Yu no longer insist she sat on the bed. He gently pushed one side of Wei Yi Yi's head until it was resting to one of his legs then proceeds to dry her hair after he was contented. Feeling comfortable when someone else caresses her hair, Wei Yi Yi did not complain in the whole process. "What is that about second brother's cat?" Jiang Yu suddenly open about. "Ah? Well... I suddenly spot it near the cliff. I was afraid it was not smart enough not to jump down so I grabbed it," Wei Yi Yi answered smartly. Although she was thanking Jiang Cheng in her heart, she was insulting his cat. "Is that why you disappear?" "Y--yeah. I kind of panic." Wei Yi Yi pushed her cheeks down to Jiang Yu's leg and pray that her face was hidden enough. "What about Boss? You did not return right away? Did you perhaps... saw something or... someone too?" Wei Yi Yi's tone was as ambiguous as it could be. Her gossiping heart was jumping wild with interest. "En. I met Lady Ye," Jiang Yu answered truthfully and shortly. "Oh. What happened after?" "Nothing. It was already late so I let the servant send her back." "Wh---!!!" Wei Yi Yi jerked her head up but Jiang Yu just returned it back in one smooth motion. As the first side was no longer as damp, he lay her to the other side. You're a disappointment to your ancestors!!! Wei Yi Yi wanted to bite the chunk of meat so near to her. Dude at least learn to walk a girl back home like a good boyfriend! She was full of disappointment and her heart burns to rebel. Truly, guys no longer give you butterflies in the stomach. It's straight out high blood pressure that they are offering! Where is the receipt? I wanted a refund! Or at least fix her broken Boss before the warranty expires! Wei Yi Yi was so brave and ready to voice out her complain until a small wooden table was put in front of her. At this point, her wariness returned and red flags were glaring in her eyes. "I'm not hungry," Wei Yi Yi said as she stares full of alert at the snacks. It's like she was a pig they were fattening for slaughter. "At least take a few bites so your stomach is not empty." "Boss..." Wei Yi Yi raised her gaze back to Jiang Yu. Her eyes were empty the moment they make contact. "What are you holding?" "Your medicine," Jiang Yu replied like a matter of fact. Oh wow! Look at that! If it isn't the consequences of my actions... "Boss, I swear to the grave of my last dog Timmy, I don't have any fever." "The night is cold and we went out. I think you just got sick strolling to the point you forgot how rude it is to left me there." Jiang Yu put an arm over her shoulders and in a very nice gesture, hold the bowl of medicine next to her lips. "Here, drink this. I will feed you." "No!" Wei Yi Yi shooked her head. It looked like a scene where she was being forced to drink a glass of poisoned wine. "Boss, you do know it's dangerous to drink medicine when you're not sick right?!" "But you are. I heard you sneezing in the bath." Forget the cold night in the mountains. The whole evening, Wei Yi Yi is hot and bothered. Despite this, the moment Jiang Yu laid down next to her in bed, Wei Yi Yi grabbed the end of the blanket and rolled until the other edge of the bed. Jiang Yu only laugh amusedly at her futile childish display of tantrum and in a while, cornered her. With her stuck on her self made cocoon, she cannot even put a fight as Jiang Yu toss his leg and arm over her and made her a pillow. That night, even after she regretted, she could only bath on her own sweats.
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